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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hanks Beverages?

    I got a reply from Hanks saying that their MFS is not made from wheat.
  2. Change In Taste?

    As I continue to heal, I find that certain things are starting to change in flavor. Tonight, I made a batch of steel cut oats (nom nom!), and put my normal tablespoon of cinnamon in my bowl, and find that I no longer like what EVERYONE has told me is entirely too much cinnamon, but was always very tasty for me. Is it unheard of for a celiac to suddenly find that flavors once enjoyed are no unpleasant?
  3. Linda, Stomach pains from consuming dairy, if she does not get stomach pains foam gluten, sounds like lactose intolerance. Give her lactase before she eats dairy and see if it solves the problem. It might be possible than she has a problem with the protein, casien. If this is the case, it is like gluten. Avoidance is the cure.
  4. In N Out Burger

    Can someone please pickup 20 of those burgers and carry them onto a plane and bring them to Grovetown, Georgia? I'll be nice and let you eat one of them.
  5. I had been using Vanilla flavored Silk brand soy milk with my gluten-free granola in the morning (email me if anyone wants the recipe). The cinnamon does a great job of masking the taste of the soy milk, which I cannot get used to. I tried the Silk brand vanilla flavored Almond milk and found that I don't merely tolerate the taste, I actually LIKE it. Would love to go back to real milk, but one of my celiac experts thinks that I need to finish healing before I try milk again. I suspect, however that my casein problem is going to stay with me.
  6. Does anyone know if Hanks Beverages (in Philly) are gluten free? I noticed "modified food starch" in the ingredient list. The Hanks website is lacking in information. I sent them a not explaining that it's not that hard to say what the source is instead of the useless "food".
  7. My Gluten Intolerance comes in the form of heartburn within 15-30 minutes of eating gluten and diarrhea 10-12 hours later. Except for the three weeks prior to biopsy, two times when I ate bread to "test" if this was my imagination, and and few slips, I've been gluten free for about six months. Blood tests for Celiac were negative. Wheat allergy test was .001 positive (which is pretty much nothing). I have the gene for celiac, which may be the cause of my intolerance. After informing my siblings that I had the gene so they might also have it, one sister told me that she and her husband have been on a gluten-free diet. Not because they have a problem with gluten (they don't) but because she thinks it's "healthier". When I told her avoiding gluten has no health benefits unless gluten bothers her, she replied that she knows that but uses gluten free flours and breads anyway because they are "healthier". Until then, I didn't know I had someone like that in my family. Oh well, at least weirdos like that are helping to bring down the price of gluten-free flours and breads.