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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey Lindsey, I have actually worked for a caterer, in the office, in the kitchen, and as a server. Most reputable, nice caterers know exactly what you mean when you say you need a gluten-free meal. Almost every party I have worked, I hear something like, "Okay, we've got 80 regular meals, 8 kids' meals, 2 vegetarian, and 1 gluten-free." And they know where those people are sitting. I light of this, I think that what brianw said above is the best advice. For a buffet, come armed with sustinance for yourself, and see what you can safely eat from the buffet (often fresh fruit and steamed veggies). But for the sit-down ones, there's nothing wrong with writing on your RSVP card something along the lines of what brianw said. Caterers don't want to get sued So they tend to be good about gluten-free meals.
  2. A Few Questions

    Wow. You are a trooper! You have been through so much!!! It is possible that celiac caused these other problems. It is also possible that you simply have had multiple, related conditions. Celiac (untreated) increases our risk of other problems, particularly autoimmune ones and/or digestive ones. I am so sorry for all you've had to go through. I hope you have a sturdy support system walking with you through this journey!
  3. Does Emotional Stress Make You Worse?

    my favorite thing for situations like this is to make a big pot of quinoa, cooked in half water, half gluten-free chicken broth (or veggie broth, if you prefer). it's easy, yummy, nutritious, and soothing.
  4. is looking forward to vacation with her husband next week!!

  5. This is a great idea! To it, I would add this tip that has helped me: I typed up, in very fun fonts, a wide variety of snacks that I can have. It says "Want a Snack?" at the top, and then it has three columns below: Sweet, Savory, and Filling. Then I listed a bunch of gluten-free snacks in each column. This helps me a lot when I have an attack of the munchies! It helps me not to feel restricted or limited, because I have in front of me a sizeable list of yummy goodies.
  6. This is a great question. To it, I'd add: are you using lotion or chapstick that could be "glutening" you without you reazling it? It's so tough to have all your bases covered. I've been at this for a while, but I still feel like every time I turn around, I'm finding little ways that gluten is sneaking into my diet (like SALSA made on equipment shared with wheat... SALSA!) Hang in there! Read labels religiously! And, when you think you are ready, you might try eliminating other common allergens, one at a time.
  7. Best Book About Gluten-Free Living?

    I really enjoyed her book, too! I also have THE GLUTEN FREE BIBLE, but it is quite out of date by now. Anyway, I was glad someone else said this, because I feel the exact same way about the practical help from her book.
  8. New Celiac

    Hi! While I am new to these boards, I am not new to this whole celiac deal, so I want to say first of all: YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this! I hope that these forums provide one piece to the puzzle of the support system you need. This diet is incredibly difficult to do when the people around you are not suppotive. It might be a good idea to arm yourself in advance with quick, firm replies when people encourage you to cheat. Things like, "Oh, I know what happens. Not worth it." Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book "gluten-free Diet" has a lot of helpful tips about dealing with "food pushers." For fast food, here are some quick thoughts: Wendy's: Chili, baked potato, frosty Chick-Fil-A: Fries I can't say enough about how thankful I am for Wendy's chili! So easy! When life is hectic, you are right - this diet becomes even more challenging! Arm yourself with gluten-free snacks! Keep them in your car! Nuts, if you like them, (I don't) are a great, filling snack! Glutino pretzels, Pirate's Booty, Florida's Natural Nuggets fruit snacks, an apple or banana w/peanut butter, Glutino crackers with PB or cheese, and any of Pamela's Products are some of my fav's. Now, you want to make sure you get some nutritionally valuable stuff in your system, but on-the-run may not be the time or place for that. Hope these practical suggestions help in some way. What I hope most is that you find at least one person to be your partner in crime through this transition!
  9. Does Emotional Stress Make You Worse?

    A resounding YES! I feel every emotion in my gut. Nervous, anxious, scared, worried, angry... even butterflies when I'm happy. You are not alone.
  10. Can a person be officially diagnosed by a doctor without the endoscopy? As in, if your doctor is convinced through other means (as mine is), is that diagnosis official? Or does the "official-ness" somehow ride on the biopsy?
  11. I Feel Like An Anomoly

    Thanks for the thoughts and input! I appreciate you taking the time. The thing about the SCD is that, first, I'm not "severly ill." My symptoms are super mild! No one would know I was sick if it weren't for my diet. Second, in what I fondly refer to as "my crazy-diet" under the Naturopath doctor, I was off of everything you can think of. Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, yeast, sugar, peanuts, chicken, any non-organic meat or fish, beans, potatoes, whole kernel corn, rough greens/veggies (lettuce, brocolli, cauliflower, etc), most fruits (only mango, berries, apples), anything too acidic (like cooked tomatoes), and much more. The only things I could drink were homemade smoothies, Pellegrino, and either Fiji or Penta brands bottled water. All that to say that, if I had another allergy or intolerance, I think that diet would have eliminated it. My best guess is that the lip products, hand lotion and cosmetics that I used at the time had gluten in them.
  12. HOORAY FOR CARMEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to find out that my all-time favorite lip balm was gluten free all along!!! What good news! So I third the motion for Carmex.
  13. Hello all, I'm new to celiac.com, but not at all new to celiac and being gluten-free. I was initially diagnosed with microscopic colitis back in 2002 after a colonoscopy and biopsy. I think it was a bit of an extreme measure, considering that my only symptom was/is loose stools twice a day. Nothing dramatic. Also, I hate the term "microscopic colitis." It's more of a description than a diagnosis. Anybody out there with me? They tried to put me on anti-inflammatory medicines, but my liver didn't seem too happy about that, so we just ditched it. I was sixteen. Anyway, after an unhelpful visit to another gastroenterologist 5 years later, I started seeing a Naturopath "doctor." She was super helpful to some family friends of mine, but for me, she was way over the top. She had me off of too many foods to list here. I did her diet, faithfully, for 10 months. I was very strict about it. She had me really scared for my life, so I never even thought about "cheating." The good thing that came out of my time as her client was that I did the Enterolabs testing. I came out WAY positive for gluten intolerance in that test. I also did blood testing that showed some low nutrient levels. I also got REALLY good at reading food labels for sneaky stuff. About two years ago, I took all my materials and results from the Naturopath doctor and the gastroenterologist from 2002 to my current general practitioner. I love my family doctor. We went through everything, and he told me what was legitimate and what was not. (In his words, my Naturopath doctor was, "fine, she was just treating a lot of healthy people.") He confirmed that I must be a celiac, based on the low nutrients, and the extremely high levels of gluten antibodies. So I went back off of just gluten. Six months later, there was absolutely zero change. Not even a little extra energy. Nothing. I told my doctor, and he told me that going off of gluten doesn't cure it. It just manages symptoms. So if it didn't managed my symptoms, I didn't have to avoid gluten. Yikes! This past summer I did a bunch of research that I had been to scared to do in the past. I now know that, regardless of the presence or mildness of my symptoms, eating gluten damages my small intestines and increases my risk of a host of other illnesses. My husband and I finally were able to get back on insurance, and I went back to my family doctor this past February. He seemed much more knowledgeable this time. I told him about my research and my concerns, and he agreed emphatically. He absolutely recommended that I stop eating gluten. But here's the catch - he doesn't think I need to do anymore testing. No biopsy. He considers the testing I've already done to be conclusive. Now, I LIKE the idea of this, but I want to do what is BEST, not what is EASY. I'm already back off of gluten, which can skew the biopsy, but I want to know what any of you think. I feel like an anomaly, because of how mild my symptoms are. Also, the constancy of my symptoms is weird to me. They don't change, no matter what I do or do not eat. This is probably because of the microscopic colitis. I also don't know about the whole MC thing, because all that really means is that there's teeny tiny inflammation. For unknown reasons. Not helpful! My guess is that I will have to be gluten-free for a very long time for all my villi and inflammation to chill out and repair. And THEN I might see a change in symptoms. I think... ??? Any thoughts would be awesome. Sorry that was a chronicle! ~HC