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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know what you mean about the weight fluctuations! For 10+ years before my diagnosis my weight was all over the place. I would gain and lose weight for no reason. I was diagnosed Feb 09 and within a couple of months I went from a size 16 to a 12. I'm a 12 now and I think that's the size that's natural for my body, maybe a 10. Has your weight loss slowed? My weight loss was pretty quick. It slowed down then leveled off. Just wanted to add that potatoes aren't empty calories. I actually didn't realize how much was in them until my husband and I were debating it. I had to eat my words! Here's a link to a site about their nutrition. I actually ate a lot of potatoes in the first 4ish months. I couldn't handle much in the way of rice, so more potatoes! Just watch what you put on them. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2770/2
  2. Packed Lunches

    Hi there! I feel for you. I know you're looking for alternatives to gluten-free substitutes but I just wanted to share something that's worked for us. My kids and I have to eat lunch out 4 days/week and it wasn't until I found Udi's bread that I was happy with lunch again. It is SOOO good and I don't usually toast it, just keep it in the fridge. It started to get pretty expensive though. I went to the local Health Food Store and ordered a case of it. They gave me 20% off! So I was only spending $3.50/loaf. Good, easy way to save some money!
  3. Blood Sugar Question

    Thank you SOOO much for this info!! I looked up the Paleo diet after you posted about it. A lot of the things you're not supposed to eat are things I already knew I reacted to or suspected I did. It just made a lot of sense to try it. Today I really upped my protein and fat and I feel SO much better than I have the past few days. I actually started using the MyPlate food tracker on LiveStrong.com so I can see exactly how much I'm getting. I'm not sure about the cross-contamination thing. I double check everything I eat, also vitamins, meds, lotions, etc. Maybe I'll go through everything again. We have a gluten-free kitchen but I do not have a gluten-free husband. He tries to be very good about washing his hands when he comes in and not kissing me until he's washed up. I always wonder whether I'm getting something from him, as I've caught him a couple of times not washing after eating, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming him. He really tries and has never complained about the food changes around the house. Do you think this could be a sign of CC? I felt awesome for a month after going gluten-free but then slowly started not feeling as great. Then this whole thing sidelined me over the past month. Still trying to figure it out and wonder whether to call the GI or wait til after my Endo appt.
  4. Blood Sugar Question

    Thanks so much for your reply! That makes a lot of sense. I looked into the dumping syndrome and it's very possible. Thanks for the suggestions for specific foods to eat and with what others. That's exactly what I'm looking for. I tried eating some of those combos and I'm having much better results. Thanks so much for your help!!
  5. Blood Sugar Question

    I know, that's what I was thinking (about the glucose)! I've been gluten-free for 4 months, diagnosed with Celiac in February. Interesting idea about the malabsorption problem. I hadn't really thought of it like that. I quickly looked at that site last night but I'll to look through it some more tonight. Thanks!
  6. For the past 3 or 4 weeks I've been having bad headaches, dizziness, brain fog. This is much worse than my usual issues with these symptoms. Anyway, I went to the dr and she ran a bunch of tests including a 3 hr glucose. I felt terrible after the 2 hr blood draw. I got an excruciating headache, felt faint and out of it, and was freezing. I heard back from my doctor the other day and she said everything came back normal except my blood sugar. Here's what she told me: Fasting 90 1 Hour 90 (or so, she said it didn't change) 2 Hour 64 3 Hour 78 She didn't know what to make of my blood sugar not rising from the glucose. She said she it looked like I was hypoglycemic. She faxed my results to my Endocrinologist that I see for my Thyroid. I'm calling this AM to make an appt but I'm sure it won't be soon. I know my BG went even lower than 64 after 2 hours because I felt so-so when she drew the blood but soon after is when I really went downhill. So, my question is does anyone know what this could mean, regarding no rise in blood sugar? I'm not sure exactly how to change my diet yet. I know to cut out the sugar but besides that there's so much info out there about about cutting this, adding more of that. I'm confused and don't know what to do. I have been eating every 2 1/2 hours which helps a lot and I've been eating more protein. I don't eat much processed food anyway. I'm asking this here because it looks like there are others who deal with blood sugar issues here too and I'm not sure who else to ask. Also, do you think this could be a result of a change in diet? I'm thinking I've had this for a LONG time just not to this degree.
  7. Well I Got One Diagnosis Today

    Funny, I had a 3 hour glucose test this morning! How did you feel during the test? I was mostly fine until 2 hours in, then got very faint, exhausted and the excruciating headache started. Took quite a while to recover from the whole thing. Glad it's over!! Why were you having the test done? Do you think you're having blood sugar issues? Just curious what your story is. It's nice talking to others in similar situations. Over the past couple weeks I've been having headaches and extreme brain fog/spaciness that seems to go up and down. I had a scary episode yesterday that I felt like I was about to pass out. I had been using my dad's glucose meter and had gotten a few higher readings so the dr wanted to do the test. Hoping you get some answers soon! I spent a LONG time trying to figure out what was going on with me before my Celiac diagnosis. Good luck!
  8. Thanks so much for all your help! It can get so frustrating not being able to just take anything, as you all know. And, that's interesting about a vitamin A deficiency. I just started upping my intake of carrots, specifically organic carrot juice. I knew I didn't get enough A & C. It's all very interesting. I do know about the link between low vitamin D and increased allergy symptoms. My son and a friend have been dealing with this recently and their drs mentioned this.
  9. With all these allergies this year and just getting over/still fighting a sinus infection I really would love to get some Mucinex. I've found conflicting info on whether it's gluten-free and not much of it very recent. Of course it's Saturday too and the company's closed. Anyone have any recent info or take it and have effects or not have effects? Thanks so much!!
  10. I'd never thought about making them! Do you think soy cheese or something similar would work too? My boys can't do dairy. Also, where did you find the little fish cookie cutter? My boys would be THRILLED if they could have fish again!
  11. My periods were either non-existent or very, very, very light and lasted maybe a day, sometimes an hour. My GYN blamed it on my IUD. I knew there was something else going on. Anyway, soon after I went gluten-free I got my first regular period in a long, long time. This past month came and went without a period and the other day I just had spotting. I think it's because I had been glutened a few times over the past month. The first month I literally felt great and got my period, no problem. It's probably just your body figuring things out. Are you seeing a GI? Have you had your vitamin levels checked? That's probably a good idea too. If you're being followed by a dr for this I would definitely mention it at your next appt. They know better than us the proper tests to run, etc. (Hopefully)
  12. I don't/didn't have exactly the same symptoms as you but I've struggled with "silent" migraines for a long time now. My balance was off a bit, not as severely as yours but I sure had to watch myself doing anything that required concentration. One of the worst times I had was after my second son was born. I was having them all the time. He was colicky and I also had a 16 month-old. I was so stressed and wasn't sleeping all that great. I did not drive at night. I just couldn't. The lights would mess with me so badly. There were times at the beginning that I had to make sure someone was with me in the evenings. My husband sometimes worked late, so I had my mom come over. I just couldn't cope sometimes. After getting my Celiac diagnosis and going gluten-free I am much better. They are not everyday but I have weeks when I'll still get a few. Sometimes it's down to once a week! I just had my Neuro and GI appts in Boston the other day. My Neuro and I were trying to figure out which symptoms were from Celiac and which were from the migraines. It's getting a little easier to tell but I'm no expert. At the GI they ran a whole slew of tests and I know some are a little off. (I can access them online.) So, I'm just waiting to hear from them. Maybe something else is off and that will explain some of my other symptoms. Maybe it's still giving me the migraines too. Maybe something else is going on with you too? Do you see a GI? Have they run tests recently? Lots of luck getting this all figured out! I know how frustrating it is!
  13. Hi, I emailed Tribe a couple of weeks ago and this is the response I got: "Thank you for your interest in Tribe products and taking the time to email us with your question. Yes, all our hummus are gluten free. Hope this eases your mind. Please feel free to enjoy. I will drop some money saving coupons in the mail today. Sincerely, Peg Volpe Consumer Affairs Specialist Tribe Mediterranean Foods, Inc." So, I tried it once again and it didn't sit well with me, not sure if it was something else in there I'm sensitive to. I stick with Cedar's now.
  14. I heard the ingredient list wasn't on the website. I saw on Facebook that they'll be adding that soon. Happy to report, no ill effects from eating it yesterday!! Ingredients: Filtered water Tapioca and/or flours Non-GMO expeller pressed canola and/or non-GMO expeller pressed safflower oil Coconut oil Pea protein Salt Vegan natural flavors Vegetable glycerin Sunflower lecithin Calcium citrate Xanthan gum Citric acid (for flavor) Vegan bacterial cultures
  15. We were at the Health Food Store last week and I asked about a cheese that was gluten, dairy and soy-free. She said they had just ordered some called Daiya and would call when it came in. The store called the other day, so I went and got it. I used it for the first time today and it was pretty good!! I made grilled cheese. Used Kinnikinnick Brown Bread and Daiya Cheddar. The boys loved it and I have to say it satisfied a craving I've had for a while! Now I have to get some more pizza crust, so I can try the mozzarella!