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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You sound like you've got the right idea! It seems like it's a daily struggle and some days we are up for it and others-not. I made a detailed snack list including alot of the regular(maistream) sugary snacks (to accommodate the parents who know no other snacks) and gave it to the kindergarten teacher this morning. Now I have her confused because I told her initially we limit her sugar too. (she was very weak when we figured out the diagnosis and I believe sugar supresses the immune system) The reason I included these types of things was so some of the parents would not think us total freaks! I explained that I would prefer my daughter eat the more healthy snacks but this was for parties. The school also has this practice of rewarding good behavior with what else? Candy. The teacher was giving my daughter stickers and it was great. Now I will need to reinterate the need to continue with the stickers! Ah, homeschooling becomes more appealing every day! I figure that our kids will surely know the depth of our love for them..when they are old enough to understand.
  2. Dear Sofiemimom, I can relate to your feelings on this issue very well. We found out our 5 yr old was celiac in October. (dad pos in 1998) I had suspected it already and was eliminating wheat from her diet. Have had mixed results in her kindergarten class regarding her diet. Then, we tested our 8 yr old over the holiday break and sure enough, she is positive too. When I approached the 'class moms' they asked alot of questions and seemed truly concerned. Just yesterday, I gave them a list of acceptable gluten-free snacks, candies etc. The response was rather cold I thought. I continually have to explain to all the moms and teachers what they can eat and not eat. We also follow an organic diet so I feel soo alone most of the time. I had made gluten-free pizza for the girls today and was dropping off the 8 yr olds in the lunchroom. As I was leaving, I could hear the whispers. My 5 yr old was invited to a friends house after class today. I told the dad that I'd drop off some lunch for her and he was offended because she could just eat 'their' food! I reminded him of her celiac and he was just quiet. No one seems to get it. It is very tough to understand this disease if you have never dealt with it personally. It is also very hard for me to express the importance of the diet to those who are less than interested in hearing it! I have decided that I must grow thicker skin and not let people's reactions affect me. So far, I have alot more work to do in that area!LOL Hope things improve for you!! If it helps any, I believe all those here understand..and then some! Hugs, Donna
  3. I have a 5 year old who is in Kindergarten so I don't have daily lunches to pack yet, but wanted to offer some suggestions. Yogurt apple slices apple slices with peanut butter-I buy containers that hold about what she will eat and put the peanut butter on the apples, or cut up apples and send a small container with peanut butter with a plastic knife peanut butter and jelly on brown rice bread-again use container to help hold bread together Taquitos-made with corn tortillas, cheese and maybe chicken wrapped in foil and packed in a stay warm container Homemade soup in a thermos homemade pizza-wrapped in foil and stay warm container nuts and raisins gluten-free cereal mix-I use up small amounts of cereals and mix with raisins or nuts Can't think of any more...but I'll have to soon when she starts 1st grade! Hope this helps some! Donna