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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Diane, This is my first major holiday after being diagnosed as well, however I am approaching it with joy. I am looking forward to being able to eat without feeling sick and I think that's the most important thing to focus on. I also think that being gluten free will open the doors to a lot more 'tasty' food and experimenting if you are willing to do so. In terms of dealing with everyone else eating gluten products around you try cooking for get together's yourself or finding a dish you can eat that you absolutely love and bring that if you can't cook the entire meal. It get's difficult but cooking takes away a lot of the stress because you are doing something for yourself, you know you can eat the outcome and other people will love the food. Be sure to also mourn the food you will miss because not doing so will have a bad impact, but don't let that loss control your life. There are tons of gluten-free alternatives to holiday favorites. Remember, just remember how good you will feel! Georgia
  2. Yeah, I've always had weird dream but not this consistently. It's a pain but hopefully they start to subside and just become more interesting rather than odd. Magnesium is a good idea, I'll have to try it! Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. This is my first post, so far so good on the gluten free diet but I'm still getting the hang of it. Since going gluten free two weeks ago I've had both positive and negative changes in my sleep habits (which have been one of my main concerns). Firstly I've been sleeping more deeply, however I've also been experiencing unusual dreams every night where I am getting in car accidents or being followed by people I need to kill. They're waking me up in a cold sweat and I believe leaving me to be exhaused through out the following day. Has anyone else experienced dreams similar to these? Is there anything that can be done to aleviate these (eat less of something, more of something, vit. etc?) Thanks for your help!