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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Puffy Face?

    Hi, I was wondering if any one else wakes up with a swollen/puffy face after being glutened. I have noticed this happening everytime I have contact with gluten along with all the usual happenings after being glutened.-Jenny
  2. Depressed Respiratory?

    I too can relate to this topic, having experiencing the loss of breath starting around age 14. Back then they said it was most likely brought on by anxiety? Yet no testing was really done to uncover the reason so I continued to experience this throught out the years. Still experience them occasionally. I now feel that it's directly linked to celiac disease.-Jenny
  3. Hi cassP,interesting note I have same blood type and the issues continue , GfinDC, Thank you I am definately going to start eliminating certain foods to see if I feel better Thank you both for your advice
  4. Lately, I have noticed an unusual reaction after I eat and it is usually after consuming green peppers or garlic. Don't know which of the two is the true culprit but was wondering if anyone else has issues with this. I have seen a couple of posts on night shades ?? but don't have true information. Any help or info appreciated -Jenny
  5. Pf Changs

    I have had no problem with PF Changs so far. Love asian cuisine and the fact that they have gluten-free options was like a dream come true. I ordered a gluten-free egg drop soup once and it was not labeled so I verified with the server and she checked with the cook to make sure.I had no issues.
  6. Well I got unintentionally glutened about four days ago and it Has been a rough glutening, on and off D and cramping, bloating, nausea, brain fog and fatigue,numbness to my hands and fingers and very irritable just want it to be over.-Jen
  7. Hi all, I feel the need to cleanse my body. Contimplating colonics. Just feel like my body needs to be refreshed. Has any one tried this and what do you think? I need a clean start.-Jen
  8. Landshark Lager?

    Hi just had to say I am celiac so going for a Corona no way, but Red Bridge makes me not even miss it. Go for the Red Bridge that way you are safe and enjoy a good beer -Jen
  9. My Little Curiosity Poll

    Both. I have GI issues and depression, anxiety and fatigue, body aches, numbness to extremities and brain fog.-Jen
  10. Wine And Gluten?

    Wine is Gluten Free! Well it better be No, it is and I love it,LOL-Jen
  11. Camping?

    Plans are to go camping for the 4th of July. But I am worried as to what to pack food wise,don't want to get sick in front of friends. What would you pack?-Jen
  12. Need To Get Back In Shape

    Thank you so much for your advice. Korwyn, I am amazed at how alike my situation is to yours. At my healthiest 3 years ago,I was totally gluten free and practically carb free. I was at my ideal weight and emotionally stable. That is where I want to be today or in the near future but, It's been hard to get strict with myself. Wow, to say I can totally relate to the bruising part of your post it takes forever for any bruises to heal for me too.I am clumsy so skirts are a rare thing to see me in. Ciavyn, thank you for your advice and I think you are right first I need to heal and deal with the nutritional aspect, then I can work on the physical.-Jen
  13. Hi I was hoping someone can help me. I need to get back in shape and strict on my gluten-free/DF diet. I have heard that Paleo diet is a good route but I also need to start excersizing. I am Celiac who gains weight with gluten.When I am gluten-free my weight begins to normalize yet I had a bad relapse and since then it's been hard. I think the pre-packaged gluten-free/DF foods are the culprits. My energy is extremely low.I also have aches and pains. I wonder if there is like a celiac fitness and diet type site? Any advice? -Jen
  14. Glutened: Numb Hands

    Hi, I had to reply to this because I suffer of numbness to my hands even my lips go numb the next morning after a glutening. Sometimes to the point that I cannot grasp my toothebrush.-Jenny
  15. Looking For Good Frozen Pizza

    Hi Farmwife67, I tried Glutino frozen pizza and it was pretty decent. Amy's on the other hand I really didn't like.-Jenny