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  1. hey how do you get calcium? In the meat and veggies diet, I am also doing it.

  2. Just watched Woody Allens "Sleeper", the premise of which is that he is asleep for 200 years, and is woken up; kinda a Rumple Stilskin story. upon awaking 200 years in the future, he asks for wheat germ, and tigers milk, having been the owner of a health food store in Greenwich Village. one doctor asks the other, "what is that?", the other replies, "they were foods believed to be healthy in his time" to which the first doctor replies "what? no deep fat? no steaks?" this is my dream about the future: wheat is removed from the face of the earth, and becomes unknown. It goes from being everywhere, to being nowhere. take this hypothetical idea, and that is what it is, just a hypothetical idea, and try to imagine what the world would be like, just as an exercise in imagination, if nothing else. take what you know about how wheat effects everyone, not just celiacs, and imagine how much better humanity would be without it. wouldn't we all be much better off?? and do watch the movie, it's hilarious. one of the funniest movies of all time. the slapstick almost rivals Charlie Chaplin.
  3. Brainless Neurologist

    I sent her an angry email , saying I was offended, and she responded that she wanted to talk about it on the phone. she asked me to be respectful. lol. isn't that too much?? she brings gluten along, then does'nt apologize, and she asks me to be respectful. I agree that she needs an etiquette lesson, but I declined from the conversation. I just don't have the energy, especially since there was no apology, or sense of responsibility from her for her actions. I mean, how hard is it to type "oops". or "sorry"??? It just makes me wonder "what's next?" if i talk to this doctor. I don't need the stress, i need to heal. I hope she learns, somehow, but i fear that some ppl might be too smart for their own (and everyone else's) good.
  4. Brainless Neurologist

    for me, it was more like, "let me bring some poisin oak into a room full of people who react like crazy to poisin oak". "I can do what I want, after all, I is a doctor." like someone said in another thread recently, there's no cure for stupid.
  5. #*@($ !#*^% Doctor!

    ^^^ word ^^^
  6. celiac is an autoimmune disease. the dangerous effects are caused by an autoimmune reaction in which your immune system attacks your own tissue, causing imflammation in the gut, the brain, the skin, the nervous system. you hear about IgG and IgA antibodies, but i've learned recently that it just part of the picture, theres agglutinin, gliadin, glutenin, gluteomorphin (drug like response), prodyorphin, transglutaminase, glutamic acid decarboxylase. I don't know much about all of these, but it may explain the varied presentation of symptoms that individual celiacs have. the idea of healing is to stop the production of these antibodies, and peptides. a bread crumb doesn't stop the production. either does a slice of bread. what does stop it is NO gluten. unfortunately, there is no 'get out of jail free card' by having a little. theres nothing proving that there IS a safe amount of gluten. your system senses the presense gluten in it, and, what does it do? it produces antibodies to attack your tissue. I'm not sure that it says, "oh, thats not enough gluten for me to get to work"?? I've gotten a panko bread crumb in my mouth by mistake eating sushi a few years ago, and spit it out, realizing what it was, and I was barely able to walk; I had an episode of losing my balance, (ataxia), and the lot of other symptoms. seriously, it was a nightmare situation being out in public, and feeling helpless. you won't convince ME that the residuals of a bread crumb is a safe amount!! here's the study: "a milligram of gluten a day keeps the mucosal recovery away; a case study" Fedirico Biagi 2004 cliff notes: 1/60th of a teaspoon of wheat flour (only of which a tiny fraction is gluten there being literally 100s of proteins in wheat), a day will prevent healing of the gut lining. If your friend eats out all the time, i'm wiling to go out on a limb here, and say that she isn't to square one of the healing process. 11 years being 'psuedo' gluten-free may be better than gluten bingeing the whole time, but don't be fooled, and confuse this with the healing process. I know from experience, i did what shes doing for @ 3 years, unfortunatly. I did'nt know about this stuff, and about CC, or the extreme potency of gluten. I did'nt ever knowingly cheat, even, but I now realize i was leaking gluten into my body every day w/ CC, and eating out, and working with it. I just got sicker, and lost weight. packaged 'gluten free' foods that have trace amounts have the same effect, imo. I did'nt start getting better until i made the 100% commitment to make all my own meals, and do everything i can to eliminate gluten from my lifestyle all together. (eating only meat, veggies, and fruit,) for me, having cooked (and baked, sadly 4 years) for most of my life I feel fortunate that i'm kinda over it when it comes to the foodie scene, and fancy foods, or ethnic food. I've seen it all, and don't feel the draw at all, that seems to be very common among other celiacs. I started cooking for work as a teenager, and I'm 44 now; I worked at Gary Danko in SF, a michelin 5 star resturant. i worked 60- 80 hour weeks, i burned out a long time ago on food. I just don't view food as entertainment, or even as art anymore. I just don't care. what i DO care about is having a rewarding, happy life that doesn't get cut short by cancer. I've had major depression/ anxiety problems my whole life, and for the first time i feel like it's getting better, and that life for me could turn into something that i had never imagined. it's so exciting for me. learning this has literally been the best thing that ever happened to me. it's no contest for me, anyways.
  7. when she says "I avoid gluten like the plague the vast majority of the time.", it leads me to believe she cheats on a regular basis, anyways, and she is just trying to justify what she wants to do, in total disregard for her own future, and well being. personally, I would'nt be able to handle the heart break of watching a friend self destruct like this. I admire your trying to intervene, it's very noble of you. she needs to get it that once a month is too much, once a year is too much, just ONCE is too much. cheating and hoping that your immune system won't notice this time is purely wishful thinking. the reality is that she is unleashing a cascade of antibodies that are going to attack her every single time she cheats.
  8. NO!! I'm saying that it would be nuts for her to eat gluten anything! just like it would be nuts to walk across a busy street blindfolded. it's a suicide mission, and you have nothing to gain from it. you can get to the other side of the street by walking with your eyes open. I think it's important to learn the science behind why gluten is so bad to get exposed to at all if you are celiac. it's a 6 month hangover of inflammation every glutening, and we are'nt sure what the impact will be down the road in terms of how suseptible one will be to cancer, and other maladies that celiac opens the door for. forget about your level of discomfort, or the symptoms as the thing to avoid. think about the guaranteed inflammation, and the attack on your tissue as the thing to avoid. ^^^ wait a minute; she is consciously willing to damage herself for a triviality?? I'm afraid she may have a self-destructive bent for just entertaining the idea for a second. It's the equivelent of going without water for a week to see what it's like to die of thirst, imo. it's sad when you can't reach someone who needs help, but ultimately if we are grown-ups, then everyone makes their own decisions. however, you can inform your friend as best you can what the risks are, and if you check into it further, I feel like you will find that they are heavy. heavy risks even getting exposed to small amounts. I used to be a chef, and worked at the top resturants in San Francisco. I had to quit when i learned about celiac, and especially cross contamination. if your friend is cooking in a gluten environment, and is working with it, she most certainly is getting glutened in trace amounts on a daily basis, anyways, and is'nt realy gluten free yet. anyways, that was my experience. I did'nt start showing improvement until I got away from that.
  9. The Irony

    I heard about a new lab that is doing much more comprehensive testing. It's called Cyrex laboritories. aside from testimg for the IgG & IgA antibodies, they test for wheat germ agglutinin, gliadin 15, 17, & 33, glutenin, gluteomorphin, prodynorphin, transglutaminase, glutamic acid. the lack of the full array of tests accounts for false negatives, as an individual may have just a few of the above, and not nessisarily the IgG & IgA which they are looking for exclusively. when i heard about this, I finally had to give testing some credit!! try to find a practicioner that can use this lab.
  10. from a risk/reward perspective this is like crossing a busy street blindfolded. the upside is that you may get to the other side of the street. the downside is obvious. is it worth it??
  11. Vitamin K Deficiency

    Dr. Peter Green mentions Vitimin K deficiency in relation to bruising, and clotting on page. 124 of his book, Celiac, the Hidden Epidemic. oddly enough, in the section about dermatitis herpetiformis.
  12. How Careful Do I Need To Be?

    thanks, rosetapper!!
  13. ravenwoodsglasses' post is spot on, and totally from the heart. please listen to her!! I was a caretaker for an drastically autistic man over 15 years ago for about a year, so I know a little about how frustrating it can be. I was the caretaker that got along with him the best, too. he always hit everyone else, but never me. I think it was because we were on the same wave length to a small degree, and he picked up on that. I had many amazing experiences with him, and am convinced that his intelligence level is off the charts, and he is actually very very perceptive, though utterly withdrawn. I've always felt like i was border-line autistic myself, and i have many of the same traits, albeit much more mildly. I'm still a huge loner, and social skills are'nt my strong suit, thats for sure. I just want to remind you that expecting him to 'cope' is unrealistic, and is really asking too much. it should'nt be a surprise. you will have to pick up the slack, and have to cope for him for now. If it was me, i would'nt let wild horses get in my way of doing everything within my power to keep gluten away from my child, knowing how very harmful it is. Of course, that would mean not feeding him expensive packaged "gluten-free" imitation foods, that probably have trace amounts of gluten, anyways. It's going to take some time for him to accept a new routine, but when he does, and it's really NO GLUTEN, then I swear, you will see an improvement in his condition, and then neither of you will be struggling so much!! saying you don'y have control when he goes to a friends house doesn't float. you DO have control, and it absolutely your responsibility to take it!! If theres gluten at the friends house, you just dropped the ball by letting him go over there, for now. I'm sure it's tough to be firm, but there probably is'nt another way. I would move 40 miles down a dirt road to get him away from gluten, if thats what it took. thats how strongly I feel about how harmful the stuff is. please try to prove me wrong, and If you really get him gluten free for say, a year, and theres no improvement, then you can rub my nose in it. I know he has Celiac, but i'm talking about an improvement in the severity of his autistic condition.
  14. What Causes The Hypersensitivity?

    apparantly, gluten is super potent in even miniscule amounts. It's the gluten, not your sensativity to it that is the problem. with a lot of toxic things, you get a tolerence developed, so when you remove it, and it gets reintroduced, it effects you much more this time. consider heroin, for example!
  15. Vitamin K Deficiency

    I also heard recently that vitamin K is a osteoporosis wonder drug, as well! glad that you found out that it can benefit you so much! I have little red dots, especially on my legs. I've just assumed that they are skin infections. I also get full on mersa staph infections regularly, although less frequent all the time. I remember having little spots of what seemed to be skin infections even as a kid. I'll give the K2 a whirl!! can't hurt? thanks again!