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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This is the way that both of my babies were (for about 5 years... really severe all over except no diaper rash or eczema on diaper area). I'm still waiting for the blood test to come back on my daughter. If she's positive, of course my son will be tested too.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Tomorrow's the day (we probably wont find anything out but you never know). It is the strangest thing. Yesterday my son was hunched over in pain and couldn't move. We gave him a while but he didn't get any better and couldn't even stand so we took him in to the clinic and they sent him to ER. It was bowel impaction. It's as if the universe is telling us just before we go to the specialist not to forget about this symptom or something. Both of the kids report that they are having regular bowel movements and my son said he had even had one that day. That's odd about getting better in the summer. I wonder what the deal is there. Thanks again everyone. Whether it's gluten or something else, it helps to have others to talk to who have had similar things to go through with their kids.
  3. p.s. I meant blood sugar and celiacs... not blood sugar and diabetes
  4. We go to Children's Mercy on Thursday. I don't know what's going on with her. We had to take her to the ER yesterday. She was having such severe stomach pain that she couldn't breathe, she was white as a ghost. CBC and kidney/ liver func. came back OK and no anemia. X-Ray revealed that she was completely compacted with stool and her blood sugar was 64 (she had already eaten a sandwich and some animal cookies... like quite a few of them... we were at a ballgame and she said she was 'starving' so I got her a big bag of the cookies from Alco to take with her and she ate like HALF of them). I hope she doesn't have diabetes. I never thought of that as a possibility. There was also protein and ketones in her urine. She's 15 and stayed the night with a friend but said that she had eaten supper and a snack in the night. Does anyone know if there is any connection between blood sugar and diabetes?
  5. I'm sorry your little guy is itching! My kids suffered more severe eczema than even the specialists were familiar with around the area. I tried EVERYTHING with a combined 12 years of suffering a research. I can remember one time driving 20 miles in a snow storm to the hospital because I was at my wits end so I completely sympathize with you. My son still gets itchy on his palms and soles sometimes and one thing that does seem to help when this happens is essential oil of Lavender. Nothing else helps him. I found very little that helped the severe eczema. My kids haven't been diagnosed yet so I don't know if they have Celiacs or not but you could give the oil a try if you want. It's reasonably priced and available at health stores (just get the pure essential oil... nothing in a carrier oil... no fragrance oils, etc). Good luck and blessings~
  6. Hi. Thanks for the reply. She's done quite a bit better during spring break. Actually, I was going to take her to a GI specialist last year but she got better over summer... still some issues but not as severe. I don't know if it's a different diet, not as much rest, more stress or a combination. Anyway, I do appreciate the support. It's an awful feeling making them go to school when you know they're hurting or ill.
  7. I guess I just want to feel like I'm doing SOMETHING constructive. My kids both had SEVERE eczema from about 1 month until around 5 years. It was head to toe and unresponsive to medications. They were both tested for allergies, my daughter did not react to much... dust mites and cat allergens. My son had a list a mile long. They are now 15 and 9. My daughter began getting joint pain in her knees at around 5 years old. It was severe pain that kept her up at night. She was examined by a bone doctor (can't remember the title) and checked for RA which she was negative for. My son also has asthma and complains often of stomach pain, particularly in the morning and also some joint pain although not as severe as hers. About 3 years ago, she started having stomach problems. The doctor prescribed medication for acid reflux but it does no good. The pain was only in her knees until... really about this year and now it is in her back, elbows, and one of her wrists. She was recently tested again for RA and was negative. She gags and heaves but does not throw up. Sometimes she is just laying on the bathroom floor after heaving. She reports being frequently nauseated. They are both light and small for their age but still at the bottom of 'normal'. I have IBS symptoms. My grandmother had some form of scarring condition causing excess scarring that kind of glued her organs together. It is supposedly genetic but I don't know what the name of it is. I am taking my daughter to a rheumatologist (sp?) next month. I believe that I will ask him to check for Celiacs. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas. I feel horrible. She got in trouble at school for missing too much so I took pictures from when they were little and had such horrible skin problems to the school and explained the situation. They are much more understanding now but she also says that she has a hard time focusing. She has complained for years telling me that she "thinks she has ADD" and telling me she needs to be on medication. Oh, I think my sister had/ has celiacs disease! When she was a baby, she would projectile vomit really bad. My mom took her to a dr. and they said to try an elimination diet and they identified wheat as the trigger. She still reacts bad to wheat but particularly certain things such as pancakes or waffles. She has had numerous other issues as well. I just hope we can get it figured out. She can't keep missing school and I feel so sorry for her hurting all the time! They both get sick quite a bit too with everything that goes around the school! And... it seems to take them forever to get well. Losing my mind~ Jennifer