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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is this available anywhere in OH or KY ? why is there no store locator on their site very interesting..
  2. Tips For Cravings?

    Now Katz has Hamburger buns as well which is fantastic, a burger with letters and tomatoes and ketchup but make sure the ketchup is gluten-free as well
  3. Kroger's is very helpful I spoke with one manager and asked him regarding carrying my favorite breads Katz Challah bread and there sweets like the marble cake and they were very cooperative and said they will look into this so I hope they will get it in soon
  4. The 2 most haves is the Katz Challah bread or roll and Katz Cinnamon Rugelech just amazing
  5. gluten-free Bisquick

    Feel Rite is a very good store they carry the Katz gluten free items the Challah and the Rugelech and all their breads which I like, I don
  6. Is Udi's Bread Always Frozen?

    i agree Katz is the best in my area everybody carries it and we get there samples a lot by our support group meetings the rolls and the rugelech great so is the marble cake just yummy
  7. you are preaching to the choir with me their products is just crazy good and the soft and moistness thank god for Katz Gluten Free you should try their chocolate cup cakes which is great as well.
  8. Totaly agree: katz is approved by the GIG and is kosher so people our checking out their facility and i have been using them for 2 years and doing graet
  9. Waterloo/cedar Rapids, Ia.

    we only need now Wegmans and whole foods to carry it i went in and requested it in Wegmans we all loved them now we need all to request and get it there so we dont have to buy online and pay shipping
  10. I buy Katz Gluten free at all woodmans locations they have there full line i even saw in Piggly Wiggly some items from katz
  11. Northwest Arkansas, Anyone?

    i some times shop at the apple crate they carry the Katz Challa bread which is my main thing that i need
  12. I totally agree with you they have great products and not expensive they also have a wholesome bread which is very nutritious its even rice free it
  13. Constant Hunger Pangs

    i am a mans man how about 2 burger sandwiches i had Katz Gluten free Kasier roll perfect size for a burger sandwich with heinz katchup (organic - gluten free) some tomatoes oh baby not hungry at all and cheap like a yawn