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  1. My sister has celiac and my question is this. For the past month I have had nausa and lose stools and a very rumbling stomach, especially first thing in the morning. I also have a lot of acid reflux, nervousness and dizziness (although the dizziness may be from the fluid my doctor said is in my left ear). I also have occassional night sweats and I can't sleep at night. I've also lost my appetite and have lost 7 pounds in the last month. (my doctor said it's just from not eating) He did blood work, although I have not heard back with the results, he said he would run the test for celiac as well. However, because I haven't been eating much I'm afraid the test will come back negative. If it does, should I pursue further testing? My doctor seems to think all my symptoms are related to anxiety. I know my chances of having celiac are only 10% but I'm curious. THANKS!