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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just want to put this out there...see if neuro will run panels to check for other viruses active in body. I have nerve damage due to that very reason. It is painful and dibilitating....I take an anti-viral med along with lyrica and cymbalta to combat the pain...after 4 years the ebv seems to be down....however, I recently decreased my med and the pain has become more active...so going to see about increasing again! I orginally tested postive for active viruses of EBV, chicken pox, and Herpes Virus....what happens is your body is attacking itself so all the viruses you have immunity to...become active and attack the nerves....it is awful!
  2. In Need Of Venting!

    I would get my dinner to go from another resturant as a previous poster stated. However, I would go ahead and eat my dinner, so it doesn't get cold and enjoy every bite while they are still waiting for their dinner! I agree that is not nice to pick especially an Italian Resturant...however, you might make a call ahead of time and see if they can accomadate you..then again on Easter Sunday....I would be concerned....just take your own food! and enjoy the rest of the day..
  3. Aroma!

    I have tried both the rice and corn pasta..I prefer the corn pasta because i feel like I am biting in to something...however, I do not have an allergy to corn...at least that I am aware of..
  4. Hang in there! In the beginning I went from not being able to stay awake to insomnia at night! Remember, we are all different and are bodies are at different stages of the disease! Highly recommend B12 sublinguial (dissolve under the toungue) Vit D3 (most people are lackin Vit D) B Complex...I take others, fish oil, Vit E. I also ate straight fresh fruit/veg and meat for months....lived in an area where gluten-free foods not available....finally ordered pasta and breads from Amazon.....soups too! I think it was good for me though to somewhat detox my system from all processed foods! Discovered how good real food is and still do not eat out much or processed foods...it does get better! Stay off the gluten...once you get past this...if you find yourself falling asleep it may be from ingesting gluten...if the gut pain doesn't get you first!
  5. To everyone here: please do not give up...I have been where many of you are...I am feeling better, but it has been a long, uphill battle! My first words...do not be so hard on yourself...second, accept your new normal. I have also had and suggest bloodwork to check your viral levels. Seems like every virus I had ever been exposed to was active in my body. This is because your body attacks the gluten and all the good guys keeping all those other bad viruses are called in to fight the gluten. In my case the viruses attacked my cns causing nerve damage....it has been almost 3 yrs now...steady as she goes...I am not 100%, probably never will be, but I am sure better than I was 3 yrs ago...laying on a couch unable to stand the touch of a sheet against my body, drugged out on narcotics because drs were not treating nerve pain....I still take anti-viral meds, cymbalta and celexa for nerve pain, baclofen for muscle spasms, and a host of supplements; however, I was taking main meds 4 times a day and now down to 1-2 times a day. Recently, cut back on supplements...yes, I still have good days and bad days...but, I rest on the bad days....and it is not always possible, but I know when I have to push through...I will be resting...no more, pushing 24/7...
  6. Aroma!

    I just made the most wonderful pizza this evening! I usually use Bob's Red Mill, but had a box of Gluten Free Pantry French Bread/Pizza Mix....I used milk instead of water and butter instead of vegetable oil! It is a keeper....crust was thicker than we like...so next time I will divide in half for the thin crust effect, but this made into french bread would be delicious! I think the milk and butter, make it much richer...it is fluffy....tasted very good! I, too, have been guilty of smelling foods....thank goodness if I really want brownies or cookies, Betty Crocker makes good gluten-free mixes...as far as pasta...love Quinoa (sp) pastas! Going to experiment with my first gluten-free pie crust this weekend! Used Udi's Bread to make into bread crumbs for dressing for Thanksgiving...couldn't tell the difference! I do drink Redbridge beer and call it what you want, but it works for me!
  7. Another Job Related Question

    I would not work with any kind of dough! You could be inhaling flour; yes, touching items those have touched can cause cc. I don't even go down the bread isle or flour isle in grocery store unless I absolutely have too!
  8. I used to be exactly the same way with coffee! Since being gluten-free, I too know longer have the effect! My husband still asks, "You o.k. in the bathroom?" before he uses the bathroom. However, in the end, when I got so sick; didn't matter what I drank or ate, I could never be far from a bathroom. I have since learned my electrical shocks are/were nerve damage caused from all the viruses in my body attacking my ncs...causing nerve damage. That is related to your body attacking the gluten in your body (good guys recognize it as a bad guy and trying to get rid of it). When this happens, the body is unable to keep viruses you have been exposed to down in your body (the good guys are calling in reinforcements to attack the gluten; other bad guys go unguarded) thus allowing viruses to become active in the body and floating around doing whatever damage they can; just happened to be my central nervous system. I take an anti-virual med to help my good guys! Since being dx the amount of meds I now take have been cut in half...it can be done, just takes patience, time, and being faithful to the gluten-free lifestyle! I also take olive leaf extract, just make sure it is at least 17% Oleuropein..natural anti-viral and it helps a lot with energy and keeping bad guys at bay!
  9. Most of it is too in depth for me to explain, all I know is my blood work was negative for Celiac; I had an endecsopy (sp) prior to blood work and nothing was found (but not sure even looking for) at time was sent due to B12 deficiency, but they were not looking for Celiac....treated for active mono, EBV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, some improvement, but still had chronic Poops...LOL! Gene test for Celiac and there it was full blown. I would just say if gluten-free lifestyle works then do it. I once had a dr tell me...test results are only has good as the test ordered!
  10. Overweight With Celiac

    I have gained weight since going gluten-free; however, after reflecting on some of my food choices...I think I have figured it out...I am currently off loaded baked potatoes! LOL! I was going to the store and getting potatoes, cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits (real)..eat those 2 times a week, plus a coke...plus, I was binging on the pasta, once I found one I liked...so I am back to moderation...not going to be real serious until warmer weather, cause winter is the time of soups and filling food. Warmer weather I can do all types of salads and lighter foods. Love tuna salad in a fresh garden tomato....
  11. Nutrients For Neuropathy

    I can tell when I return to the Neuro I need to have him write me some Rxs for supplements I am out of...sometimes I get soooo tired of taking all the pills! Been having more trouble with the neuropathy (pins & needles) in my hands; the muscle spasms and pain in my feet are also increased....time to get more supplements! Thank you!
  12. What I did when I was diagnosed was focus on what I could eat! It was several months before I tried any processed foods made gluten free. I ate all the vegetables, meats, and fruits I wanted. months later I tried my first gluten-free beer "Redbridge" It tasted sooooo good! Then I tried a gluten-free pizza from a local parlor in a very small town; however, the owner offered the gluten-free pizza because his daughter had Celiac. The pizza was awesome. It had been months. I purchased some gluten-free pasta, tried rice and corn and a pasta that was a mixture of rice/corn. I prefer the corn pasta, especially the spaghetti! It is better than the regular to me; feels like you are actually eating something of substance. I do prefer Bob's Red Mill mixes for everything. I found the pizza crust is enough to make 2 for my husband & I; make one for dinner and make another and freeze. Perfect for those nights you don't feel like cooking. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)...especially love a creamy tomato soup...just pour and heat! Very good, never thought I would say this, but better than Campbell's. Also, check ingredients at the store you will be surprised how much is naturally gluten-free. I have adjusted so well, I need to lose 20 lbs...a year and a half ago, I was 15 lbs underweight...I have other residual effects to my body, but I am sooo much better!
  13. While visiting my daughter in Rising Sun, IN, we ordered pizza from "Toppers" I ordered the gluten-free pizza. It is the best pizza I have ever had...The toppings certainly lived up to the name of the place. I am not kidding; must have been a good inch of toppings. So, if you ever find yourself in Southeastern Indiana in quaint little town of Rising Sun, IN make Toppers a place to eat!!!
  14. Biaggio's

    Enjoy..and please let me know if your experience was as good as mine!
  15. Biaggio's

    Hope I spelled the name of the resturant correctly. Ate at Biaggio's in Evansville, IN. GREAT!!!! Linen tablecloths and excellent service and gluten free menu! Even brought out Gluten Free Bread I could have with Pesto!!! This is a chain resturant. Check their website for a location near you. In my case, the closest one and only one in NC is 2-3 hrs away!