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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all for the encouragement and positive stories, it really really means a lot.
  2. Thank you so much for replying, I am truly glad to hear that your daughter has completely recovered, I can't wait til we get there. Last night I was begging for these awful pains to leave my son's body and be transported to me, it's extremely hard to watch your child suffer and it's becoming umbearable. It's reassuring to know it could all go away one day, thanks again.
  3. I am walking in your shoes right now. My 9 year-old boy has been complaining of aches in his legs, elbows and ribs for a couple of years. He also has severe tingling/itching in his fingers and toes. gluten-free for about a month now, he doesn't have headaches or stomach pains anymore, the aches in his bones are diminishing, his fingers and toes are still an issue though there has been a slight improvement. I've read that as the intestines heal after stopping gluten; some symptoms take months to a couple of years to go away. Hang in there, hopefully your son will have a speedy recovery. I urge anyone in the forum here who's had children who've been gluten-free for a few years to please share your stories with us. How long did it take for the children to get better? Anyone had to deal with body aches and itching/tingling in fingers and toes?
  4. If I learned anything from my experience with my son, it would be that doctors are not gods nor do they have all the information we seek- especially with a disease like Celiac which is relatively new. You must be proactive as far as your kids' health is concerned, of course this is worth pursuing with the doctor, you should exhaust all options until you find out what is causing this. I was told my son had a stomach virus, then that he was lactose intolerant, one doctor thought that that the itching in his fingers and toes was and I quote "in his head!" I eliminated gluten from my son's diet and it changed everything, he is improving every day. Is your daughter gluten-free? Have you tested her for lactose intolerance, soy intolerance, fructose intolerance? I know it sounds intimidating, but these are simple tests you can do and it would eliminate your concerns as to what is causing your daughter to react. I hope she feels better, there is nothing harder than feeling helpless while our kids suffer, good luck and remember, be proactive!
  5. It must be so hard to witness your baby hurting herself, but please consider her feelings too and how unfair it is that our kids can't eat normally like all the other children. My 9 year-old son's symptoms -severe stomach aches and itching- have convinced him to stay away from gluten because feeling that bad is just not worth it, you are lucky if your little girl doesn't have these severe symptoms(and I am by no means undermining fatigue) because it affects their daily routine, school-work and play-time, but maybe that's why your daughter just doesn't think there's anything wrong with eating what she wants, perhaps her reasoning is that feeling tired is not that big deal. My advice would be to buy her some gluten free goodies (like Lucy's cookies from Starbucks) and gluten free ice cream from Whole Foods and eat them with her, you should keep talking to her about what gluten does to the intestines and that it could get worse and she might end up feeling really sick, and if all else fails; have the pediatrician or family doctor speak to her, good luck with everything!
  6. Thank you GFinDC, this is really helpful, my husband and I were just talking about B12 shots and how they're mentioned in the forums here, we will request them in our next appointment with the GI in April, I really hope they will help. We bought "Super Nutrition Perfect Kids" vitamins which are gluten-sugar-pollen-dairy-corn and soy free from Whole Foods. You're absolutely right about home cooked meals, it's just not worth it to risk our son's health, no more restaurants. Tomorrow we're making mashed potatoes with Lactaid milk and beef cooked in olive oil and onions for dinner.
  7. Thank you so much for the advice, I will definitely try the pure essential lavender oil. Have you tried eliminating certain foods from your children's diet, are they gluten-free? I hope they're doing better. Itching sounds like a minor condition compared to other severe symptoms but it is life-altering. The nurses and doctors at the hospital called it "discomfort" and a "nuisance" but it is so much more than that, my son is depressed, is worried about going to his friends' houses in case his itchiness worsens and he can't handle it. Thanks again, it's great hearing from you all
  8. So sorry to hear about your little one Janie, it seems that symptoms hit everyone differently, it's such a confusing condition! I'm really glad to hear that you've improved, it gives us hope, and you're absolutely right about dealing with this in a positive manner, I wish I remembered that more often.
  9. Thank you so much for replying, I honestly don't know what I would've done if it weren't for this website and all the personal stories here, I do hope you always feel well, thank you for your good thoughts and we are sending you some right now as well
  10. Hi Everyone, My son started complaining of stomach cramps that would come and go after he ate when he was 6. After seeing various doctors and doing an ultrasound for his digestive system (he fasted then they gave him the barium as they observed) the doctor said it could be a stomach virus since nothing seemed to be wrong in the images. After some research online I asked the doctor for a Lactose test to which my son tested positive. We eliminated dairy, though sometimes he would eat dairy with Lactaid pills, but even when he would be dairy free for weeks he would still suffer from the stomach aches. After a while, he started complaining that his two big toes itch, then his fingers and his private part started itching, now he says his tongue and chin are itching. After seeing several podiatrists and a dermatologist and using every itch cream and antibiotic under the sun we decided to see a neurologist, he tested him with what seemed to be small electric shocks, but nothing came out of this test either, he is fine we were told, this was a few weeks ago. Last week he threw up after eating Nacho Doritos with Lactaid pills (my son hasn't thrown up since he was 8 months old!) By chance I stumbled on this forum, and the words CELIAC DISEASE appeared, I read and read and was astonished, the symptoms my boy has been complaining from are those of Celiac Disease. It dawned on me that with his stomach pain he had occasionally complained of headaches, his bones hurting, his chest hurting. He went in for the blood test this Monday, we are still waiting on the result. We eliminated gluten just this week, for 2 nights in a row (yesterday and the day before) we were at the hospital because my son's itching and tingling in his toes and fingers was out of control, he has never gone through this before, it seemed like an attack, he was yelling and rolling on the bed. He usually copes by pressing his fingers on the sofa, pressing his toes on the floor or by rubbing them together, but he could not handle the severity these past 2 nights (it seems to get worse around bed time too.) The hospital gave him Benadryl and we put ice packs on his toes as he cried himself to sleep. Today we called his doctor and he prescribed HYDROXYZINE to give to him if this happens again, he also advised us to take him to a children's hospital if the attack became out of control. As we wait for the diagnosis, I am terrified that even with a gluten-free diet this problem will persist, I wish I could feel this itching and tingling to grasp what he's going through, it is heartbreaking to watch his quality of life deteriorate because his toes and fingers itch, it is non-stop, as he does his homework, as he watches TV, as he talks to me about his friends and eats and showers! Please enlighten me and share with me your experiences. I read somewhere here that as the nerves heal after stopping gluten, the sensation would get worse before getting better, what is to expect and how to help a kid who says "I don't want to feel anything anymore?" P.S My son was allergic to eggs but grew out of it, he also has Spring allergies but recovers as summer sets in.