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  1. When Do You Speak Up?

    I haven't been in a work environment since self diagnosing. But I have always had weird little food issues and my co-workers were used to me refusing food in favor of what I packed for myself and with the exception of one..did not hassle me about what I was or wasn't eating...and that was more out of concern that I might be not be eating enough. My friends are pretty much ok with my limitations, there is an effort to make sure I can eat something , they all read and understand labels...we've only had issues when I try to drink beyond my safe margaritas...I react to grain based alcohol..but that is part of the learning curve for them and myself. Now my family? That's hit or miss.. My mom offers me bananas..she chooses not to understand it and goes as far as accusing me of being a hypochondriac. My MIL has substituted ritz crackers for bread crumbs on chicken parm in order to accommodate my diet...it was a sweet thought..but it took a few minutes before she understood that gluten went beyond a loaf of bread. My kids (6 & 8) read labels and have a good sense of what might be gluten. Stepson(20) and my husband both think it's funny..most of the time they will acknowledge it's a real issue for me...but DH gluten-ized me a week ago and I'm pretty sure I was being 'tested'..he normally doesn't remember what he does from one day to the next..but when I started talking about going to the hospital for a bad bout of depression and anxiety out of the blue...and leaving him in charge of the kids he confessed that he accidentally used the community margarine tub when he surprised me with eggs for breakfast....since I haven't been treated with breakfast..never mind breakfast in bed in about 10 years..I didn't even think to ask what butter he used. Now on my mothers side I have a cousin and her daughter that have been gluten-free and Casein free for years...I just found out about them being gluten-free a few months ago...my mother had been keeping that little tidbit to herself...because "I didn't need any more encouragement, with this nonsense." Hindsight being 20/20 I had obvious issues with gluten all of my life. My mother should probably be tested(she won't) and her father probably had issues with gluten too.
  2. Do You Feel More Weepy When Glutened?

    Weepy, short tempered, self destructive and suicidal. Last week got very 'dark' around here and I didn't know why.....it got to the point where I thought that I had finally had some sort of mental break that wasn't related to gluten. After 3 days of horrible horrible thoughts about running away and hurting myself, I told my husband I was going to the county mental health service and look into some sort of treatment/hospitalization...only then did he confess that he had prepared eggs for me with the community tub of margarine 3 or 4 days earlier. He should have known better, he had to have seen all of the bread crumbs in there when he was scooping it out...either he truly wasn't thinking or he was 'testing' me..he normally wouldn't made the effort to make food for anybody but himself...so I am leaning toward 'testing'. I am starting to come out of it...knowing what is causing it makes it easier to deal with but every time it happens it gets worse than the time before..it's time to take the house gluten free...my husband refuses to even consider it. It's probably the gluten talking, but it might be time to consider divorce. I hope that I live in a no fault state...I'd hate to tell a judge that I am divorcing my husband over bread crumbs.
  3. Resistant To Weight Loss

    Definitely look into other food allergies...every time I take something out..dairy, corn, rice, etc..I lose a 10-20 pounds...I dropped soda and I look 1/3 smaller even though I only lost 8 pounds. I would also recommend watching a documentary called 'Fat Head' currently streaming instantly on NetFlix....scary...very scary but he delivers it in a humorous way...but still scary. I must have said 'exactly.' 103 times while watching it...many of his points and his research match what is said in these forums everyday.
  4. How Do Some Celiacs Put On Weight?

    I have always battled my weight...out of control gains while eating the same portions as thin family and friends. The only successful weight loss I had prior to going gluten-free was Atkins and Anorexia(500 calories or less per day, 10-20 mile walks and non stop exercise in between work and walking...my membership to a gym was terminated because they felt I was over doing it and wanted no part of it...on that diet I went from 300lbs to 135lbs). Fast forward 10 years and several years stuck behind a desk 40-60 hours a week and I was pushing 300lbs again. Due to my weight my OB tried to prescribe a special diet for gestational diabetes to keep my weight gain under control during my 2nd pregnancy(they tested my glucose twice a week and could never catch it over the limit even after lunch...it drove them nuts)...the menu was easily 2-3 times more than I would eat on my own...of course my doctor thought I was lying. When I first thought that I might have issues with gluten I was over 400lbs...eating the same amount of food as my very fussy 4 year old ..add in some gluten induced anxiety and paranoia and going out for walks just wasn't going to happen..especially since my husband was always traveling and working....i.e. the fear of my babies being alone in their stroller outside because I dropped dead mid walk was enough to keep me in the house. I did try to find out why my weight didn't match my eating habits..they checked my thyroid...when that was deemed normal..I was offered Prozac, diet pills and surgery. I declined all. Since going gluten-free I have dropped 80 pounds in a year...I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat..I think my weight loss would have been greater if I could eat more...I struggle to hit 1200 calories a day..and I lose a chunk of weight every time I eliminate something else that bothers me...corn, rice, dairy, etc. I need to add in exercise..I am just afraid that I will fall into anorexia mode again(falling numbers on the scale are addicting)....I'm not sure I would survive that after all of the stress the weight loss and gains and gluten has had on my system....200 more pounds to go...seems like it will take forever.
  5. First Menstrual Period gluten-free, Feeling Aweful!

    I have been gluten-free for a year now an my periods have become heavier and recently lengthened from 5 days to 6 days..with 3 days being especially bad instead of just 1(joy!)..I just assumed it was an aging thing(turning 39 next month. I have not been able to use tampons for years...instant migraine, pains in my arms and chest ...can't use the new 'plasticky' sanitary pads which cause the very bad and painful reaction like my reaction to latex. Thanks for the info everybody!
  6. Gluten Free, Still Gaining Weight, Still Bloated

    After finally sticking to gluten free for 6 months I started having my suspicions about rice and corn....so I stopped eating them for a few weeks...then I ate rice and have a bad allergic reaction...throat swelled shut(scary) which explains a really bad reaction to zatarain's a year earlier that we blamed on some unknown spice/additive....once I cut out corn the weight started melting off...lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I have cut back dairy to just milk in my coffee(alternated with almond milk) although I am missing my greek yogurt)I eat eggs, salad veggies, sweet potatoes, broccoli, meat and fish, olive oil, almonds and cashews....and drink my coffee, some tea and ice water. I shoot for three ingredients or less if I eat something processed and if I see something I cannot pronounce I put it back on the shelf. I try to stick to sugar as a sweetener...Simply Heinz ketchup uses sugar instead of HFCS and tastes better too. It's a big pain in the butt to eat this way...but I feel so much better..it's so worth it.
  7. Celiac Is So Humiliating Sometimes

    I'd be curious to know how long she was dating her boyfriend....how many people noticeably 'show' at 1 month? And why was she so adamant that he ask you? Me thinks that she was either hoping for some sort of validation of her pregnancy timeline or she is just extremely catty.
  8. Tired Of Relatives In Denial About Celiac/gluten Problems

    My husband says that I am as bad as a reformed smoker that wants everyone else to quit. My husband also has a history of depression, has a beer gut without drinking beer, was told that he has 'soft teeth' and there was nothing they could do about the endless cavities, he is constantly in pain and what doesn't hurt is numb, constant constipation, constant stomach pain....he acknowledges that gluten-free has done wonders for me, but won't do it for himself...we also have 2 kids together where one is like a mini version of me on gluten and he feels that taking him off of gluten is a form of child abuse..ughhh. I cook gluten-free at the house...but hubby travels a lot and my son manages to get gluten foods from his father, his grandmother and school. I have been gluten-free since around Feb 2010...I started with a very basic diet of meat, eggs, yogurt,veggies and fruit...the gluten-free prepared foods make me sick. I rediscovered my rice cooker and rice cakes a few weeks ago and started feeling 'blah' not great, but not terribly bad either....last week I had a BAD reaction to a rice cake..my throat swelled, my sinuses went crazy...took some benadryl and my throat opened up... a lot..to the point where I realized that my throat had been swollen since about the time I started using my rice cooker. My husband who witnessed a similar reaction to a Zatarain's rice mix long before I went gluten-free..is now telling me that I can't possibly have issues with both gluten AND rice...that I must want to be allergic to everything...and threw out the 'hypochondriac' accusation.....as if I wanted to lose my ability to breathe because rice cakes are just 'that good'...he said I could 'will' my throat to close up if truly 'believed' I was allergic to rice. He's been picking fights lately(testing the waters of his mid-life crisis..Harley, biker friends, big pick-up truck, rather be with his friends on the weekends than spend time with the kids(6&8)) so I'm not so sure how much is disbelief, stubbornness or an attempt to get me to leave him.
  9. Think I Got Glutened By The Dog Food

    We are considering a raw diet for them if we cannot find a dry food....they are 2 English Mastiffs.. so raw would be cheaper than cans and dry...especially the food that they need to eat(our petstore LOVES us). I have a neighbor that would go off the deep end if she saw me flinging whole raw chickens and animal legs into the backyard for meals(their size freaks her out enough) and I am not feeding raw inside..I have enough kitchen issues already....lol.
  10. No I didn't eat it. And I do wash my hands about 50+ times a day...I am so sick of washing my hands... Recent additions to kitchen right before symptoms... Blue Diamond Almond Nut-thins Nutella Smucker's Apricot fruit spread Publix lightly salted rice cakes all three of these are gluten free although Publix has their little disclaimer that they can't guarantee it.... and new dog food Solid Gold beef and barley dry(the dogs were gluten free before they refused to eat the last brand)....I scoop it out with a large plastic cup and usually wash my hands right after I add the canned food for mix-ins...today I scooped and the kids added the canned food...dogs and kids blocked the sink and I think I forgot to get around to washing my hands. I also boiled regular pasta for the kids..and I have noticed that I have little mini rages/anxiety attacks when cooking pasta that go away shortly after I leave the kitchen...it makes no sense to react from steam...I even hold my breath...but I still react 99% of the time... Reactions are getting more severe as I go on...I really need to take the whole house gluten free...lots of resistance.
  11. Gas On My Date...why? ;)

    ...it is such a rare occurrence now that I am gluten free..I always freak out if I feel gassy and start thinking about what I ate and start checking label/rechecking allergen listings on websites. Every time I 'toot'...my husband accuses me of sneaking gluten....if only the worst of the reaction was gas... When I ingest gluten it's pain, it's panic,it's insane, there is raging, there are tears, there are migraines, I am doubled over with stabbing gut pains, the muscles across my rib cage hurt an then the pain starts shooting through my arms(that really freaks me out),my OCD kicks in, I itch, I want to run away, my ankles triple in size and I gain 15 pounds in an hour.....I have gotten really good at avoiding gluten...he has forgotten that things get far worse than a few gassy moments.
  12. New Nightmares....

    I had a dream that I walked into Subway..ordered a meatball sub and ate it. I haven't decided if it is a little sad that this has become my new bad dream...it has replaced the 'not knowing my work schedule' dreams which are funny since I am a SAHM and have been home for 8 years. I don't miss gluten food....I rarely ever feel hungry...which is a problem because I need to lose a lot of weight and my body is staying in starvation mode cause I forget to feed it ...I have been fighting with the same 10 pounds for 3 months now..I was hoping to be down 20-30 by now. I walked into a restaurant at Epcot that was supposedly gluten friendly and I saw bread all over the counters...freaked out and walked out and went home to eat...so I guess I suffer from a fear of bread lol.
  13. Alcoholic Beverages

    Margaritas can be festive and celiac friendly...my friends like having me at their house parties because my husband designates himself margarita mixer(to insure things stay gluten-free) and he makes some very good margaritas...
  14. Thank you OP for posting this...DH has been on an onion soup dip kick lately...I react but have been blaming it on everything but gluten(hormones, inconsiderate non dishwasher fixing husband, the heat, etc.) I read our boxes(regular... I do have the kosher labeled version sitting on my shelf being ignored for comparisons sake) and they definitely mention barley and the potential of cc in their facility. I was eating basic food for months and was losing weight ...since I start getting brave about things packaged in cardboard and plastic with more than 3 ingredients the weight loss stopped. Time to go back to just meat, eggs, fruit and veggies...
  15. I had a cheese burger with a gluten free roll at Pecos Bill's counter service restaurant at Walt Disney World back in Feb and had a very bad gluten reaction within 20 minutes...stomach pain, itching, rash, paranoia, anxiety, muscle pain, etc....I attributed it to a possible cross contamination on the grill since I had no issue with the Ener-g tapioca dinner rolls during the week at various other Disney restaurants. On July 4th we went to Liberty Inn at Epcot and I ordered the double cheese burger with no bun....the cashier remembered me from months ago ordering a gluten free brownie(and the act of congress that followed) and offered the gluten-free bun...so my husband orders it with the gluten-free bun despite my objections and I had another gluten reaction..not as bad as Feb...but enough where my husband and kids have been keeping their distance ever since to avoid my foul mood. So it has to be either the tapioca hamburger bun or the hamburger patty(I had gluten-free fries in Feb and prepackaged grapes this past weekend.) I verified the brand of rolls with Disney special diets department and they confirmed Ener-G Tapioca hamburger rolls at both restaurants during both visits...I have read the ingredient lists and I have no idea what could be causing the gluten-like reactions unless I am reacting to the yeast...which has always made the gluten reactions much worse. Anybody else still have bad reactions to the gluten-free bread products and what causes it so I know to avoid it in other things....thanks in advance.