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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Good morning, While I have not read your article, I too had read where some celiacs have a corn sensitivity. I thought "not me!!" I love corn way too much to have a sensitivity. Then a colleague at work suggested I go off corn as his wife has the same thing and said...most celiacs have a corn sensitivity. So, I reluctantly quit all corn products. All I can say is that since going off corn, I have found energy I once had as a child. The lethargy is slowly disappearing although I have gained 40lbs...that I need work off from this frustrating diet. While it makes me frustrated---I would much rather have the energy over the gluten symptoms. Good luck!
  2. I did not read the article, but I was diagnosed with celiac disease in January 2010. Since then, it has been a LONG process. I attribute some of my healing to probiotics. On top of probiotics that I buy from the health food store, I also take Phillips Colon Health which has helped significantly. In addition to healing the celiac disease---I have seen significant improvement in my allergies and asthma. I get allergy shots and take clartin everyday. Before all of this healthy eating/and probiotics---I had to carry a klenex box around. I'm still healing and just found out I have a corn sensitivity which is really upsetting. While there is less food I can eat---I'm finding some lost energy I haven't had in years! Good luck in your journey!
  3. I take probiotics every day---however, my allergist suggested I take Colon Health by Phillips which can be bought at CVS over the counter for $17.99. That has made an amazing difference for me. Good luck!
  4. ~~~finding peace~~~~

  5. Honestly, I don't intentionally cheat. It's not worth it. I live in a place where there is the BEST mexican food. Carne Asada tacos and Calde De Queso---both should be fine, but I believe some of the places I used to eat used some kind of marinade that had gluten. So, now, i just sit in my office and eat whatever food I bring. It's a bit depressing---but it is what it is...
  6. Dear Sandsurf Girl--- Thank you for your informative post. It has given me some great ideas. I wish ingredients were more obvious! It's so frustrating for my kids to shop with me as I have to read EVERYTHING! Ugh. I went to Ulta w/ the intent of getting Bare Minerals, but they said they had some people with sensitive skin come in and say that it bothered their skin. So, I bought Pur Minerals. I went from Este Lauder (used all the products religiously for 5 years) to using the Pur Minerals as a base. I really like it a lot. I just sweat it off sometimes (living to AZ). Este's Doubleware lasted forever. I wrote Este and realized I could still use some of the products, but the moisturizer had to go--which led me to Exuberance. Those two products are gluten-free, BUT, they are made with tools that used to have gluten---so I'm fuzzy on wear to draw the line. As far as hair products, my allergist suggested I get a dandruff shampoo which was offensive at first, but he said it would be helpful to use once per week. What about alcohol? Ever since I was dx, I stick to red wines. I had vodka the other night and it didn't seem to bother me. I'm just curious if you have any other research I can benefit from. Also, have you had any reactions to suntan lotion or sunscreen? Or do you have any recommendations? Thanks again for your recommendations. Now I need to see if my Origins perfume has gluten in it. I'll be very sad if it does---~A
  7. Hola, I've been on a gluten-free diet since January---the day I was diagnosed. It took 4 months for my yucky symptoms to go away. I still get contaminated from time to time when I'm out to lunch---Symptoms are severe bloating and lethargy. I am a full time professional, mother, wife, and graduate student. I took a medical leave of absence for a year because after 2 years of working (what felt like 3 full time jobs), I felt that I really needed more time to get my health back in order. I've become a great cook--but I still come home exhausted every day to the point of needing to rest. I thought I read somewhere that the healthier you get (with becoming gluten-free) the MORE sensitive you become. Is this true? For instance, I have patches on my face from sun exposure (which I've never had in my life). It takes for ever for scrapes and bruises to heal. When preparing green chilies for the grill last night, I started coughing from the vapors and even after washing my hands with soap, I rubbed my nose and cheeks which burned for two hours there after from the green Chile vapors. Seriously? I would love some feedback on this. I don't need any more sensitivities in my life. Also, the whole strand on make up, shampoo/conditioner was quite confusing. The last person who posted made more sense. So, if my eye shadow has wheat in it, it's probably safe to use because I don't lick my eyes. It's more of lipsticks. And the hair thing----I'm a product elitist---I'd like to know what higher end products do not have gluten in them. Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks, Alissa
  8. What sucks is that everybody is different. My symptoms started in December, and I had the big D for 4 months! My GI dr. said it would go away---but it took forever. Then I went to my primary Dr. who prescribed me Lomitil and Bental to help with the constant D. They helped. I'm finally mostly normal now on month 8 of being gluten-free--however, even after seeing a dietitian, I found I was still being contaminated from time to time. I know almost immediately when I've ingested something with gluten as i get really lethargic and bloated!!! I try not to eat out anymore. It's not worth it. Good luck with your journey
  9. I contacted Estee Lauder regarding the skincare and cosmetic line. I received a pretty comprehensive list below. However, I'm thinking that if it's probably safe to use their eye shadows as long as it doesn't get ingested. Thoughts? Dear, Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your interest in Est
  10. I personally had a reaction to the soy white mochas. My doctor had me go dairy free for 6 months after being diagnosed. I'm now slowly introducing dairy back into my diet with success. I suggest buying a coffee pot and making your own coffee with safe, organic products.
  11. Making Progress

    See the article I posted below regarding HFCS. It's the devil sadly...and I miss it terribly! Thanks for your encouraging words. It's nice to have my feelings validated.
  12. Making Progress

    http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1238858/celiac_and_grain_allergy_sufferers.html The article above explains that HFCS is derived from corn starch which may or may not have gluten in it. That is why I have been advised to stay away all together. I miss Heinz ketchup and candy....but,it's not worth it for me. This is a good topic. Thank you for your comments.
  13. Making Progress

    Hello fellow Celiacs, I was diagnosed in January and have led a gluten free diet since. I saw a dietitian and met with 2 GI doctors, found a new allergist, and continue to take steps to be healthy. Through my short journey, I've realized that there have been signs of the disease for years. It took chronic diarrhea to finally realize it. Going on a gluten-free diet wasn't difficult. It was an immediate lifestyle change. However, it wasn't until seeing my second GI doctor for a second opinion that I found that I needed to go Dairy Free for 6 months (to let my gut heal), and that there are more things that have gluten then we know---such as salad dressings; vinegar; marinates, sauces, etc. I've also found that places that claim to have a gluten-free menu don't necessarily have a gluten-free menu. Shanes Rib Shack claims to have a gluten-free menu; however, their BBQ sauce has high fructose corn syrup. HFCS has properties of gluten. HFCS is in a LOT of foods. I've done a great deal of traveling this summer and found that I would get contaminated constantly. Just when I start to feel better, I get contaminated and would be down and out for several days. To truly heal, I needed to be home where I could cook organically. Now three weeks after being back from my last trip, I am finally starting to feel better. I know I've been contaminated when I have loose BM's; feel lethargic and tired; and agitated. Right now, I'm doing a body cleanse that is gentle. I'm also forcing myself to get on a regimented diet with taking probiotics and calcium on a daily basis. I'm looking for a gluten-free vitamin if anyone has any recommendations. A problem I have is that while I eat healthy, I am holding onto extra weight. I would like to hear what others have to say about weight issues. I've cut back on potatoes and avocado. My problem is that I sometimes forget to eat, and wind up eating later then I should. I am also working on daily exercise which has been difficult to implement due to the lethargy. I am making progress! Feedback welcome.
  14. Thanks--Sadly, up until December 2009, this was not an issue for me. I just happen to notice a trend with Celiac and Gull Bladder which is why I shared...Looking for magic fix
  15. Greetings, I am looking for support from others who may have gone through similar experiences. I need to know if what I'm going through is normal. Any feedback is appreciated. I'm a 37 year old woman who was diagnosed (dx) w/ celiac disease Jan. 15, 2010. Upon receiving the dx, I changed my diet IMMEDIATELY. I've been experiencing loose stools since the beginning of December 2009, and I continue to have it today. My food moves through me within one hour. Everything I've read indicates that people start feeling better w/ more energy after changing their diet. I have yet to experience that 2 1/2 mo. later. In fact, I'm more lethargic each day. I got B12 shots several times over the past 6 months, but I need to lay down on a daily basis. I am a professional and I'm in graduate school working on my second graduate degree. I am also a mother and wife. Children were tested for Celiac, and thankfully both were negative. In addition to going gluten free, I cut out a great deal of sugar and soda. Additionally, I gained weight back in November and I continue to hold onto despite the new rabbit eating diet. I've called my dr. several times. He's sending me an order or more blood work to see if the Spru is decreasing. I do yoga when I can and would do it three times a week if my schedule allowed for it...but other duties call---sadly. I saw a nutritionist who gave me good idea's and helped me work through my sweet tooth addiction. Honestly, the loose stools and lethargy are driving me NUTS! I can handle the diet...but going to the bathroom 4-6 times a day and NEEDING a nap on a daily basis is not working for me. Additional health issues include: Life long allergies (environmental) Gull Bladder removed 9 years ago 3 sinus surgeries Ideas? Suggestions?