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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Instant as in potato flakes? Some brands add milk. Ask the person who made them what kind it was? When buying instant potatoes yourself, compare brands and take the one with the fewest ingredients. Some contain just potatoes and a few preservatives while others add flavoring or ingredients to make them "light and fluffy." However, CC is a likely possibility whenever you eat something made by someone else, whether the pot is used for other things, like Jestgar suggested, or the cook had gluten-y foods going at the same time and dropped some flour or dipped the wrong spoon by accident.
  2. I wasn't able to contact Udi's until today, but I agree about their unmatched customer service -- I received an email from customer service within an hour. Dear Bridget, Thank you so much for your interest and support in Udi
  3. Thank you for all your replies! This loaf is going in the garbage. It's always past its peak within a week anyway; if there's any left after that I usually nuke it for a bit to soften it up and then use it for french toast or something that covers the staleness. Rosetapper: Good suggestion. I'm going to call the company this morning. I love their products and this is the first time I've had any problems.
  4. I don't usually have a reason to check the expiration dates on my gluten-free bread because I never have it long enough to worry. But I've been cutting back and I have a 2-week old loaf of Udi's that's moved between the fridge and freezer a couple times. It doesn't smell quite right, but neither does my freezer, and there are some white spots on it, but I can't tell if they're mold or just the spots of flour that get more noticable when the bread is frozen. The trouble is... There's no expiration date stammped on the bag or the clip! I don't know if this loaf was just skipped over or if this is standard now on the new packaging. So I have two questions: 1) Has anyone else noticed a lack of expiration dates? and 2) How long is a gluten-free loaf safe to eat when stored in the fridge or freezer? I'm going to go out and buy a fresh loaf in any case, but I never really thought about the expiration date.
  5. Coffee

    This is the first I've heard of any black coffee containing gluten, but some instant flavored coffees do contain wheat, for example some flavors in the Maxwell House International tins. Whenever I buy anything flavored, I just make sure to read the label like I do with any other food.
  6. Mcdonald's

    Anything that processed shouldn't be marketed as 'edible.' With that said, I had a problem with the fries last year. I didn't have the full-on glutening symptoms - just a nasty stomach ache and I couldn't even think about food for a day or two after - but it was enough that I haven't ordered fries at any restaurant since.
  7. Xcel Energy Center St. Paul

    Side note: I just checked with the Liffey, an Irish pub in St. Paul across from the X. They have a full gluten-free menu including Bard's beer.
  8. I have tickets to see a Wild game with my family next month and am wondering if anyone knows of gluten-free food or beer offered there? I know Target Field and the Twins take good care of us, but I can't find anything about the X. We taking the shuttle from the Liffey though and I just read that they have a gluten-free flourless chocolate cake so at least I have that to look forward to alongwith a big ginger before the game.
  9. Sarcasm About Celiac

    I really don't understand why people can't look at it like other serious allergies. Peanuts get a lot of attention; everyone instantly puts away anything containing peanuts with little or no complaint when asked to by someone with a serious allergy. Peanut, animal, medication-allergies rarely get the eye roll, so why gluten?
  10. Sarcasm About Celiac

    One of my roommates has celiac in her family and is likely celiac herself, but she gives me the most trouble of any of my friends. She talks about going gluten-free like you would about not drinking soda or avoiding sweets. Every time I pass up a treat offered by someone who forgets I can't eat it, this roomie says something like, "What, are you scared? It's just a little." For her if the majority of the ingredients are gluten-free ("Barley's only one of the 20 ingredients") then I'm just being picky. I didn't find out until just last month that the celiacs in her family are the type who think the pain and illness is "worth a bite or two".
  11. I'll look into those. I just always liked being able to keep a bottle in the fridge on stand-by. But I guess I could handle scooping and shaking on occasion Thanks for your reply
  12. Beer ?

    I like the New Grist. If you were a fan of Leinie's before pre-gluten-free, this is probably as close as you'll come to a similar product. I used to buy Red Bridge because it was the cheapest on the shelves of the stores in my hometown, but then they bumped up the price about $1 and dropped New Grist by about the same... Haven't bought Red Bridge since.
  13. Heartburn As A Gluten Reaction

    Sounds more like reflux. I hit the Pepto hard. I don't advocate this, but I don't follow dosing instructions; I just swig straight from the bottle. Nothing knocks out my reflux, but ginger ale or sprite, white rice (dry with just a little salt for flavor) and Altoids usually help. Stick with a bland diet for a few days until the reflux/heartburn is gone.
  14. Oh great gurus of the Celiac board, I have yet to find a pre-mixed, bottled shake that is gluten, dairy AND soy free. If I relax my dairy and/or soy restrictions (I keep fairly loose restrictions now though I should be tighter) I can find one or two, but not if I want it free of all three. Any suggestions??? I know you guys must have something for me.
  15. I've had my share of injections... Never any problems, but it never hurts to mention Celiac to the doc.