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  1. gluten-free Restaurants In Las Vegas

    Just back from 4 days in Vegas and we had a great time We found the BEST Gluten Free pizza made from scratch at 'THE SAUCY TOMATO' restaurant, located at 3870 E. Flamingo Road Don't be put off because it's located in a mini mall, the pizza is fantastic and at $10 for a 10 inch pizza, we had a Hawaiian with tomatoes, believe me, you will thank me for this. Phil the owner is a great guy, he has a friend who was Celiac and decided to try to make them a better tasting pizza. Phil is very friendly and the pizza tastes just like regular pizza dough, not like the cardboard attempts we are so used to Please do yourself a favour and go check it out We also ate at the MORE Buffet in the Luxor, just ask to speak to a chef and they will 'walk you through' what you can have (LOTS by the way) and what to stay away from Also check out the OUTBACK Steakhouse 2 miles south of the strip towards the Las Vegas outlet mall...they have a gluten-free menu and we enjoyed a steak and lobster dinner which was really reasonably priced All of the hotels we visited were pretty good when you advised them you were on a gluten free diet. Don't let anyone hold you back from travelling and enjoying life...it only takes a few minutes to ask and in our experience, all of the chefs and servers we spoke to were only too happy to oblige Celiac Disease is a Blessing, head up and you'll be amazed at how much better life is when you embrace it and 'pay it forward' Good Luck & Bless you now, go and hit the slots ;-) Scotia
  2. Maui, Hawaii

    Aloha people...been a long time since I've posted, but I check in from time to time to read some of the forum threads. We have just returned from a great week in Maui. We stayed at a condo in south kihei, which was steps from Charley Young Beach (you can check the beach out on Google, as they have a LIVE webcam) We arrived at Kahului airport around 9pm and figured everything would be closed and we would have to wait until the morning to grab some breakfast/groceries...we inquired at the car rental where the Safeway was, and we found it easily as it was on our way itno town...and it's open 24 hours. We bought some corn pops (Gorilla pops) gluten free cereal...tasted good...and I don't do the sugary sweet cereal, but this was quite good in the mrning with yogurt and fruit. We stocked up on the usual, fruit, vegetab;es, juice etc as we ate breakfast in the condo before hitting the beach or going on day trips. We ate at the OUTBACK steakhouse...great staff, very helpful, they knew about gluten-free and Celiac...so I had a great NY steak, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies...cooked to perfection. The great thing was that it was in the same complex as Safeway so was very easy to find. Other options picking up groceries were FOODLAND, also Costco, Walmart, and K Mart for all your trinkets and Walmart had the best prices and selection for t shirts, macadamia nuts etc...if you're into that sort of thing. There are plenty of markets around Kihei and don't forget to have a coffee at Lava Java,and try their 'Donkey Balls' ;-) We orefer to do our own thing when it comes to cooking but when we were in restaurants we were pleasantly surprised to find most knew about Gluten intolerance etc. Maui Taco was good also, we had soft corn tacos...chicken and they hit the spot in Lahaina on one of our day trips. There's also a maui Taco in South Kihei. Someone asked where Down to earth Foods was, it's near the airport and easy to find. They have a website and you can do a mapquest for directions. That's what we did as well as take our GPS with us but we didn't have to use that. The maps provided were more than adequate. It's about 20 minutes drive to South Kihei from the airport. The highway is well lit and well signed...so give it a go, and enjoy your vacation. Totally relaxed when we arrived and got right into the Aloha spirit, we found the people friendly, and helpful wherever we went...hopefully you will too. Mahalo ;-)
  3. Hey Guys: If you're coming to Vancouver, check out the White Spot, they cater to Celiacs, and the one in Richmond Centre is especially nice. The manager and staff are great. He even made my food himself, when I told the waitress my Gluten Allergy. There's tons of places to shop or eat out here for us 'Chosen Ones' ;-) Check out Liv n Well on River Rd in Richmond to buy gluten-free foodstuffs. There's also the 5 Corners cafe who'll make you the best breakfast this side of the Rockies, in White Rock. Kelsey's Restaurants and the KEG and Milestones are others to try. The Red Curry Chicken Bowl (without the wheat wafer on top) is awesome. Save-On-Foods has 'Sharwoods' Chicken Korma sauce...again awesome, and cheaper than some of the other brands, as well as gluten-free SOy sauce by San-J. gluten-free Honey'd Corn Flakes...so you can stock up even if you're in a hotel for a week, you won't starve. Panne Rizzo is great but can be pricey, mind you, sometimes it's just good to eat a plate of lasagna which you know is gluten-free, and you didn't have to make a mess in your kitchen. Good Luck and Bon Apetit.
  4. Favorite Sports

    I teach kids Soccer, in our local community, and I used to teach kayaking. I still get out in my kayak whenever I can. I ride a mountain bike, but not off road anymore, and I enjoy teaching people how to paddle properly and commune with seals, eagles, and sea otters (if you're lucky) when you're out paddling in the local waters. No matter what sport it is, if you're into it, that's all that counts. Have a Great Summer. Enjoy everybody!!! Scotia
  5. Sports Drinks

    Hi Liatt: I drink POWERADE. Here in Canada, it's sold in LONDON DRUGS, and it's usually $1.69 a bottle...they have it on sale from time to time, for 99 cents, so I use grab it when it's on sale. It quenches your thirst good style. I happen to like it better than the fizzy drinks, or GATORADE. Maybe you could e mail them and ask where to buy it. Hope this helps. Regards. Scotia.
  6. I Made It!

    Stef: Just read this post...Great stuff. Good Luck with all your 'bouts' and remember...if you can kick celiac disease's ass, you can kick anyone's ass. What you know about your sports training can help you throughout your life as a celiac disease'er. I figure almost anything can be overcome, with the right attitude. It's not always been easy mind you, and as you know, the biggest rewards are usually found through hard work, and perseverance. Accomplishemtns, are measured in small steps. I know you're going to be successful with the National team and whatever you choose to do in life. Kick ass Girl!!! Scotia
  7. Scottish...My Mother probably had celiac disease, although undiagnosed. My Mum suffered for many yearsfrom stomach problems, fatigue, anemia and weight loss. I remember being told in 1996 that there were 4000 Celiacs registered in Canada out of about 30 Million people...so that was about 1 in 7,000. Now I believe the instance is a lot closer to our European counterparts. Regards Scotia
  8. Sick...no...warped...well...maybe... ;-) It's definately a 'test' of character, but it's not 'debilitating' unless you let it be. I'm sure most of us, having gone gluten-free, feel much better and 'healthier' than before. I still do all the things I used to enjoy, before I got 'sick'...I eat much healthier, and exercise when I feel like it. I also take naps when I feel tired too...don't be afraid to 'listen' to your body...only you know when it's out of kilter. I've also had my dark days ( when first diagnosed and had a few setbacks, when depression set in, and I thought "I can't deal with this!!!..." But you have to...and you do!!! I believe having a good attitdude, about most things, a lot of which, has to do with being diagnosed as a Celiac, and I think of it as a Blessing now, rather than a curse, will get you through. I can only speak for myself of course, and I hope and wish everyone on here the very best of health but it all starts...and ends with the individual. When's the l;ast time you went to the veggie market and picked up some fresh fruit, bananas, strawberries, kiwi fruit, anything you like, then came home made a fruit salad, and sat outside in the sunshine and 'enjoyed' the feel of ths sun on your skin as you ate your face off...gluten-free and Good for you...it's a start right...??? If you feel like being daring, throw some 'Haggen Dazs' or 'Breyers' Vanilla ice cream on top...there, now you've got it. Sick...Nah!!!... Go on, you can do it...put a smile on your face. Scotia
  9. Grrrr....

    At the 'risk' of being labelled sexist... Ian...you ARE the man... Great post. Karma works dude...Your 'ex' with her negative and judgmental attitude is getting what she deserves. Congrats and Good Luck with you EAF. I too was marreid for many years, now divorced but recently engaged to the Greatest, most understanding Girl in the World. My girl makes me gluten-free cookies, bread and cakes...she has taken to the gluten-free diet like a Champion and she loves the fact that it's a healthy diet. "Amen" Indeed Ian. Scotia
  10. Grrrr....

    I had someone ask me (repeatedly every time I saw them...) usually with a beer in their hand. "Are you still off the beer...???" I said "Yes..." "Oh, I couldn't do that...!!!" I felt like saying "OK Einstein...the alternative is...you get sick, perhaps go into anaphylactic shock...and eventually expire..." However, I just smiled knowingly and walked away. Needless to say I avoid people who don't 'get it'...or are 'seemingly' too stupid to remian in the gene pool. All my friends like my cooking, cookies etc, and when they find out it's gluten-free, they're amazed, as they figured it would be some weird tasting concoction, from the planet ZWEEBO...or wherever. They're more to be pitied, than scolded. Scotia
  11. hehe...other jobs...careers... Astronaut...more like Astro~NOT!!! Bartender...all that beer sloshing around, and breathing in the fumes...much as they smell like Nirvanna!!! Bakery/Deli I worked for an Airline for years, travelled a lot, before being diagnosed, then didn't travel on vacation, for about 7 years...due to me being scared 'witless'...for want of a better expression...of getting 'Glutened' away from home. My first trip after being diagnosed, and like I said, was 7 years later...was to the UK, where they had lots of gluten-free stuff for me to chow down on. Guess me being a Game Show Host, is also out of the question... Scotia Slightly off topic...I didn't realise that the Military was out for celiac disease'ers...I'd like to find out if we are allowed to give blood. I have always though we couldn't, or shouldn't...anybody know???
  12. The Fatigue...!

    Hi Guys/Gals...I went undiagnosed (as mnay celiac disease'ers do) went through the fatigue thing. My buddies first noticed something was wrong, when I couldn't keep up on bike rides. I used to be streets ahead (literally) of my buddies and they couldn't catch me, then one day while pedalling back from a 60 mile ride, I was lagging way behind...felt like I was going to flake out, and ended up getting off and resting for about half an hour, to regain some strength. My best friend came back and said..."Man, there's something worng with you...get checked out..." A week later I went in and told my doctor, there's something wrong with my body...(believe me, no one knows how you feel...or how your body is out of synch, more thant you yourself...) so he sent me for test, biopsy and lo and behold...I was told to go gluten-free, as I had been 'blessed' (my words) with having Celiac non tropical Sprue...Ooh! Sounds exciting..when's my flight leave... and pass the sunscreen...are there palm trees!!! Anyway, at one point when they checked my iron level they got a shock. Apparently, my hemogloben (I'm not into the technical details) was supposed to be somewhere between 20 and 25, which apparently, is normal. Mine was 5 !!!...I mean...come on...not even double figures...!!! You little red or white corpusles are just not trying hard enough!!! The doctors were astounded ( They both looked at each other, then me...and said..."I'm astounded!!!" hehe. It was so low...They put me on a course of iron pills...eh...(Thanks Doc!!!). All that did was constipate me and turn my poop black...(sorry if like me, you're very visual) ...again thanks Doc!! After that I went in for Intravenous iron...6 hours with the chemotherapy patients, now, if you think you've got problems, and need a 'wake up call'...go sit there amongst some real heroes, who are facing a real battle. Anyway, that helped me out...my iron levels went to normal and (Thank God) I've not needed to go in for anymore IV iron...that was about 8 years ago. It may be just another option, for some who may be having a hard time absorbing iron pills...which was the case for me. Anyway, another long drawn out post (sorry guys) but hope this helps. I was always involved in sports and very athletic, so my training 'ethic' was such that, I 'thought'... "I'm tired...I need to get some more exercise...get the blood coursing through my veains and oxygen into my blood." Wrongo... Young Jedi!!! What I was doing was, depleting what little reserves of energy I had...so in effect, I was running myself into the ground, and my immune system was open to any cold, flu, or whatever that would come along, and lay me out for a few weeks. Anyway, it does get better,I'm gluten-free, and loving it...had burgers last night...Kinnikinnick sandwich bread (AWESOME) and made my own burgers...gluten-free breadcrumbs as filler...Yum Yum. People have NO IDEA how that can lift your spirits, when you just want a deluxe cheeseburger, which of course the gen pop. take for granted... God Bless all of you who are going through the first stages of celiac disease, and feeling 'jaded'...Don't worry, it will pass, and you'll gain weight...and get back on track soon. Surround yourself with good, true, positive, friends, stay positive yourself ,and Good Luck with your 'journey' down the celiac disease pathway. Scotia Anyone who needs to vent ask questions can e mail me...if I'm able to help out, I will. jaggynettle@hotmail.com
  13. Adventures In Celiac World

    Not nearly as much, very few in fact, since I went on a totally gluten-free diet. I take very good care of myself diet-wise, so I won't get as sick as I used to be. Now, that was very tiring, painful, nauseating, and worrysome, to say the least. Funny enough, I don't 'visit' the bathroom, every day...every 4 or 5 days more like...I tend to drink quite a bit of water, so that probably helps, but it's better than the alternative...being deathly sick and low on energy all the time. gluten-free is definately the only way to go. I realise that some people might think we're getting a little 'close to the bone' with some of our 'revelations' or 'comments' but hey, if you're dealing with issues which the population don't have to...why 'sugar coat' it? We are dealing with this in a humourous yet dignified manner, in my humble opinion. The postings are to try and help anyone who has questions about the more difficult aspects of celiac disease. There...soap box stowed safely away ;-)
  14. Adventures In Celiac World

    HA HA HA...you made me laugh with all your exploits. I must admit, that since being diagnosed I've been 'ULTRA" careful and if I have any reservations about any ingredient I stay well clear of stuff. Unbelievable as it may sound, some of the big restaurants I've been inthroughout my travels have been gluten-free 'clueless' and I've had to go through the 'speech' and show them my Celiac info card which I carry everywhere. Anyway, one day I'd been driving for about 6 hours and going through a small town I decided I needed to eat something... I went into a Mom n Pop diner...the waitress comes over..."What's it to be Hon?' I asked her for a cheese omelette, hash browns and cooked tomatoes...I mentioned my gluten-free wheat allergy...and no bread, pepper, except peppercorns etc whatsover... She came back about 5 times...asked me if I was OK with butter...OK with corn oil...OK with this, and that...she was truly an Angel. And to top it off the cook came out and asked me how everything was, they seemed genuinely concerned that i didn't expire on their premises, and that everything was cooked just the way I liked. The small town folk are the greatest. True story...Downtown Vancouver (Big City...for those of you who think we run dog sleds into town up here...lol) I was 'thrown out' of a chain restaurant one night...(well, I was a bit of a troublemaker obviously)...imagine!...asking for a cheese omellete...!!! Couldn't I see they were busy!!! That was what the girl at the counter said... I asked (politely) to speak to the manager...as she 'clacked her gum, and walked away she said in that nasal whiny tone, that is so eveident among our young, ditzy, teenagers who are 'inconvenienced by our gall to come in and bother them by asking for something so exotic. (hint of sarcasm there...did you spot it???) ;-) "He won't help you..." (Big smile on her face...you see she was right, and holding all the cards on planet Burgerville...) Anyway she was right...sort of...the manager came up and said, "What's your problem...? Totally confrontational..."We're busy, and we don't have time to cater to 'special orders..." I said (again with just a hint of sarcasm) "Oh, I'm sorry, I was under the mistaken impression that this was a restaurant..." Much yelling coming from the guy in charge now...he'd be great in the event of an emergency!!! My friends got involved and asked... "Do you have a pot...? A pan...? eggs...? The manager was now beet red and glowering at my large friends...he knew where this line of questioning was going. My friend continued... " Cheese... tomatoes and hash browns...??? "Well, make him an omellete!!!" This had become a huge deal for everyone copncerend...except me...I was just sitting quietly as the 'battle' raged on around me...hehe I caught his attention in between him yelling at my friends, and asked for his name. He said..."I can do better than that!!!" And he threw a business card at me, hitting me in the face...(is this guy just perfect for customer service or what?) I stood up and we left with the guy yelling at us to "Get out! And don't ever come back...!!!" Well, I left it for a couple of weeks and then phoned their HQ, and asked them to send me a copy of their customer service policy... When the HR lady asked why I wanted that...strange request no doubt...I related the tale to her. She was absolutely flabbergasted...and she said she'd investigate, gave mne her direct line etc, and said if you don't hear from me within 24 hours...call me...please. I got a call the following day to say they were extremely sorry and I guess this wasn't the first complaint about this guy. Anway, the upshot was...a gift certicate...a nice letter by way of apology and the knowledge that... "By the way...you'll be happy to know that that particualr person, is no longer a part of our organization. I guess someone must have called in to complain about my treatment at his hands. You see, my friend produces a lot of big shows in town and uses (well used to) that place for ordering burgers for the roadies, crew etc...plus people were astounded that the guy lost it so easily...must have been a bad day at the office for him, but he shouldn't have messed with a Celiac!!! hehe Bon Appettito. Scotia
  15. DQ: Hope your biopsy went well. It's a piece of cake...Gluten Free cake of course. ;-) Scotia