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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I posted a few weeks back about my son who is 8. To summarize he doesn't have a clear cut diagnosis because his last GI dr several years ago did not run a celiac panel until after he was gluten free. He did test positive on IgG anti gliadin test. So anyway we saw a new GI yesterday that was GREAT. Unfortunately my son is still vomiting even though we are very very strict about his gluten-free diet. New GI thinks its dairy so he wants us to go dairy free( cows milk, whey and casein) as well for a month so we can reset his gut. He also wants us to up his probiotics and start with papaya enzymes. He thinks he's having an immune reaction to milk protein. The other thing is he said his thyroid is off and his TSH is high. I know this all too well because I have auto immune thyroid disease. His Ped ran the labs back in may when I took him in because he was complaining of being tired. He's 8, he shouldn't be tired all of the time! Of course the ped said everything was fine and I didn't ask to see the labs. The GI yesterday mentioned it because I had his records faxed over. So do any of your kiddos have thyroid issues as well? What's the course of treatment? I refuse to put him on T4 after the nightmare I encountered with synthroid and levoxyl. Right now the GI wants him to heal his gut and eat foods that support the thyroid (brazil nuts, seaweed,etc) Thanks for your help!
  2. So I've been keeping a food journal and he's gotten sick 2x this week. Once after a PB sandwich on gluten-free bread and once after eating gluten-free tater tots? We were on vacation during the PB sandwich incident so I'm wondering if its cross contamination? We were staying in a condo and I toasted the bread in the condos toaster. Stupid I know but didn't think about it until later. We have his GI appt with the new dr tomorrow.
  3. I didn't even realize that there was genetic testing for celiac. Interesting! I'm just infuriated with his mismanagement of care and wish I knew then what I now know.
  4. My son is 8 years old. When he was 5 he started having major GI issues. He was having severe reflux, vomiting that eventually became daily and severe constipation and "D". At first his symptoms were sporadic so we just assumed he had a virus, he was in preschool after all! When his symptoms became more frequent and a few trips to the ER for abdo pain we sought out a GI ped specialist. It took us several months to get in but when we did they did a barium X-ray, bravo test for reflux and an endoscopy but NO bloodwork. At the time I knew nothing about celiac disease so didn't push for the blood test. The GI team at the children's hospital said he had reflux (duh!) and sent us on our way and put him on Prevacid. Meanwhile he's still getting very sick!!! There were times that he would just lie on the bathroom floor wailing in pain, it was so awful. So after the useless GI appt we had a followup appt with his allergist. I was telling him all that was going on and he did an IGG gliadin antibody test which came back abnormal and elevated. He said to go on a gluten-free diet immediately. I went back to the GI with this information (it took a few months again to get in) and they said well that test means nothing and ran a celiac panel. Well of course it came back negative because he had been gluten-free for several months! She then had the gall to tell me that I didn't know what I was getting myself into putting him in a gluten-free diet and that it was a lifelong commitment. GAH! So here we are three years later without being under the care of a GI dr. We follow an extremely strict gluten-free diet and he's doing great! He plays sports, does excellent in school and is happy. He does however still get sick every once in awhile (probably at least 2x/month) either with reflux or vomiting. What bothers me is that we don't have a true dx for him. His symptoms(for the most part) stopped within a week of going gluten-free. An additional note he was BF'd as a baby but when we started him on formula he would get so so sick! When I switched him to the rice based formula he was much much better (no wheat in it) We have an appt with a new GI peds guy that came highly recommended so maybe he can help. Do you think I should bother? I'm just frustrated that I didn't know more at the time! Thanks for reading.....
  5. I started seeing a new ND for my hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's) and she mentioned that I ought to get the IgG food intolerance testing done since my 5 year old daughter was off the charts for dairy and eggs. I got my results a few weeks ago and holy moly I reacted to TWENTY-FIVE foods! My worst were all the gluten products (oats, rye, barley, wheat, etc). I also was high for diary, eggs and yeast. So I started a total elimination diet of yeast, eggs, dairy and gluten. After 10 days I was down nine pounds and feeling much better. Last week I had HALF of a vegan cookie (so no eggs or dairy) and within an hour I was sick as a dog, and it lasted 3 hours. It gradually wore off and I felt fine. Well yesterday I had about 1 Tbsp of dairy creamer in my coffee. I thought since it was such a small amount I'd been fine...um no. I got sick again! This time it was a lot more immediate and lasted MUCH longer (a day and a half). I'm just feeling better this afternoon. So I'm not sure if I need to proceed with testing for Celiac disease? I've always had low iron/ferritin levels (my ferritin has been as low as FIVE) and B 12 levels. I'm on B12 shots and take an RX for iron that I take with Vit. C. I know that the testing may not be accurate if I've been eating gluten free for awhile. Correct? My ND wants me to do testing for leaky gut but not sure it's even necessary. I know what foods bother me now, so I don't eat them. My diet consists of fruit, veggies, fish, chicken, pork and beef. So I just don't know what to do next? I feel like if I have a Celiac disease dx then people will take things more seriously. Thanks for all your help! I look forward to learning my way around this forum. Yogatwinmom