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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pet Food

    My dog suddenly started having seizures, and he is a little over 5 years old. My vet suggested one thing I could try is to put him on a grain free diet. I am currently feeding him Taste of the Wild grain free food. I am not sure where you are located but here we have several foods that offer a grain free option. I have noticed improvements in him, especially with itchy ears and such. I guess I have a dog that cannot tolerate gluten either, go figure!
  2. Yes, I get that too from time to time. Like most things, I have never gotten an explanation for it. Maybe it is some kind of release because I seem to feel better for a little while after it happens!
  3. Reaction To Rice?

    I think corn is the only thing I do not react to!
  4. Reaction To Rice?

    Maybe so...I, too have insulin resistance, and never even thought of that! Need to watch my starches!!!
  5. Glutened

    Yes, for me it's usually the next day. Sometimes it takes two. I get depressed and lethargic. If a headache is going to come, it is the first to show up--usually within hours! What's so weird about this "disease" is how different and similiar it is for everybody!
  6. Reaction To Rice?

    Thank you for the great info. The IgG test is confusing, because as I stated there were high levels of antibodies for foods I hardly ever eat, so what does that mean? I agree with the cortisol levels too since I have been sleeping very well until the overabundance of rice. I guess I just need to cut it out for a while!
  7. Reaction To Rice?

    I have a health practioner who ordered it for me. It's a blood test by Genova Diagnostics. I got the blood draw at a local lab. It tests IgG levels, as well as total IgE. So it is looking for sensitivites, not really allergies. There's a difference in the antibodies affected. Pretty interesting test.
  8. Hello lovely people. I think I am having a problem with rice or/ rice based flours. When I eat a pretty good amount of either, it seems that I have trouble sleeping, tossing and turning and my mind races all night. My mind tends to get busy at times, but this was much worse. I had a food sensitivity test done several months ago and rice was very high, but my doctor thought it was just because I ate it frequently. So many of the gluten free foods are rice based it's hard to avoid. I do not know if I agree with that because there were other foods that tested high and some I never ate at all. So why would that pertain to rice and not the other foods? Does anyone else react this way to rice, and if so, is it whole rice or the rice flours??
  9. Muscle Soreness/fatigue

    Could be, my muscles ache and I get very tired if I eat gluten and sometimes when I don't. I am not sure where it comes from. I know this doesn't help you except to know there are others that experience this.
  10. Thoughts?

    Have you gone back to your doctor with these issues?? Sounds like someone has done a good job finding different food sensitivites, etc. Maybe there is more to be done? Have you had something like H Pylori checked?
  11. Yes, I feel drunk too when this happens to me, really punch drunk....I get lethargic, depressed, anxious and cannot even begin to think straight!!!
  12. Update On My Dizziness

    For me, it is there all the time, just in varying degrees--I do not believe I have been glutened. I have been complaining about it for years. I feel I need to get my vitamin levels checked, but do not know which ones are accurate and the best type to get???
  13. Hi all. I posted awhile back on some dizziness issues I have been having. I went to see an ENT to have my ears checked or to rule out issues with my jaws since I do occassional grind my teeth. Well, according to the doctor it is not my jaws causing the prob lem and he does not classify my symptom as "dizziness". It is more of an unsteadiness. He had me close my eyes and I could not stand up without leaning over, nor could I stand and lift one leg with my eyes closed! That is so not like me. I have had good balance my whole life with the exception of the last 2 years. He asked me if I knew what could be wrong with me??? I told him, no that's why I came to you!!! After looking into it,I wonder if this could be more of an ataxia problem, and if so, why is it getting worse when I have been gluten free for a year and a half??? Just thought I would update in case anyone is experiencing the same thing!!!
  14. Emotional Revolutions

    Oh, yes. I had severe anxiety and panic attacks and all other kinds of physical and emotional issues that no doctor could explain. Lost my job, couldn't drive, all types of things I have lost. Now, after a year and a half everything is getting better-more on an even keel. I still have to deal with the flashbacks and torments of what the anxiety has done to me on a daily basis for so long, but I am getting better. I have noticed, too, that here lately I don't take much crap and am getting back to that "tough" independent chick I used to be. I still am having some ataxia, dizziness issues to my getting back to driving is limited, but I am on my way!! Stupifying isn't it?
  15. Bone Pain

    I get bone pain in my hips and shoulders. It comes and goes, too. Not sure if it is some sort of vitamin deficiency or accidentally got cc'd. Going to my GI doc to see what he says. Good luck to you!