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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I got sick the other night and can only think of two things that were different. For one I ate a new brand of rice that I had not eaten before. I can't find anything in it that I know is not gluten-free. The other thing was that I took a clarinex to help with allergy symptoms. It worked! I took it right after I ate supper and about 1 hour later, BOOM it hit. I know that Claritin is on the gluten-free list, but I can not find Clarinex. Anyone have any info? Thanks
  2. Links

    Is anyone using the Clan Thompson list of gluten-free foods. I bought it and downloaded it on my Palm. It is new to me but seems like it would be helpful. Has anyone else dealt with them? Is there a way we could help them build the database they have? It is really a neat idea. No they are not paying me. I purchased it and the data base really seems to be a great idea. Thanks
  3. Obstacles Faced By Celiacs

    I think you have gotten a good idea of the obstecles. I would like to reitterate that the bathroom think really is a problem. I am much better now. I don't have the emergency rush as I did before the gluten-free diet. But getting that thru to my head has been difficult at best. If not careful, I will find my self panicing for no reason. I never had a panic attack until this stuff hit and bathrooms were not always available. It is really a problem. Eating out is also a great concern. I use to eat out all the time. Now when I do it is usually to the places I belive I can eat and not get sick. I try new places very seldom. Oh and if I know they have a nasty restroom, forget them - I may need it and no since in taking the risk. thanks
  4. I get to feeling bad pretty quickly. Probably within an hour or two. It usually last a few days, say 3 days. I ate some gluten-free Taco's, mix was gluten-free, Sat a week ago and I was sick until Wed night of that week. I had a gut ache (I stopped calling them stomach aches, it's not my stomach) until Wed night. I did not eat much, only very safe stuff (baked potato) until Wed night and then I was hungry. Needless to say, I do not want any more taco meat any time soon. I also take pepto bismol, it seems to help some. It may only help my head, but that is often a problem too. I am interested in the enzymes. Do they have any negative side effects? Thanks
  5. How is my signature. Lots going on in our little town with Celiac. Local Endo really testing folks. Local Drug store is putting in a new line from the gluten-free Pantry. Maybe we want have to wait on the snail mail delivery. Thanks for everyones help. It is good to know we are not alone in this. God Bless
  6. I feel that I need to be taking some vitamins, but I'm not sure what is gluten-free. I do not like to take a lot of medicine or other stuff so I'm thinking maybe a multi vitamin. What is the minimum that should be taken and what is the best brand for a sensitive gut? Any help would be appreciated!! JEAP
  7. The pain can be sever at times and really just cause you to have to shut down for a period of several hours. Lately though I have had just a fairly constant ache in my gut. It's not like an upset stomach, I don't really have to go to the bathroom (though I often do a couple of times a day). But the ache just will not go away. I ate some gluten-free Taco's w/ Fritos Saturday (it is Thur night) and I think it took a toil. I do not know why. Maybe it is first spicy thing I have had or I don't know? Anyway, I am also very tired lately. I started back to the gym. Working out with cardio stuff about 25 minutes and light weights about 20 minutes. I have been very sleepy and tired. I'm 6 mths end to being gluten-free, is this normal? Love to hear from you guys. Thanks JEAP
  8. Tostitos are the best for me. Frito's seem to greasy or something, they do not settle well with me. What are you guys saying about regular Lay's potato chips? Are they causing problems? I eat them fairly regularly and can't remember them causing a problem, but I sure do not want to take a chance. Thanks JEAP
  9. All I have read talks about a 6 month period before you really begin to heal. I felt a lot different in 2 weeks, but really began feeling better in about 3 months. I believe that your system will dictate. Just stay away from gluten even if it is the communion wafer. I have skipped communion at our church. I sat thru it, took a wafer, and a cup of juice but just did not eat or drink it. I believe the Lord understands. JEAP
  10. Sugar Is Out

    In my original post I was talking about granulated sugar. I do not eat much if any powdered sugar. I have tried gluten-free pecan pie, gluten-free brownies and some other stuff with granulated sugar in it and it upsets my whole system. I guess I should not be complaining, I don't have the craving any more. At times though I would like to have something sweet. I have substituted honey on gluten-free bread and that seems to help. Well maybe it is just my system and it is a blessing to keep the weight off. Thanks for any and all input. JEAP
  11. I have had "stomach" problems all of my life. I'm 44 now and I've been diagnosed for 6 months. The diet has really helped, now I'm trying to get my head to understand that I don't have to panic any more. Getting over the panic process is going slower than I would like. I have found I am not tolerating sugar. I use to be a real sugar guy. Just give me something chocolate with sugar in it and I was happy. Now even the gluten-free stuff with sugar in it makes me sick, like a pecan pie. This is a bummer, but I have been able to keep the weight off by not eating it. Is anyone else having this problem? Can I look for this to get better in time?
  12. I have been on a gluten-free diet for about 6 months. I am doing much better on it. The diarreah (sp) is much better. I can go places again and not have a major problem, except when my head/mind gets me in trouble. I use to really love sweets and I know there are a lot of things out there to cook gluten-free that have sugar (ie Pecan Pie). But i really get sick when I eat sugar. Is this normal? Does this go away once the intestines heal? Is anyone else having this struggle? Thanks