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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all the information guys! Yeah, I think my friend is full of c**p when she said the thing about the deep fryer making it okay. It's her boyfriend who is my friend as well who has celiac. She doesn't, but I think she trys to stay knowledgeable for his sake because he doesn't always think before he eats. Him and I both had negative blood test results but positive reaction to diet, as well as our mom's both have cut out gluten due to constant stomach issues. My doctor never had much information so I go based off of what Mike has learnt and I learn myself by doing my own research. Knowing this, I'll be careful going forward. Just because I don't react to those hot dogs they may still do damage which is good to know.
  2. I've been living gluten free since April, and I feel great. I have lost 30 pounds, I feel good. I have had some issues where I've reacted and had diarrhea, this was from usually cross contamination or having something that I would assume was gluten free but wasn't. I believe mine is more of an intolerance then a alergy because my reactions are nothing compared to my friends. My friend is a Celiac, who will vomit and get diarrhea at the same time. He also reacts to whiskey when I don't. We have both eaten hot dogs that say they have wheat on them on the label, but neither of us react. We didn't know about the wheat at the time either. We can also get away with eating chicken strips without reactions (for the most part). A friend of mine says it has something to do with the deep fry process, but I'm not sure I believe that as I haven't heard that elsewhere. I'm curious if anyone has any information on this? Why do some foods have no reaction with us?
  3. I don't have a copy of it, he showed it to me on his computer. I know that my white blood cells and platlates were a point above what is considered normal. Everything else was within the normal range according to him. Edit: I just realized I didn't state what tests were done. I hate to sound ignorant, I tried to educate myself with the use of this site as much as I could before I went, but all I know is he did a liver screening, and checked my lga, and there was something else. Sorry for not giving all the info!
  4. And you have to worry about a new employee using the wrong fryer. Trust me, I've worked at DQ and Starbucks and I've seen so many new employees cross contaminate or break rules about food safe standards. I've literally stood there, told them what to do, then watched them do the opposite. It depends on whether you feel comfortable with that store.
  5. Welcome! I'm in the same boat as you. I just got negative blood test results yesterday but I've already started noticing a reduction in my symptoms since going gluten free. It's only been two weeks for me and each day I feel a little bit better. Watch out with the steak, if they put soy sauce on it make sure it's gluten free. That was the hardest for me, finding gluten free soy sauce. Brags amino acids was recommended to me by a couple people and tastes just the same for half the price. I've seen others on here just live off of rice and chicken and adding basic veggies to their diet slowly while their stomach heals, but that's up to you and it depends I guess on your discomfort. If I'm wrong about anything here, please correct me, I'm new at this too and I'm just going by what I've read.
  6. Hey guys, just giving an update and wondering about these results. I got my blood test results yesterday, I tested unlikely for Celiac but I've had such a positive response to being gluten free for two weeks now. I did have a high white blood cell and platlate count though. I've made my decision to go gluten free and I'm sticking with it because for the first time in years I don't have a puffy huge stomach by the end of every day, I don't get intense stomach pains, and my diarhea has stopped. I'm considering cutting out dairy as well as I notice that will still upset my stomach too. Talking to my mom and finding out she has cut out most wheat products and dairy as well and she is feeling better gives me more positive hope as well. I was wondering what you guys thought about my results? He wants me to get more blood tests due to the high white blood cell count, though he said it was just a point higher than normal and I may have been sick that day.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I didn't go gluten free until the day of my blood tests. I was feeling anxious about feeling better now that I think I know what it is. It's been almost two weeks now since I've gone gluten free, and the doctor said he would only call if there was something actually on the test other than normal results. Well, I got a call Saturday and they wanted me to come in. It is drop in Saturday and Sunday so I opted for an actual appointment during the week. I'm meeting with the same doctor tomorrow at 4:40. I'm nervous though. They took three vials and he ordered a lot of tests. I'm gracious for how thorough it seems he was. He was quite sympathetic though was not very thorough on dietary information which I've gotten mostly from this site. Wish me luck!
  8. is finding out about her blood tests tomorrow.

  9. Hey I live in Burnaby and was thinking of trying them as well. I've heard good things about them personally, they seem like a good place. Before I went gluten free I had their whole wheat crust and the gut rot was enough to tell me I had to go gluten free. That's when we saw they offered that option as well, so next time we order I'll try them out.
  10. Just Venting a Bit

    I hope you feel better! How long do the symptoms usually last if you accidentally digest gluten? Hopefully not too long. I understand how you feel about the board, this has been great for me to have somewhere I can go to learn more and ask for help.
  11. Fiber

    I was wondering about this as well. I'm not having diarhea anymore but now I'm constipated as my body adjusts. When I was on atkins, they recommended mixing some flax with water and drinking that, or sprinkling it over your greens. I haven't done this yet. I am eating lots of greens and fruit but that isn't making it budge right now. Maybe I should kick it up a notch.
  12. That's how my body feels right now. I feel like I'm full all the time, but also starving, and when I eat nothing satisfies it but I'm not hungry either so I feel all mixed up. I think it's my body wondering where the gluten is. So I'm eating small meals often. Right now I've got some tuna ontop of a salad with italian salad dressing.
  13. I'm starting to feel pretty confident I can manage this lifestyle. I also feel I may finally lose that stubborn weight that kept piling on the last few years. I'm now preplanning my meals, something I could never do when I was just trying to diet. I find it much easier keeping a food journal because I do have the read the labels now. For breakfast I had two hard boiled eggs, a bit of frozen fruit with cottage cheese on top and sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon. For a snack I can have 7 rice crackers, and for lunch I have already made myself rice with veggies and chicken breast mixed in. That's 642 calories so far. Dinner tonight with family for Easter. I'm concerned about what will be available and how to find out what I can have. With the help of my fiance we should be able to figure it out together. I see many talking about cross contamination and I almost feel as if I'm avoiding that subject right now. I think I want to concentrate on eating gluten free for the most part. But then part of me is concerned I may not get better if I'm not careful about it. Thanks for all your input so far!
  14. Wow, you guys have given me lots of good ideas. I'm someone who has relied on wheat heavily as part of my diet, and only recently have I been learning to meal plan so I eat better. Now that I'm cutting out gluten completely it's a whole new world. I have a lot of rice, so I bought some frozen veggies I can cook with the rice, ie peppers and snap peas and spinach. I also got some frozen fruit that I can have for a snack. We bought a big box of boneless chicken breasts that I can grill or cook and take to work to eat. I also got some fresh vegtables. Finding gluten free bread was tough, I managed to find it in the freezer section. The wheat free soy sauce was 8 bucks for a tiny bottle so that was depressing. I couldn't justify it so I'll keep looking. I feel like I'm not scrambling to make this work now, you guys have given me some good ideas I've already stocked up on rice cakes and crackers for snacking too, and I have plenty of soup.
  15. The visit was good, he understood what I was saying and ordered some tests. I said I want to go gluten way either way, because I had felt so good when I had done atkins and he was supportive. I have one friend I can talk to about bodily functions, it's awesome And yeah, I get the pregnant belly too. It's depressing when you wake up and it's normal and then by the end of the day it's distended and in pain.