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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi KL I have been reading your posts, what you describe is me exactly. Im going to have the food intolerance testing done, and go from there. I think its a combination of things that Im eating.
  2. wow, Im wondering the same thing, I was thinking on using the York tests. Did they offer a full blood test like the one your suggesting?
  3. Nausea

    Hi mel, i was just reading over these posts, and I have a lot of the symptoms, especially the rapid heart beat. I dont know why that happens, but I have been figuring out that I get dizzy every day, the rapid heart beat, upset stomach, all of it. I am also desperite. I am so tired of being sick. I want to try the enzymes as well, but, does anyone have any specific help for the dizziness? I just hate having to deal with it, and miss out on life...
  4. hi all, can you tell me what the enzymes are probiotics are called? I have heard of them, but I dont really know what to ask for. My main symptom is dizzyness and fatigue...
  5. Hi, I havent tried that one, but have tried the hycomine (spelling?) I think thats the kind that you can dissolve under the tongue, but that didnt work well for me. I had best luck with dicyclomine, I have been taking it now for 16 years, but for the past 5 years I dont need to take it everyday, only when symptoms act up real bad. maybe you could ask your doctor about it? oh, and it was for my IBS...
  6. Hi, I read about these blood tests I can take to see if Im intolerant to gluten, but does anybody know what its called? I wonder, if I can just go to a lab myself, and have it done, does anyone know?
  7. Hi Mikedj, I just read these posts, and what caught my eye was all the symptoms, just like me. I thought I was crazy, but sometimes my pee smelled like sugar smacks, the one with the frog, is that because of gluten? weird.. and, what is the blood test I can ask my doctor for, is it one that checks for intolerance? I was just confused because I thought that the only thing available was the stool tests from Dr Fines web site, so Im just checking.... thanks...
  8. Hi Heather! I think Im your long lost twin! Everything you described, sounds like me. I even went to an allergist, who said Im allergic to eggs, some weeds, pollen, stuff like that. I have tried, only for about one week so far, to eat much less gluten, and I feel better already. Im just trying hard to read food lables, so its still a learning process. I too am lactose intolerant. My allergy test came back that Im not allergic to milk, but, i know Im intolerant just by how I feel after I eat dairy. The hard part for me is now Im trying to see if there is any tests I should take to see what foods Im intolerant too, because as sick as I have been for all these years, if its something as easy as just knowing what not to eat, Ill do it. Please keep us posted on how you feel, good luck
  9. what a small world! what high school? I have a 16 yr old that goes to Millenium...
  10. Hello! Glad to hear your feeling better. Could you please tell me about the york test? I have heard about them, but I went to an allergy doctor, who gave me the skin prick tests, and said if Im allergic, it will show on these tests. I asked him about blood tests, and he said they arent reliable, how do I know what to believe? Just wondering if someone can help me with advice... thanks..
  11. I agree, Im in Phoenix, and just learning about gluten intolerance, do you know of any good doctors?
  12. Hi all! Boy Ruth, sounds familiar. I cant believe I went through every kind of miserable, invasive, test at the mayo, but they didnt even breath a word of gluten sensitivity. Im trying to save for the stool test, but, you know how life goes. Im going to try the diet, just hope it doesnt take too long for me to feel results. Im having a hard time at the store finding food gluten free, I dont know what to do! well, the search goes on...
  13. hi, I have noticed that there is two main labs, enterolabs, they have the stool tests, and then I see there is York lab, and I think they have some kind of blood tests, for food allergy and gluten sensitivity, since money is sparingly, I wonder which way I should go, or shoud I just try a gluten elimination diet?
  14. thanks for the links! I will check them out here in a bit...I live in the west valley, in Buckeye, have you already been diagnosed?
  15. hello again, that is a very good question, on why the doctors wont accept that as a diagnosis, its all very confusing. If I try the diet first, because not sure if Ill be able to afford the stool test, how soon should I notice any difference?