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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hopeful - Thanks. Good things to remember. Maggie - Yes, I am sensitive to soy (though I have a probably soy based estrogen patch which works great and causes no problems). Janice - I think you are maybe clearing up a mystery for me, though I don't know all the facts. (One thing we can be sure of. Those little white wafers don't look anything like the bread at the Last Supper or like what was in Goshen.) It would seem odd that the Lord would mention bread so often in the Word, even telling people to eat unleavened bread at Pesach/Passover, if wheat is so harmful. But hybrid wheat and so on, that makes sense. People so often want to mess with the original food we were given, thinking they have a better idea, when really they do not.
  2. Thanks Debby. I will hang in there. Going gluten free helped me feel better, but then going only raw (except skim milk and nonfat yogurt) has made me feel reeeeally, better - so don't worry, I will definitely "hang in there."
  3. CT - Really. There is sooo much junk food out there and it can be too easy to fall into the trap of eating it. Plus, for me a big problem was social pressure, especially at the holidays, with people saying, "Oh just have one" or "Just have a few more. It's the holidays!" How much easier to reply, "Gee, it looks great, but I have this problem with gluten..."
  4. Hi Maggie - Thanks. I have been thinking about maybe having a rice cracker, too, in a very small amount. Don't remember what I read about rice crackers that was bad, but there was some concern about them, and I have definitely noticed in the past that they make me tired, one of the first symptoms for me of allergic reaction. But I guess it's not as bad as wheat. I will give up the wheat as everyone is suggesting. Why take a chance?
  5. Hello - I just want to say - call me crazy but - I'm actually glad to find out I am gluten intolerant! This is because I have had a weakness for junk food I guess. And it is hard to find junk food that does not have gluten in it. I am now being much more health conscious in my diet and I suspect this holds true for people with gluten problems in general, unlike most in the world out there.
  6. Most ice cream more full of additives than most anything. When I used to eat it in the past I would feel tired afterwards and it definitely didn't help the A.D.D. Also, regular ice cream has all that milk fat. Non organic milk fat collects all those toxins from the grass and in the environments of the cows in general. Correlated to breast cancer, seriously.
  7. Thank you Jeap, MST & Mela - That is encouraging, actually, to know it takes awhile to get the full effects. Just FYI to anyone who is interested, I am not at all sure after research, actually, that "breaking bread" refers to just bread. It was apparently a term for sharing a meal in general with other believers. Of course in the standard Church - which actually I do not belong to anyway, as I am Messianic, but there are no congregations in this area so I have to do "home" Church - that's all that there is, bread and grape juice/or wine. I am mostly interested in the whole issue of the bread from the point of view of Passover/Pesach and the use of unleavened bread then. But from what everyone is saying, I am going to forgoe the matzos. I agree that if we give up the bread of whatever kind, He does understand. He wants us healthy!
  8. Lovegrov - Okay, I'm sure the Lord will understand if I abstain. Thanks. Mysuicidalturtle - First, I certainly hope your little terrapin is feeling better! I will have to check out gluten free Communion crackers. Thanks. But does anyone out there know how long it takes to detox, please?
  9. Hello - I began to suspect I have gluten intolerance, or at least an allergy to wheat products, and gave up gluten as of last Tuesday. Right away I noticed that a mild, but irritating, case of hemorrhoids cleared up. Then I also noticed that the A.D.D., which I was diagnosed with as an adult, seemed way less troublesome. A quick check on the net verified that gluten intolerance can lead to problems with A.D.D. which probably most readers here already know. Though I gave up gluten last Tuesday, I also gave up all additives, sugar, and have gone all raw except for some frozen veggies and homogenized skim milk and skim yogurt. (Don't eat nonorganic milk products as the milkfat is loaded with toxins from grass cows eat and so on - very correlated to breast cancer from what I heard an expert speaker say.) However, the real problems I gave up all these things for have not yet gone away. The first one was a burning sensation in my knees when kneeling to get up off the floor or when anything much pressed against my knees, which I assumed might be a type of arthritis pain. The second problem was just an annoying sense of tiredness and heaviness that would come over me periodically at least once per day. I will be talking to my doctor about all this, but still am doing to detox, whatever she says (She is very sympathetic to any natural solutions that work.) The knee pain and tiredness seem somewhat less but I am wondering - How long does it take to detox? Also, does it really hurt to have just one little bit of bread for Communion each week? One last thing - in trying to go raw I am actually eating my brown rice raw, too. I just sprinkle some of the flour into nonfat yogurt and add blueberries. It's a little grainy but palatable. Just in case anyone knows of any recipes that use raw brown rice flour, sure would appreciate hearing about them. (It seems the IP6 in brown rice, which is very detoxifying and anti cancer is much more present in raw rice than in cooked rice/bran etc.?) Thanks very much for any help.