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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Family Friendly gluten-free In Washington,dc

    Check out the Gallery Place/Chinatown area, which isn't far from where you will be. It won't be hard to find places to eat! Ella's Pizza http://www.ellaspizza.com/ Matchbox Pizza http://www.matchboxchinatown.com/ Chipotle Red Velvet Cupcakes http://redvelvetcupcakery.com/ Capital Grille http://www.thecapitalgrille.com/about/main.asp Check out the DC Metro Celiac Organization's website for a list of restaurants. Their list includes all of the DC area (VA/DC/MD) so you'll have to scroll through for DC specific restaurants. http://dcceliacs.typepad.com/washington_dc_celiac_supp/gluten-free-dining-out.html
  2. Dating Frustration

    I think you two need to have a real heart-to-heart conversation about your diagnosis. This is lifelong for you and is not some phase. you need to explain this to him. it sounds like to me he just doesn't care. I understand this is overwhelming for you and him and it takes time to learn but it doesn't sound like he's trying to help you or understand. Unfortunately, being gluten free adds an extra "bump" in the world of dating (but it doesn't have to be! i.e. finding a place that has gluten-free pizza that you can eat). I was in your situation in my last relationship. We dated for 1.5 years- only 5 of those months I was gluten free officially. He was around me when I was at my worst before diagnosis. When I was diagnosed he pretty much had an argument with me telling me I was being too paranoid and that I should "live" my life without restrictions. Not once did he try to read about celiac on his own or ask me questions about it to try to understand what I was going through. He didn't show me that he cared and I didn't trust him. Now, I am in a relationship with a different person and it has been wonderful. From our first date I told him about being gluten free and we talk about it openly. He "gets" the whole food intolerance thing and I fully trust that he will always look out for me. He checks with me when he is unsure about an ingredient and he is fully willing to eat gluten free food when he is at my place. When we go out to eat we find a place that has options for me. From the beginning I have told him that I understand that it is difficult/a sacrifice for him as well and to let me know if something comes up that bothers him. If you really like this guy then give him one more chance but honestly I would move on. Your health is your number one priority right now and you should not have to sacrifice this! This is the time that you need to focus on getting healthier and not be stressed out because he doesn't "get" it.
  3. Washington, Dc

    It is called Red Velvet Cupcakery. Also, Cake Love, is another cupcake place that has gluten-free cupcakes. Cake Love's vegan cupcakes are also gluten-free (the icing part is vegan but the cake is gluten-free). There is going to be a gluten-free bakery opening up in Alexandria (Del Ray). http://happytartbakery.com/index.html I don't think it has opened yet though.
  4. Maggianos?

    maggiano's can definitely do gluten free but i'm not sure about the dairy free part. the chef comes out to your table so you'll be able to discuss everything with him/her.
  5. New Guy Here, Any Beginners Advice

    everything the others have said... also, the best thing that you can be eating now is whole foods that are naturally gluten free- fruits, veggies, meats . stay away from the processed gluten-free stuff for a while. even though they are gluten free you may still 'react' because your intestines aren't healed yet (i know i did).
  6. Typical Time?

    i agree, it depends. for me personally, i felt some relief in the first week or so. before going gluten-free i was so exhausted i couldn't do anything....this was the first thing that changed for me. after a few weeks the inflammation and soreness that i constantly felt in my intestines started to go away. i would say i really finally felt like i was 'healed' maybe after 8 months or so. the bruising and some fatigue kept happening and i found out a couple of months ago that i needed to take iron supplements. now a year out, i do feel like i've healed and have been verrrrry lucky (knock on wood). i have only had 'bad' reactions a couple of times since being diagnosed. i sometimes will feel nauseous and i think that might be one of my cross contamination symptoms. i'm still trying to figure all that out. on a side note: my mom finally got a blood test done (she was negative- i didn't show up positive on any tests). my dad mentioned it to his doctor and the doc's response was 'oh she's young and you're older. you'd have vomiting if you had it'. i told my mom they needed to see a different doctor! this guy needs some NEWER education!
  7. we know that kraft foods clearly mark their products. i found this on their site that shows an example of the labeling and thought it might be of use for people. http://www.kraftrecipes.com/healthy-living-ideas/articles/food-allergies/glutenfreefoods.aspx
  8. Energy & Recovery Drinks

    muscle milk is gluten free. i just bought some protein powder to make some shakes and haven't had a problems with it.
  9. bare minerals make up is a little more expensive than cover girl, etc but they are gluten-free and they last quite a while. i have used their foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadows and mascara without any problems.
  10. CVS- Iron 65 USP MG (325 MG Ferrous Sulfate) tablets are safe. On the label it says 'no yeast, wheat, gluten, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, sugar, preservatives, soy, artificial flavor, salt.
  11. thanks for the responses. guess i'll be throwing out the last few i have. it's so hard for me to pinpoint what bothers me but i'm thinking it was those. i had one for dinner the other night and then lunch yesterday. i feel better today but i definitely had some of the intestinal symptoms that i used to get with gluten...a bad stomach ache where it feels like someone is squeezing my intestines nonstop. back to re-evaluating everything i eat!
  12. Just curious- has anyone had a problem with Food for Life Brown Rice wraps? I'm assuming they are made on shared equipment or the same facility based on all of their non-gluten free products... something made me sick last night and these are the only questionable thing that can be causing it or dairy is becoming a problem for me (after 1 year gluten-free).
  13. i posted the other week about constantly bruising and really sensitive thighs. i went back to the doctor last week and she tested my thyroid, v-d, v-b12, and iron levels. everything was normal except she wants me to start taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate. i need to call the office though because i'm not sure how long i'm supposed to take the supplements. anyone know of brands that are gluten free? also, i've been told constipation is a side effect- any suggestions for easing that? thanks!
  14. Cocoa Pebbles!

    does the box say 'gluten free' on the front? i looked at giant tonight but didn't see anything labeled. it actually said 'may contain wheat' so i'm assuming it was an old box still...
  15. Almost 1 Year gluten-free

    went to the doctor on tuesday and had some bloodwork done...results aren't in yet. she was really nice and took the time to understand my (and family) history and why i was there to see her. she is running the iron tests, vitamin d, i think thyroid, and one other i can't remember. she also said that if tests come back normal for my iron that she may send me to a hematologist because i am contently bruising...i even have a bruise from where the needle was! i also have a LOT of blood clotting history in the family so she seemed extra sensitive to that. she thinks that it could also be that, even though i have had luck with my gluten-free diet relieving previous problems, that maybe i'm just not getting enough nutrients in general. it dawned on me that maybe i'm still getting traces of gluten some how in products that are considered gluten-free OR i'm dealing with another intolerance (maybe dairy). i feel fatigued again and have been struggling to get out of bed during the week. my stomach overall feels fine, which was a problem before, but i'm starting to notice other symptoms that i never really took into account. i have been trying to figure out how sensitive i am especially with cross contamination when eating out. i do know that when i eat at a restaurant that has specified gluten free meals i usually feel ok vs. no specified meals on the menu and they have to talk to the chef, etc. last night i ate out and the waitress asked the kitchen, etc. they have a bartender who eats gluten-free and she was telling me things that he regularly eats and has been ok. afterwards, i had ice cream. major cramping in my ribs/stomach, thought i would have to go straight to the bathroom but i ended up not having to. today, my entire body hurts. my thighs are super sensitive and every single joint in my body hurts, although my stomach feels fine. guess these are my cross contamination and/or possible new intolerance symptoms i'm dealing with now. i never imagined that i was THAT sensitive. it amazes me how much has changed in the last year and how just the littlest things can trigger symptoms in my body!