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  1. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    Thanks, Mushroom! You've been a huge help already, as well as a comfort. Yes, I have been a very avid lable reader for many years. I also research everything thoroughly on the Internet and in books. There just seems so much to research all at once now, so it's extremely overwhelming. What do you use for hair products? Do you have to research every single ingredient to know if it has gluten or is there a list published somewhere to tell if ingredients in hair and skin products contain gluten? I haven't been able to find much on that yet. What do you use for a moisturizer? Do I need to be concerned with laundry and cleaning products too? Can hand soap contain gluten?
  2. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    Bubba's mom, thank you so much for the encouragement and the hugs. SOOOO appreciated!!!! Thank you for the tips. Will do the Google search -- thank you!
  3. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    Thank you, Mushroom. I've never been a pancake person -- I've always loved french toast. I am excited to check out the websites. Thank you very much! Oh -- I've tasted Daiya cheese -- I can have goat dairy in moderation -- it was a low intolerance (had close to 50 low intolerances, so don't have to give up any of them, otherwise my doctor said there would be nothing at all for me to eat). I was wondering today if I could maybe melt goat cheddar in a pan with some rice milk and use it to make mac and cheese with brown rice pasta. I have no idea how to make cheese sauce from scratch, but plan to check it out on the Internet this weekend. Then maybe I could have one comfort food.
  4. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    Thank you, Mushroom. Pollyanna is one of my favorite movies! I just showed it to the 5-yr-old I take care of last week. Chex cereal is not an option for me because it is not organic. Don't want to risk any GMOs. I don't think that would facilitate healing for me. I like coconut ice cream as a once-in-a-while treat, but Whole Foods discontinued the one with the healthier ingredients, which made me very sad. Now it makes me even sadder. I'm having trouble finding a healthy salad dressing. My doctor said the one I'm using has gluten. I haven't been able to find a good recipe that would taste good without garlic. My former doctor wanted me to only use olive oil and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, but I don't like it without garlic. My new doctor said I can use apple cider or balsamic vinegar. Have been looking for a good recipe but haven't found one yet. I would also enjoy some type of a tahini dressing recipe if I could find one that's healthy. Unfortunately overpowering food cravings over the past 10 and a half years have caused me to eat a lot of things I shouldn't have, and now that I understand what is going on with my health I want to try to eat as healthy as possible to heal as quickly and completely as possible. I also need to lose another 28 pounds. I gained a lot of weight with so many people dying on me. Eating has been healthy again this past year with the exception of last month and the first two weeks of this month when I crashed -- mine and my dad's birthday, the anniversary of his terminal cancer diagnosis, holidays with no family to call, and this month the anniversary of his death -- well, it was too much and the pizza, mac and cheese, cheese cake, chocolate pudding and dark chocolate bars at Trader Joe's all offered warm and cold creamy comfort. In the past week I already lost the 5 pounds I gained back -- happy for that! But I really need to eat as healthy as possible from now on, though at the moment it feels like it's killing me. Cocoa also came in as a moderate intolerance but my doctor said I could keep that for now as long as I stopped everything else, but I discovered this past week that that was one of the things making me feel so sick. Devastating! That was my second strongest addiction next to dairy. Hard to believe anyone can truly survive without chocolate, but I'm going to have to learn if I don't want to keep feeling like I have a stomach virus every day. Chocolate immediately calms me whenever I become too stressed. The new food limitations have removed all of my comfort foods. Grieving with no comfort foods, plus actually grieving the comfort foods, is extremely difficult. I feel like I'm falling apart. Right now I would love several slices of bread with melted butter! Hmmm.... I think I digressed from my original thought. Sorry! It's hard with no one to talk to. Normally I would tell all this to my best friend out in CA, but since she's dying in hospice right now that won't be happening anymore. I thought I was going to lose my mind watching the 3-yr-old eat his mac and cheese today. I finally had to turn away, but I could still smell it. How long did it take you to stop missing all the different foods? Or do you still miss them? How long until the cravings go away? They're tormenting!
  5. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    Notme, thank you for the tips and encuragement! I don't think I am going trough any type of withdrawl -- the symptoms you describe I have all the time. My hot flashses and night sweats aren't from gluten, just old-fashioned menopause. Unfortunately I can't have Udis bread because it has egg. Haven't found much "grab and go" stuff I can have. I think the closest I've found so far is an apple. Not sure there is much I can bring with me on the trip in the way of food. Everything I eat is perishable. Hadn't thought about not being able to buy anything at the airport. Thankfully I don't wear make-up or lipstick so I don't have to worry about that. I only use Badger lip balm, which I think is ok but haven't checked yet, and a moisturizer which has to go because it has almond oil in it. I haven't checked my shampoo and conditioner yet. Thank you for letting me know about the cooking forum. I will look for it and check it out.
  6. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    I do need a hug, MeToo -- thank you!!! I can't have almonds anymore but I've been using rice milk for years and love it. Thank you so much for the hug and the encouragement!!! So appreciated!!!
  7. Sad, Overwhelmed, Discouraged.....

    Thank you, Mushroom! Yes, that is the first thing I told myself -- that I wasn't going to think about what I can't have but instead focus on what I can have, and I made a list. Then I threw out, or bagged to donate to food pantry, everything I can no longer have. Then I went to Whole Foods and had a mini-meltdown, which I didn't anticipate. Then I went home and started researching on the Internet and have felt like I'm under a blanket of black clouds ever since. So much for my initial plan of be brave and just do it. I'm trying so hard to keep a positive attitude and not be discouraged, but so far I'm not doing very well. I keep wishing my parents were here to talk to. They went way too young. I still need them! When not being overcome by food cravings, an organic, whole-foods diet is basically what I've strived for the past 20 years. If I was told I could no longer have artificial sweeteners, sugar, cookies, pastries, soda, etc., there would be no problem. I don't eat those anyway. Being told I can't have healthy foods is very difficult. Unless I'm on a dairy binge, I usually shop the perimeter of the store. I love most veggies (including rainbow chard and red, purple or lacinto kale), extra-virgin olive oil (everywhere I used to use butter years ago, except toast), chicken, turkey, grass-fed beef, wild Alaskan salmon, lamb, brown basmati rice, most beans, goat butter/cheeses/kefir, berries, lots of different fruits, (love to make smoothies with the kefir), oatmeal (with chopped, fresh apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and rice milk), whole-grain high-fiber cereals like Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran or Trader Joe's Raisin Bran Clusters, Rice Milk (used Rice Dream for almost 20 years and just switched to a whole brown rice milk a few months ago), Amy's No-cheese pizza (with added spinach and goat chevre on top), coconut oil/butter/ice cream.... a lot of healthy things. Things I LOVE I can now no longer have are: sprouted whole-grain toast w/goat butter dipped in the creamy, warm yolk of pastured eggs, spinach and chevre omelets, sprouted whole-grain toast with flaxseed oil and maple syrup, Amy's Lentil Soup, kale saut
  8. Hi everyone -- I'm new here, practicaly speaking. I joined here 2 years ago when my brother was diagnosed with celiac. I was trying to find out what sort of testing I needed. But I didn't have a doctor, money, or insurance, so I put the testing off. Last month when I was in for another bacterial infection my optometrist told me she wanted me to go off gluten because new studies have shown a link between chronic allergy-eyes and gluten. I knew I couldn't go off gluten until I was tested, so I picked a new naturopath who spcializes in this area and put all the tests on a credit card. So now now I'm back here, 2 years later, because I am feeling very sad and overwhelmed and isolated right now, with no one to talk to about my new diagnosis and challenges, and so thought I might look here for a little encouragement. In addition to dairy and soy intolerances, I just found out 6 days ago that I also have very high pineapple, egg and gluten intolerances. I do not have my celiac results yet. Additionally, the test shows I have moderate intolerances to bananas, beef, shrimp, beets, garlic, kidney beans, green peas, string beans, cocoa, blueberries, and almonds, all of which I am to stay away from for the next year or so. My naturopath said all the test results show I have a very leaky gut as a result of the gluten, as well as adrenal exhaustion. She said after my gut heals (probably a year or longer), some of the intolerances might go away, but probably not the gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, or pineapple (the last two were off the chart!). Knowing about the leaky gut and how serious the situation is has helped me to finally stand up to all of the food cravings. I'm crawling out of my skin though! I have had health issues since early childhood which have gotten progressively worse over the years. I am now 48 and haven't felt well or slept well for many years. I really want to get healthy and feel well, and am happy to finally know gluten is a problem (whether or not I have full celiac), but I am feeling really sad and depressed and overwhelmed trying to figure out what to eat, as well as mourning the loss of all I can never have again. Garlic is very hard right now but I know it's probably temporary. It eliminates hummus, salsa, pasta sauce, good-tasting soup, good-tasting salad dressing, and good-tasting lots of other things. I didn't realize how many things it's in or how many things I add it to for flavor or how many things I don't like without it. I always took it for granted. The hardest things to let go of are my sprouted whole-grain bread, eggs (including spinach omelets), pizza, mac and cheese, oatmeal, whole-grain toast with flax seed oil and maple syrup, and especially my sandwiches in the summer of sprouted whole-grain bread with either hummus, fresh basil and tomatoes -- or hummus, spinach and fresh roasted red peppers. Unfortunately the gluten-dairy-soy-egg-free versions of these things are unedible and have pretty unhealthy ingredients, so I will have to learn to live without them. Gluten-free rock/cardboard so-called bread will never be able to replace my delicious (I thought healthy)organic sprouted seven-whole-grain bread! In the past several years I have lost both of my parents, one of my doctors, and a number of relatives and friends to cancer, and my best friend in hospice right now. My dad is gone 6 years this month and my mom died 2 years ago. This feels like another death. What's wrong with me? Is it normal to feel so sad about this? Both times I went to Whole Foods this week I walked up and down the isles and cried, and wondered what to eat, what was contaminated and what wasn't? Sometimes I cry during the day because the more I read to try and figure out what I need to avoid to stay away from gluten the more overwhelmed I get. (I haven't even tackled egg or anything else yet in the fine details of ingredient lists.) It seems like everything either has gluten or is cross contaminated. I love oatmeal in the winter but can't find any that is both gluten-free and organic, just one or the other. With everything I have to give up it's not fair to lose something I love because of cross-contamination. Plus, knowing I have to investigate and call about all of my toiletry items, cleaning supplies, supplements, spices, and everything else I use and own is so completely overwhelming -- not to mention all of the work to clean the kitchen of gluten! How am I ever going to get well when it seems like everything has gluten and it is impossible to avoid? Battling the dairy intolerance over the years has been hard, but this is even harder. And now soy, dairy, gluten and eggs? How can I discover and avoid it all? Did anyone else feel this overwhelmed at first? Or this sad? It feels like I'm in an impossible situation -- is there really any way to be free of all gluten (or anything else)? I'm supposed to visit my former employers cross-country in May to see the little girl I nannied until they moved a year and a half ago. They are going to fly me out once a year to see her. I took care of her from the time she was a new-born until she was 5 and I miss her desperately, but now I will be a very high-maintenance guest and they probably won't want me to come anymore. I'll be too much of a hassle, especially since they eat-out or tak-out almost every meal. There won't be any pans, cooking utensils, grill, etc. for me to cook for myself on. The whole kitchen will be highly contaminated with gluten everywhere and all of their cooking things are non-stick and plastic, which I've read you can't get gluten out of. If I go, and skip the diet changes to make life easier and more pleasant, how much longer will it take my gut to heal? Even if I want to stick to the diet, it won't really be possible there, between the house and all the resteraunts. I can't bear to not go see my little Caroline! Socially in general is going to be hard. I already have to bring my own food to social gatherings because of the dairy. This will make me even more different, and people seem to understand and receive this even less. Work is also difficult because I nanny for two little boys -- lots of stickers and glue and play-do, a kitchen full of gluten, a taster-oven and oven full of gluten, a car full of gluten from their snacks which they are not very neat with -- agaian, overwhelming! I desperately want to get better and be healthy, especially since I'm getting older, but at the same time I feel devastated. Where do I go from here? I've already spent so many hours searching for hidden sources of gluten and organic alternatives with little results so far and I'm exhausted. How do I find all the information I need to avoid gluten and find suitable, organic replacements for shampoos and supplements and everything else? (Never mind all of the other hidden intolerances I have to research yet.) I feel so lost and discouraged. Has anyone else felt this way and does it ever get better? I'm drowning!!!!
  9. Praise God! I'm thankful everything went well. Yes, God is good! Blessings, Elizabeth
  10. I am praying for you, Bev. God is good and I am asking Him to give you peace and your doctors wisdom and to work all things out for His glory. Blessing in Christ Jesus, Elizabeth
  11. Why Does Gluten-Free "diet"

    Thank you so much, everyone! You have all helped to give me a much better understanding of everything and I am much appreciative!
  12. Why Does Gluten-Free "diet"

    My understanding from the reading I've done is that it's gluten in your instestinal tract that causes problems. Why are some people saying skin contact can cause problems? I haven't read that. That makes the whole thing even more overwhelming and seem like there is really no possiblity of avoiding all gluten. How can anyone live their life without constant fear and paranoia of gluten then?
  13. Please Help Me With Menstrual And Ab Pain!

    Many years ago I started seeing a Naturopath and he told me to take Jamaican Dogwood and Cramp Bark tinctures for menstrual cramps because Tylenol and Midol didn't help and I was taking way too much Advil. These two herbs are for smooth muscle contractions, which menstrual cramps are, and they work wonderfully! Have been using them for about 19 years now. I get them from the health food store. The brand I use is Herb Pharm. If there is a Naturopath in your area you might want to consider paying him or her a visit.
  14. From Carelessness To Paranoia?

    I'm careful about produce coatings, and those grown with straw. What produce is grown with straw?
  15. From Carelessness To Paranoia?

    and cc was glutening me, Sorry, I'm not catching on -- what is cc?