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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Formal Diagnosis: Is It Worth It?

    Not a peripheral neuropathy issue.. that would be too simple... I am trying to get a hold of my blood tests.. I had a celiac panel done in april ... never heard anything so i figured it was negative.. might be a good idea to make sure... it wouldn't be the first time something was over looked..
  2. Is this the same testing they do with the blood tests from the dr... I see it is avaliable to canadains .. anyone used this test???
  3. I am seriously considering having the enterolab testing.. they tell me it is my reasonablity to have the samples couriered to them in two days....I live near Toronto ... what companies express post this kind of stuff and doesn't it have to stay frozen... help please
  4. Formal Diagnosis: Is It Worth It?

    I am pondering this question myself... and part of me thinks a OFFICIAL DX is not worth the pain and torture to get it My blood panel was negative... I have some very unexplained health issues (muscle weakness) and I can't help but wonder if it is celiac causes it.. and all my drs are in Diagnosis mode.... its so confusing...
  5. Getting Dx?

    I am not dxed with Celiac.. My bloodwork was negative. SO I went gluten free on my own.. with some success... I have a long history of weird skin rashes.. one doctor thought I had Shingles.. but it kept coming back.. Long story short.. last week I was glutened several times and on Sat night at a party... I woke up this morning and my skin was itching like crazy and I got one of my rashes on my thigh near my butt... I looked up DH and looked at the pictures and it looks so much like it I am wondering Can you get a dx of Celiac from a skin biopsy if it shows DH????
  6. Sorry think this is a bit of an old thread.... but I am currently waiting to be seen by a MG specialist.. they don't think I have MG but need to rule out another condition that affects the neuromuscular junction as well.. the type of weakness is alittle more consistent as well as progressive.. (Lambert Eaton Syndrome) which even rarer the MG and even harder to dx.... I have been battling progressive weakness for over five yrs now... I have had dozens of emgs ( that show alittle something??!!) but my muscle biopsy was normal I even had the neuromuscular specialist at the time try and send me to a shrink.. he thought it was all in my head.... I have been tested for everything under the sun even had the blood work for celiac and lyme disease you name it.. I do have Sjogrens Syndrome but they tell me that my weakness isn't related. Low and behold I was at the Canadian conference for sjogrens and they were talking about a connection between Sjogrens and Celiac..I have been told I have IBS and when I was given steriods my problems went away.. so I thought I had more of a IBD... but after coming to this site I have learned that steroids help celiac and the blood testing isn't reliable I took it upon myself to go gluten free because I have always known I cant tolerate wheat well.. and I have gotten alot better but there is so much wheat contamination in this house I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle... My weakness seemed to stablize a bit but not for long maybe the little bits of gluten I am getting.... My dilemna is... do I go back to eating gluten to get tested via biopsy.. do I really need to know that this is the issue... If I am strict enough with the diet will my weakness get better..... I had read somewhere that Celiac itself will cause severe weakness... in rare cases... I guess I am looking for a miracle.. I can't understand how someone could have such severe weakness and the drs cant figure it out... its nice to know I am not alone here but still the whole thing is fustruating
  7. I 'never ate alot of junk food.. but I am seriously missing pizza. and after a very bad experience with pizza pizza.. I am afaird to try it again. I live northwest of toronto... what is there out there .. and what about the frozen ones at the store.... I would even be willing to try and make my own.. I have a bread maker but have yet to use it... I need help anyone???
  8. Rice Works Chips

    I have reacted to these chips as well.. I don't have a celiac dx but definetly notice that gluten free makes a huge difference for me.... I also have an issue with soy too.. maybe thats why
  9. I just had the test done in Ontario.. it is only covered if it is done in a hospital setting... Otherwise the outpatient lab costs 105 where I had it done.. its been a week and I still haven't heard back
  10. Just thought I would pass this info on If you have the celiac testing done in an Ontario Hospital It is free.. If you have it done in an OUT LAB the cost is 105 dollars,, I was told by my immunologist the testing was around 200.... so instead of waiting months to be seen by a dr in the hospital I pd for the testing myself.. I am so anxious to go gluten free.. I feel so awful... No matter what the tests results say Does anyone know how long it takes to get results... thanks kellykay
  11. New

    Thanks for the reply.. I did eat gluten yesterday.. and paying for it this morning... I called the drs and am goin to have the test this week.... so lets see what happens
  12. Hi there... well I have known for many yrs that I am sensitive to wheat..but have lived in denial about it... I recently went to the sjogrens society of canadas patient conference and there was alot of talk about the connection btwn Sjogrens and Celiac.. well I have Sjogrens ...and a very long history of GI problems... I used to complain about it all the time.. and any time I have ended up in the ER it was because of abdominal pain and severe constipation or Diarrhea.. I have always got the old.. you have irritable bowel... Lately I have had a really awful time with my "stomach issues" as we call them. I have osteopenia at 45... vit d deficiency and a history of iron deficiency.. I am goin to go to my allergist and ask her to test for me Celiacs.. I haven't had any gluten in the last day... will being off it a couple of days make a difference in the antibody test... I feel so awful I am afaird to eat much of anything.. and feeling better right now seems more important...but I would like to know if its an issue.... thanks