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  1. From everything I've read, any product from General Mills that states "Gluten Free" is made in a dedicated facility. "grabbed from the general mills' website" General Mills products labeled as “gluten free” do not contain wheat, rye, barley, oats or crossbred hybrid of these grains. They also do not contain ingredients that are derived from these grains. Gluten-free labeled products undergo extensive evaluation. Production locations also assure that no cross-contact can occur during manufacturing and/or packaging. Gluten-free products also are routinely analyzed to assure ongoing compliance with the FDA proposed regulation for “gluten free.” All General Mills products labeled as “gluten free” meet or exceed this standard. This is why Kix are not labled gluten free, though they contain no gluten. PS, my son and husband have eaten cinnamon chex for over a year with no reactions.
  2. The problem is... arguing that Mcdonalds fries are safer for a celiac is crazy! Maybe if she brought him some gluten free pizza then I'd buy it. I could care less if the fries were from another restaurant so much as McDonalds fries are (typically) not gluten free. As a mom with a son who has Celiac Disease it is my JOB to plan ahead, always. Even when it's a pain in my butt
  3. It's against the health code in many states to allow any outside food to be brought into a restaurant. They aren't being unreasonable, they are covering their own butt. My husband has several "work lunches" he has to deal with. He always find something to eat.. or he eats before hand. Fruit, Veggies, Baked Potatoes.. typically safe. Therefore you cannot use "ADA" claim. There is always something at a restaurant you can eat... even if its something as simple as orange. They don't have to provide you something you LIKE or WANT. I am actually kind of put off that people would use the disability claim in this situation. --->And also, really... a mom brought in mcdonalds french fries to a pizza palor and used the excuse their child was celiac?? Total bs. (I didnt read the article, just going from what people have posted)
  4. I got this email yesterday and thought I should share: May 23, 2012 Dear Katie, Thank you for visiting our web site. Please find below Heinz products that do not contain gluten ingredients: Heinz Ketchup All sizes Ketchup All sizes No Salt Added All sizes One Carb All sizes Reduced Sugar All sizes Organic All sizes Balsamic 411000 Hot & Spicy Flavored Tomato Ketchup Baked Beans 1300000450 Heinz Vegetarian Baked Beans 1300050540 Heinz Homestyle Molasses & Pork 1300050500 Heinz Homestyle Brown Sugar 1300050510 Heinz Homestyle Maple Flavor 1300050570 Heinz Homestyle Chipotle BBQ style Classico 4112907700 Fire Roasted Tomato & Garlic 4112907762 Four Cheese 4112907702 Italian Sausage 4112907722 Mushroom and Ripe Olives 4112907782 Roasted Garlic 4112907742 Spicy Red Pepper 4112907775 Spicy Tomato & Pesto 4112907776 Spinach and Cheese 4112907755 Sun Dried Tomato 4112907712 Tomato & Basil 4112927445 Cabernet Marinara 4112907785 Triple Mushroom 4112907790 Traditional Sweet Basil 4112907705 Vodka Sauce 4112963110 Spicy Tomato Basil 4112963210 Carmelized Onion & Roasted Garlic 4112963180 Organic Tomato Herbs & Spices 4112963000 Organic Spinach & Garlic 4112926000 Marinara w/ Plum Tomatoes & Olive Oil 4112907764 Roasted Garlic Alfredo 4112907769 Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo 4112927463 Four Cheese Alfredo 4112907763 Creamy Alfredo 4112907765 Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo 4112916000 Mushroom Alfredo 4112941140 Light Creamy Alfredo 4112941145 Roasted Poblano Alfredo 4112900005 Basil Pesto 4112900006 Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 4112900005 Garlic Bruschetta 4112900006 Basil & Tomato Bruschetta Heinz Heritage Gluten Free Retail Products 309610, 306910, 303570 JD Original #7 BBQ Sauce (all sizes) 309640, 009680, 009760 JD Honey Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (all sizes) 406950, 306930, 303790 JD Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce (all sizes 309630 JD Spicy BBQ Sauce 306530 JD Masterblend BBQ Sauce 306490 JD Steakhouse BBQ Sauce 520510 JD Marinade-in-Bag Smoky Mesquite 526570 JD Marinade-in-Bag Classic Steakhouse 520610 JD Marinade-in-Bag Honey Teriyaki 520710 JD Marinade-in-Bag Garlic and Herb 006460 JD Original Steak Sauce 006470 JD Smokey Steak Sauce Vinegar 1300000182 Heinz Balsamic Vinegar 1300000176 Heinz Gourmet Garlic Wine Vinegar 1300000179 Heinz Gourmet Malt Vinegar 1300000175 Heinz Premium Red Wine Vinegar 1300000178 Heinz Premium Salad Vinegar 1300000177 Heinz Premium Tarragon Vinegar 1300000814 Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar 1300058160 Heinz Distilled White Vinegar 1300057700 Heinz Apple Cider Flavored Vinegar Sauces 1300000112 Chili Sauce Retail 1300000113 Seafood Cocktail Sauce 1300000170 Zesty Cocktail Sauce 1300000314 Heinz Horseradish 1300000307 Tartar Sauce 1300052130 Sloppy Joe Sauce 1300052680 Heinz Traditional Steak Sauce, all Sizes 1300000680 Slow Cooker Sweet & Tangy Sauce 5160022002, 51600800002, 5160022003, 5160022001, 5160022004, 5160080004, 5160000024, 5160022024, 5160000220, 516000301 L&P Worcestershire Sauce (all sizes) 5160000250 L&P Reduced Sodium Worcestershire 5160022501 L&P Chicken Marinade 5160000210 L&P Thick Classic Worcestershire Sauce 5160000207 L&P Traditional Steak Sauce 5160000230 L&P Roasted Garlic Worcestershire Sauce 1300000558 Baby Kosher Dills 1300000656 Bread & Butter Sandwich Slices 1300000506 Processed Dill Pickles 1300000547 Kosher Dills 1300000548 Kosher Dill Spears 1300000579 Hamburger Dill Chips 1300000520 Genuine Dill Pickles 1300000551 Bread n Butter Slices 1300000539 Sweet Cucumber Slices 1300000597 Sweet Gherkins 1300000592 Sweet Midget Gherkins 1300000555 Polish Dill Spears 1300000558 Baby Kosher Dills Heinz Consumer Products 1312001365 Ore-Ida Grillers, Original Think Cut Potatoes 1312001366 Ore-Ida Grillers, Seasoned think Cut Potatoes 1312000800 Steak Fries 1312000828 Shoestrings 1312000286 Golden Crinkles
  5. There is ketchup and probably mustard in baked beans. My guess is that is why you got a positive. My family is gluten free and my husband is pretty sensitive. We eat both heinz ketchup AND we just had those baked beans with no problem.
  6. Samsclub chicken is gluten free. It says so right on the package and we have NEVER had any reaction to it. We buy a lot of products (most listed above) from both places. I would say Costco has more Gluten Free options available. Ours now carry gluten-free waffles also.
  7. Do you also give her gluten free sugary foods like cake? I mean, I know my 10 month old would react to eating cupcakes. Gluten or not.... Also, why is she to young to be tested? My son was diagnosed at 18 months, and we were told the second my daughter showed any signs they would test her. We thought she showed signs when we first started solids.. then we realized that she was just adjusting to eating solids. she does just fine now. (for now, but we will keep an eye on her) I cant recall the age range but there is a set age range that if you introduce gluten to their diet when prone to celiacs it greatly reduces their chances of developing it. I think it was 4-6 months but I can't remember. There is basically a small window that if they aren't introduced then, their risk goes up higher. Granted, it sounds like you are passed that and your baby already had gluten. Your best bet is to talk to a doctor but also to explore on your own, with easy foods. I wouldn't consider diaper rash an automatic thought of having celiacs. Introducing solids can cause all sorts of issues, gluten or not. That's why I think your first place to start is talking to your doctor about solids in general (not even the gluten part) and once you can get her on regular solids try to see if gluten does in fact cause any problems. There is baby foods that contain gluten, and little puff stars that have wheat in them. That is how we introduced gluten in our non-gluten household. You are doing great staying on top of it, but don't put all the eggs in one basket quiet yet.
  8. After thinking about this more.. have you not had a follow up with the doctor?? Have them do another biopsy.... perhaps you really aren't as gluten free as you think you are. 6 months later the dr should have no problem doing a repeat biopsy and be able to help you get this under control. (along with an allergy test) Which, during the biopsy they can also test for milk allergies that wouldn't be on the skin test.
  9. First off... get to an allergist. My son was diagnosed with Celiacs at 18 months but the first step the doctor wanted was for him to be tested. He had the skin prick test and it helped rule out a lot of stuff (including finding out he was NOT allergic to diary like originally thought) I would get the allergy tests done as soon as possible. I would NOT ditch diary unless I absolutely had too. My son (will be 3 in July) eats so much diary and thank god for that it's hard enough to feed him gluten free, I'd want hard evidence that diary is a problem before I took him off it. Which, we went through that a year ago when he was first diagnosed. He went almost 8 months "diary free" before being diagnosed with celiacs. The gastro doctor was shocked that he hadn't been tested for a diary allergy. We were blown away when we found out he did not have to go diary free. Took awhile to break him of Soy milk. We went through he was lactose intolerant, no allergic to dairy to finally finding out he had celiacs. It takes months for them to heal. My gastro doctor told us it could take 12-18 months to see improvements. Diary can irritate it, but that doesnt mean they are allergic. Diary is great for little kids and IMO they crave it because they are little kids. You can get allergy results pretty much the same day or within a week. My son wasnt bothered by the skin test and it didnt take very long. Demand someone do a skin test on her. Secondly, it took us a good month or more to see results with my son. It was 6 months before his stomach was healed up. (he had tons of ulcers on his first biopsy) It literally took at least 3-4 months to see a dramatic change as far as my sons sleeping habits, extended tummy and rumbling tummy. (and poop too) I would say 2 months after gluten-free diet (complete) he started slowly sleeping through the night. But if you see the immediate changes (appearance etc) then I would think you are on the right path and it sounds so much like what we went through. We had a follow up biopsy 5-6 months after first one to verify that our son was benefiting.... what a difference it made on the images!! It took us at least 2-3 months, up to even a year to truly be gluten free also. A year later I can guarantee you 100% that my son does not get gluten very often and when he does... we know the next day without a doubt. Another thing is you need to get her on a multivitamin, and also as your doctor about vitamin D drops. Especially as a little one they really lack that if they are on a limited diet. I wouldn't be too worried just yet, get to an allergist and do your best with the gluten free. Going gluten-free household is way easier than worrying about cross contamination. Also to look into is if your pots are scratched, they may cause contamination. Condiments that once touched a knife that had regular bread can cause problems. We replaced all of our condiments with squeeze bottles and got a gluten-free butter that is not used with gluten bread. Same with PB&J. We also had to buy a new toaster. I didnt think any of that mattered, but it did. Have hope.. once her tummy heals she will do great!! At the very least, don't deprive her of diary unless you absolutely have too!
  10. Try better Batter gluten free flour... by far the best success I've had so far. Their website has tons of recipes too, our most recent success was making "box cake mix" and made pineapple upside down cake with it. There are a LOT of nasty gluten-free stuff out there.. you just gotta find the right things. Get the flour though, totally worth trying it! http://betterbatter.org/
  11. I have a 2 1/2 year old with celiacs. I also have a 3 1/2 year old without. I try to provide cost friendly food for them. Aside from normal gluten-free things like cheese sticks etc. these are some of our favorites. -Rice cakes --- excellent snack -Chex - Cheapest of all the cereals. You can even get coupons often for these online (just google it) Walmart has them the cheapest, unless they are on sale somewhere like Smiths. They have Rice, Honey nut, chocolate, cinnamon, corn. -pirates booty -- gluten free.. good snack -chips --- many many chips are gluten-free we love to have tuna fish with chips instead of bread or crackers. -Ham rolls, (or any meat) spread cream cheese on them and roll it up - gluten-free Waffles and pancakes are CHEAP and easy to make. the waffles freeze great -corn tortillas are a great choice for kids. We use them a lot to make tacos or just take shredded chicken with pinto beans and cheese and eat them up. Kids love it. we also have used them to wrap hot dogs using melted cheese to hold it together. Some tips: Walmart has gluten-free pasta, cheaper than anyone else. Just remember it doesnt have to be mac and cheese.. we often take katalina dressing and put it on penne noodles. son loves it. (you can do this with any gluten-free dressing) Rice Chex are excellent for breading chicken. We usually buy a huge pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts from costco or samsclub and spend an afternoon cutting the breasts into chunks, breading them with gluten-free flour (rice), egg then food processed chex. Buy a few boxes of the rice chex though as once you process it down it doesnt make as much as you'd think. We then freeze it on cookie sheets (laid out seperate) and once frozen throw them in gallon bags. Then we can cook them as we need them. Go to your oriental store. Rice flour is like $1 a pound at mine. Thats so much cheaper then a regular store. Make things like zucchini bread etc. for breakfast. These freeze well also. Google "Gluten free kid recipes" or "gluten free mom" for more ideas it should provide you with more!
  12. Bj's Pizza Ok?

    Hubby & son have had gluten-free pizza three times now from BJs and was great both times, no effects. It is amazing for moms like me who want to give their child a somewhat normal experience. Homemade pizza just isnt the same, and surely doesnt taste the same!
  13. Taco Bell

    As far as fast foods: Wendy's has the best gluten free menu. Their patties are gluten-free, chili, potatoes, many salads, grilled chicken, frostys. Sonic is pretty safe. In -n-out is safe except for their buns. Everything else is gluten-free. Carls Jr has gluten-free options now. Mcdonalds, taco bell, jack in the box has nothing as far as I am aware. As far as cross contamination it depends on where you are. We have never once had that problem for my son or my husband. We have only eaten at Wendys and In-n-out though. If you want to know whats safe, google it. For example "Wendys gluten free menu" just replace wendys with whatever restaurant you are looking for.
  14. We give our toddler rice cakes and he loves them!
  15. Blood tests are not the golden ticket for diagnosing celiac. We were told by the gastro doctor that especially in kids they can be false negative and that the only sure way to know is a biopsy. (adults and kids alike). My pediatrician kept telling us that he was just having issues he would grow out of... when we finally pushed for a biopsy they found 9 ULCERS caused from the gluten. The gastro doc said that pediatricians dont know enough about it and should always refer to a specialist. I pushed for a referral. I thought I was a crazy mom the whole time until they showed us the pictures of his scope. Then I felt awful for not pushing sooner. We basically poisoned our son for almost 2 years because the pediatrician told us everything was ok. My sons blood tests and genetics tests all came back negative but his biopsy was positive. We are a month gluten free and my son is a completely different child. Daddy was also tested and he was positive on his biopsy. We are now looking at having my 3 year old tested just to be sure. Push for a specialist, even if its only for a peace of mind don't give up.