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  1. So i'm 28 weeks pregnant and had an accidental glutening happen 2 weeks ago, it got me thinking what if something like this happened while i was breast feeding. Would I be passing the gluten on to the baby? Should I be pro active and pump and freeze breast milk later on just in case? I understand the baby might or might not be celiac but i'd rather be safe about it... I'm also really worried about being able to hold the baby if i get glutened because my hands and feet start tingling and I get bad bone pain. I'll do my best to avoid it, but it just seems to sneak in every once in a while... When I was a baby I couldn't be breast feed because i was too hungry all the time and was put on formula which i think could've been from my mom eating gluten. My mom said i was a much different baby after being put on formula and stopped crying all the time.