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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My son is in 3rd grade now but was dx in kdg. I always provide a stash of gluten-free snacks or treats for him so the teacher will have something on hand. I also visit the the csaceliacs.org website and click on the kids link and print the letters for school staff. They have them for teacher, sub forms, principal, etc. I print a new set every year. As for supplies, I always ask what type of of art/crafts supplies they will be needing and make sure to provide a gluten-free equivalent. Crayola crayons are gluten-free and I always buy him extra boxes for his classes where he has to switch rooms and he has strict instructions not to share to prevent cross contamination. If he will be needing play doh I order the wheat free/gluten-free colorations doh from www.discountschoolsupply.com It will usually hold him a couple of school years and is used only for him. If he needs more of a modeling clay, crayola modeling magic is gluten-free. Hope this helped! Christi
  2. Ehlers Danlos is a connective tissue disorder, not autoimmune. It is an actual genetic defect in the make up of collagen in the body. I have EDS as well as Celiac Disease, my oldest son has both also. My daughter has mild EDS and carries the genetic marker for Celiac Disease. My youngest son has severe EDS, hypotonic cerebral palsy and nonverbal learning disorder which is controversial as whether or not it is on the autism spectrum. It resembles Asperger's in the way of social skills, problems with pragmatic language, etc.
  3. I have Ehlers-Danlos and Celiac disease. I have three children, my oldest has celiac, my youngest has EDS. My maternal grandfather (had), mother, sister, niece have Ehlers- Danlos. My father had celiac disease. My mother, sister, niece were all negative for celiac. Ehlers-Danlos, although it has neurological effects is a connective tissue disorder, a collagen abnormality. Usually the skin is involved in Hypermobility EDS (type 3), there is easy bruising, a velvety or doughy feel, joint dislocations, and chronic pain. Alot of families (mine included) have symptoms that overlap into other types of EDS. I suspect that several of my dad's siblibgs had celiac as well. They were all very small and had terrible stomach/colon issues.
  4. There is an article in the April 1st, 2006 issue of Family Circle titled "Stomach Pain S.O.S." I was looking through thinking they had to mention celiac disease. Then, lo & behold under a paragraph titled "Food Allergy Alert" there it was. I was so . I get so frustrated when it is refered to as an allergy. Just wanted to share.
  5. Scarlet Fever

    Yes, I knew. He was dx in Nov. of 04. He was very colicky as a baby! He had RSV at 13 months which is a real health set back for any baby. Then he was hospitalized again at 18 months and at about 2 1/2. He's just never been much at fighting infection. He also has asthma and chronic ear trouble (including, ear infections and tumors). He started in with tummy aches and diarrhea not long after he had surgery to make a new ear drum, his had been completely destroyed from all the infections. It was a pretty traumatic surgery for a four year old. He has had a total of 5 surgeries. I had health woes all my life but mine "triggered" after having my youngest child. I had an emergency c-section and a week later was back in the hospital with a septic infection. Then we knew something might be going on with the baby which was confirmed at his 2 month check up. So surgery, illness and stress, not sure which was my breaking point. I lost 17 pounds in 7 months & lived in fear of being too far from a bathroom. I didn't go to the Dr. right away because I thought it was nerves & didn't want to take meds (nursing). When I finally did go I remember telling the Dr. "even toast makes me sick" HA HA! My dx was in Oct. of 04. Both my other children have the genetic markers.
  6. Scarlet Fever

    My 7 year old, who has celiac, had it about a month ago. One minute he was fine, the next minute one very sick little boy. Christi
  7. I too have degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and the schmorl's nodes or osteophytes. I am only 34. I also have scoliosis and Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. I have asked if it was related to my having celiac disease and they say with everything else I have going on, how to tell? But when you think of how long we all went along without absorbing our nutrients, minerals, etc. before being diagnosed, I would think so. Christi
  8. Just posted to your other post about EDS. I have no connection that I have noticed to gluten & dislocating. However, my son has to wear smo & dafo braces to keep his knees from dislocating. I have been so used to it all my life I just pop myself back in & go. Best of luck & as I have to tell myself on many days... Don't get glutened! Christi
  9. I have Ehlers-Danlos type 3 with overlapping symptoms of other types. My 2 year old son has been extremely hypotonic (floppy) since birth. He was dx with Ehlers-Danlos type 3 at 16 months old. He also has extreme overlapping of symptoms. It was him that led to my dx. My niece, sister, mother, and maternal grandfather (passed) all have EDS 3 also. My MGF died of spontaneous organ rupture at 49. 39 years later a sweet baby boy led us to undrstanding the "quirky oddities" of my family. I have celiac disease as well as my oldest (7) year old son. He has blue sclera, pectus excavatum, and a tricuspid heart defect all symptoms of EDS but he is not at all hypermobile. Very interesting. Not sure where the Celiac comes in. My mother, sister, niece, all negative. My other two children have the genetic markers for Celiac. My dad passed away 9 years ago before all this came about but I remember him always having tummy trouble and he was so little! Christi
  10. Need Help!

    Thanks for the reply. As of now he does not. He may be refered to one after we see a new ortho. He currently has a great pediatrician, an amazing ent, neurologist (so/so), a wonderful therapist staff for physical, occupational and speech. We were scheduled to see a geneticist this spring, but of coure insurance will NOT pay. So now we're in touch with Shriner's Hospital to see what they can do for him. He is having ear tubes put in on the 19th to alleviate the constant fluid and sporadic infections. We're unsure of how this will help his speech as he has choking problems which tell us that the delay is more than likely related to the hypotonia. Can you tell me if there is anything in the line of vitamin/mineral supplements that seem to help with your connective tissue disorders?
  11. I am in hopes that someone might be able to give me some info. on where to look for research on neurological and metabolic disorders due or linked to celiac. I and all 3 of my children are celiac. My youngest son, now 14 months was diagnosed with hypotonia (low muscle tone) at 2 months of age. Since we have found out he also has hypermobility syndrome, pectus excavatam, verbal delay and dx with celiac just before turning 1 yr. Hypotonia is usually always and in his case is a symptom of another condition. Because of this we are having trouble getting our insurance to pay for his braces and positioning equipment. He has been undergoing tests here and there and now we are hoping to see a geneticist but it is taking a REALLY long time. In the meantime I am trying to provide enough information to prove that celiac disease can cause hypotonia, this is different from muscle strength/weakness. I have found some supporting info. but would like to have as much to support my argument as possible, then we can list celiac disease as his primary dx (for now) and the insurance will pay for his needs until we can get him a medical card. I would really appreciate any help. I would also like to ask for prayers for him as it is thought he more than likely has a neuromuscular or connective tissue disorder. Thanks so much!