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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anxiety

    I will have to look at all my labels again. I think everything is okay. Thanks again for sharing all that info! You are a great help!
  2. Anxiety

    Thanks for all your info, it is definately something to look into!. My mom just asked me last week if I was in contact with gluten in our shampoo or soap because my face is all rashed out like an allergic reaction. I have an awful time reading labels for beauty products to see if they are gluten free. I pretty much have no clue what I am doing unless I google something online?!
  3. "night Terrors" And Gluten?

    I have been suffering from night terrors for a few years now. I just recently found out I had celiac and have completely cut all gluten out, but occasionally I still have a night terror. It seems every night I dream something awful and I wake up soaked from sweat. My doctor thought it could be from cutting out all the gluten which in turn cut out a lot added hormones from meats and foods. Not sure if this helps, but I know where you are coming from!
  4. Panic Attacks & Gluten

    It is interesting to see this post. I have been going through similar issues with panic attacks now that I am gluten free. It started with attacks in grocery stores where I did not know what to buy to attacks when I noticed I ate something wrong. Now, more recently, I noticed my bad nerves are taking over in my daily lifestyle. It seems I am always fussing over something. Not sure if it is celiac related or not, but my doctor seems to think so. My friend on here suggested trying fish oil pills daily. I just started on Friday so I am not sure how it will work out for me! Hopefully well.
  5. I definately know what you mean. I am always complaining to my non celiac family memebers about how tired and repulsed I get with the foods I am eating. It's so strange! Glad I am not the only one.
  6. Has anyone had dr. praegers? *spelling?* potato crusted fish filets. I just tried them for the first time and the first few bites were great and then I started to notice the tiny bones in my mouth. I read the back of the package and found the warning "may contain tiny bones"...totally gross and dangerous!
  7. Anxiety

    I tried fish oil pills today. 3 through out the day at 1200mg. I may be crazy, but I felt much calmer today than usual. I hope it is not just a fluke. Thanks for the great idea!
  8. Anxiety

    Awesome. It sounds like a good idea. I will definately look into it and hopefully it works for me. I could use some positive emotions!
  9. That is awful. It sounds like we have had similar attacks, but mine seems very mild compared to what you are describing. I know the feeling of wondering whether or not it is a heart attack some day or just a spasm. Very scary. I guess if the time ever comes *hopefully not... we will know! I hope you fell better soon.
  10. Yes it is! The range of answers that the doctors give is frustrating at best! I struggle with that issue often. My future mother in law also has celiac and her and I are often comparing what our doctors have to say. It seems we are never on the same page. When I first started going to the doctor with celiac symptoms *having no clue what it even was at the time, they tested me and it came back negative. The doc told me it was just bad nerves and all in my head. After a year of suffering, he finally double checked with another test, and well what do ya know!? Maybe I should get a second opinion about this issue he mentioned with the pancreas. I hope that everything gets better for you. Sounds very painful!
  11. Both times I went to the ER they said I was having a esophageal attack...this GERD issue, is this gluten related? or a whole nother problem? Eeek!
  12. Usually when I accidently eat gluten I first notice with severe lower left abdominal cramping and it moves up my back to right in bewteen my shoulder blades. The first time this happened to me I thought I was dying. My ER doctor said a lot of time the pancreas starts acting up and causes these symptoms.
  13. Anxiety

    Fish oil seems to be common...does it taste awful?
  14. Anxiety

    Do you take fish oil pills? and what is inositol powder?
  15. Anxiety

    Wow this is really serious. I hope that you are getting better, but I can see how that would happen! Hang in there. I appreciate your support.