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  1. Just google gluten free restaurants Nz and it should take u there.
  2. No I live in the Wairarapa in the North Island.Do u have heaps of places you can buy gluten free foods? we only have supermarkets(expensive) or at the chemist with a script from the doctor,which only consists of bakels bread mix, baking mix or pasta.

    Still havent mastered the baking of the bread though.Do u have any never fail recipes??

  3. Goodday, Cookeez. Do you live in ChCh by chance? I don't know anyone else here. There are two beers. Scotts and O'Briens, I believe. Whichever one has the J.B. in front of it I like.

  4. Has anyone heard about the hook worm treatment trialled in Australia.My partner was diagnosed a coeliac and wants to know if anyone has had this treatment done or knows of someone. Would love for it to be trialled in New Zealand cos our household consists of 4 peeps one that has gluten intolerance and its hard to cook different foods for all. As for the posts about easter eggs,Cadburys are NOT gluten free and there is a brewer in Christchurch who brews gluten free beer,cant remember the name but just google gluten free beer nz.