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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes I do have a long history of talking a lot of antibiotics and recurrent ear, respiratory tract infections, and skin infections (both bacterial and fungal) for over 18 years now. The infections got worse ever since my stomach problems started 7 years ago. But I'm not on any antibiotics currently. I recently read about the role of Candida in causing stomach problems and how Candiaisis causes symptoms similar to Celiac disease. So I started taking strong pre and probiotic a week ago. However, my fat absorption hasn't improved so far and the stomach problems are still there. Which antifungals and what kind of treatment would you recommend?
  2. Hi Ravenwoodglass, Thanks for replying. I read your signature. And I'm really sorry for your loss. Glad to know I'm not a diabetic. I'm doing everything possible to lose weight and keep my sugar levels under 110 mg/dl one hour after meals. I was consuming lots of gluten before taking the Celiac blood tests. I got the tests done by myself since my doc wasn't aware of any blood tests available for Celiac Disease. The doc performed an endo on me around 5 months back when I wasn't aware of what Celiac disease is. The doc was trying to find the reason for my stomach and malabsorption problems. He said he did not find any ulcers or abnormalities in the duodenum and said I have gastritis. However, he didn't do a biopsy of my small intestine. I'm currently on a no grain diet, and I'm losing weight very easily. I don't intend to consume gluten ever again regardless of whether I have Celiac disease or not. However, it would be a relief to know for sure, since a lot of packaged foods in my country don't mention on their label whether they contain gluten/wheat. Also, food companies or restaurants here don't take any special precautions to prevent gluten contamination of food. I might change my doctor. Waiting for the ANA test report to come in. Thanks.
  3. Hi WheatChef, Sorry for the delayed reply. I was out of town. RU/ml isn't a typo. The lab has used this unit for the AGA-IgA and AGA-IgG tests only. But they have used AU/ml for the tTG-IGA test. I searched online for a RU/ml to AU/ml calculator, but couldn't find one. There isn't much information on RU (Rack Unit) either. Anyway, I'm attaching photos of the lab reports. They have reference ranges and detailed info on them. Endomysial Antibody-IgA Gliadin Antibody-IgA Gliadin Antibody-IgG tTG-IgA Total IgA I also got myself tested for thyroid antibodies. Following are the results: Anti Microsomal Antibody (TPO): 1.1 U/ml (Reference range: 0 - 60) Anti Thyrogloubulin Antibody (ATG): 20.1 U/ml (Reference range: 0 -150) Any idea what these low levels of antibodies for Celiac and Thyroid tests mean? I have also got myself tested for ANA (Antinuclear Antibodies). I should receive the report in a day or two. Thanks for the info on glucose levels. I got a complete diabetes checkup done after reading your post. Following are the results: HbA1c: 5.7% Blood Glucose Fasting (11.5 hours fasting): 99 mg/dl Blood Glucose (2 hours after consuming 75 grams glucose drink): 145 mg/dl Insulin Fasting: 25.30 uIU/ml Insulin Post Prandinal (2 hours after consuming 75 grams glucose drink): 137 uIU/ml Microalbumin, urine: 8.1 ug/mg of creatinine (Normal range is upto 30 ug/mg of creatinine)
  4. P.S.: In my recent post-meal glucose tests I have been consuming a 75 gram glucose solution 2 hours prior to the testing. By the way, are there any other tests besides glucose testing to rule out Type II diabetes?
  5. Hi WheatChef, Thanks for your reply. My fasting blood glucose levels were 125ish a couple of years back when I used to have those episodes of stomach pain or if I had fever or some kind of infection. I used to weigh much less back then, than I weigh today. So I'm confused as to why my sugar levels were so high back then? Maybe my small intestines were absorbing food efficiently back then? Later for a couple of years my fasting glucose levels would be between 105 and 110 and post-meal would be between 140 and 170. I have been monitoring my glucose levels regularly for the last 8 months since I started my weight loss efforts, and they further come down to fasting: less than 110 and post-meal: less than 135. Can this be due to malabsorption due to my stomach/digestion problems? Btw, my thyroid levels, including TSH are normal, and I still tend to put on weight even if I eat moderate amounts of carbs or junk food. So I guess I am absorbing carbs efficiently then. I'm confused. But I'm also happy that my glucose levels have improved, although there is a long way to go as you have said. Btw, can anyone help me to interpret my Celiac disease blood test report that I have posted above? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first post, but I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum over the past few days. I'm going to write down my medical history in brief. I'll be very grateful for any help/advice. I am a 27 year old male, and I used to weigh 157 kgs (345.4 lbs) a couple of months back. I was in my worst shape and have been facing the following symptoms for the last 7 years, which have only got worse with time: # Bloating, undigested food, really bad smelling feces, stomach pain, acidity. # Constipation and Diarrhea # Low Total Testosterone for my age: 489 ng/dl # Low Sperm count for my age: 69 million sperms # Very low libido # Erectile dysfunction # Lacking the feeling to succeed # Chronic Depression and mood swings # Trouble concentration # Chronic fatigue # Difficulty in remembering/recalling words and names # Sleepiness (I sleep 12+ hours a day) # Fatigue and sleepiness after moderate physical activity even on a low carb diet # Confusion in noisy/crowded places # Discomfort and slight-pain below right rib cage and under the left rib cage for 2-3 hours after eating and also at random times. # Knee pain # Mildly aching muscles and cramps in legs at night # Severe Upper Back Pain with mild spondalitis and mild scoliosis # Chronic non bacterial prostatitis, constant pain in penis, and severe pain in penis and pelvic region during sex # Light sensitive eye sight, eye pain, and bubbles floating around frequently # Hair Loss (Diffused and Adrogenic Alopecia) # Recurrent skin infections # Severe Folluculitis # Recurrent respiratory infections when I expose myself to a dusty environment and mild cold all year round # Malabsorption (I'm deficient in Vitamin D and B12) So I finally made and effort and lost 18 kgs (39.5 lbs) a few months back. However, rather than feeling good my symptoms have only got worse. I stumbled upon an article regarding gluten sensitivy and Celiac disease, and found out that many people who suffer from it also share somewhat the same symptoms like me. I have always been eating wheat and bread. So I went off gluten for 6 days and felt a little bit better. I'd say there was a 50% improvement in my pelvic pain and 20 to 30% improvement in my mental state and fatigue. The smell in my feces reduced by 80%. And my folluclitis disappeared. So I decided to take an anti-body blood test for Celiac. I consumed a lot of wheat for a week and then took the test. Received the results yesterday. Here they are: Endomysial Antibody-IgA (1:10) (EMA-IgA): NEGATIVE Gliadin Antibody-IgA: 2.0 RU/ml Gliadin Antibody-IgG: 3.3 RU/ml tTG-Tissue transglutaminase-IgA: NEGATIVE (BELOW 0.2 AU/ml) Total IgA Level: 319 mg/dl I'm confused, as the Gliadin Antibody IgA and IgG and tTg-IgA seem to be below the Reference Range & Units. Do I have gluten sensitivy or Celiac Disease? Also, my total IGA level seems to be on the higher side. My White Blood Cell count is 9800 and Eosinophils is 7%. My CRP is 15 and ESR is 28. Should I be concerned? Should I get an ANA or any other antibody test done to see if I am developing or have some other autoimmune disease which might be causing all these symptoms? I don't have diabetes, but my sugar levels used to be 120 fasting and below 200 post meal for a few years, especially when I used to have the most severe episodes of stomach pain and other stomach related problems. This however corrected by itself within a few years. These days my sugar levels are 100 fasting and below 135 post meal. Should I get tested for pancreatic antibodies? My mom suffers from hypothyroidism. My T4, T3, and TSH levels are normal, however I put on weight easily. Should I get tested for thryoid antibodies as well? I live in India. And it's really frustrating to have visited over 7 MDs and 12 specialists in the last 7 years, and all of them saying that my weight is the main culprit. Maybe it's true to a certain degree. But the issues I am facing have forced me to quit my job as I have lost my ability to handle stress, focus on work and work for long hours the way I could when I was in my teens. So there is definitely something going on here, other than my weight, which is affecting all aspects of my life. I feel the docs here are not in touch with the latest findings in international medical community, when it comes to treating chronic conditions. However, to give them some credit, they are really good at surgery. And they have indeed suggested me to undergo a gastric bypass surgery countless times. I proved them wrong by losing all that weight in 3 months, and I'm shedding even more after giving up gluten! I don't feel hungry all the time any more!