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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Following is an pdf article from Scientific America which is one of the most informative articles I have ever read regarding link between Celiac Disease and Autoimmune Disorders.. http://www.celiacosb...%20American.pdf Regards Sanjay
  2. Thanks Gemini for your valuable input . Yes, I can already feel that I am at the right place and that there are hundreds of people around the world who are here, willing to help out others with Celiac and Gluten related issues. Coming to think of it, I guess I've had some small vague non gut related symptoms such as brain fog, excessive sleepiness (even during driving), short term memory problems etc in the past but I could've easily blamed them on my Hashi Thyroid. Also they were temporary and got resolved on their own in some time. I also got rid of some small but embarassing gut issues the moment I switched to gluten free diet. Overall I am happy that the main culprit was found without too much damage done and that I need to be extra vigilant about my diet. I did take an appointment with my GI doc yesterday to take the result of my biopsy done to check possible lymphoma. Thankfully it was negative and then I was tested again for my anemia and Vit B 12 levels, the results of which are awaited. I also asked him if he has seen many patients from Indian subcontinent with Celiac and he said not from Indian subcontinent but that he is seeing a lot of new patients in Iraq (his native country) and it is like an epidemic there. Am I right in presuming that prolonged psychological stress could be a strong trigger for Celiac? I have myself seen both my vitiligo and thyroid problem growing during periods of mental stress. Does eating gluten free food help manage the stress too? cheers San
  3. I guess It depends on whether the thyroid gland was attacked and fully/partially destroyed by the autoimmune disorder or is it still intact and just inactive. I was on 150mcg at the time of diagnosis of Celiac and my TSH was 0.13 which is borderline hyperthyroid. I was told to reduce the intake to 125mcg of thyroxin and I still have to test it again. Regarding the benefit of being gluten free on my thyroid, It is still too early to tell but will keep my fingers crossed. cheers.. San
  4. Hi Raven, It seems you have gone through a lot, mostly due to misdiagnosis. Even if they couldn't relate the Ataxia to celiac, the DH was the telltale sign. At least the DH should have been diagnosed right at the beginning. You must've been real mad at them for not doing enough early on. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo at age 23 and was told it is not curable, yet can be controlled with phototherapy. They were right and though one can keep it down for a while by spending ridiculous amount of money on phototherapy sessions, it would always resurface back with vengeance after a while. It went from bad to worse, spreading painfully slow to cover around 20% of total skin area and to add to the woes, mostly visible areas. It's not physically painful, but psychologically traumatic. So at age 37, I finally decided to go MJ way and depigmented overall. It's been the best treatment yet and now vitiligo is part of history for me. My skin has become a bit sensitive to the sunlight though and was sunburned recently after a full summer afternoon at beach. Skin went into horrible itching mode while recovering from it and I still have to take anti histamines to get temporary relief from it. Regarding my thyroid which was discovered at same time as my vitiligo, well it has never bothered me much as long as I keep taking my daily dose of thyroxin. It could also be the reason that my weight has been steady at 194 lbs for a height of 6'-0". It may look like a lot but I've no complaints as there is no tummy or anything. I would, however be like to be as much away from diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis as possible. My dad had diabetes and mom had arthritis. Is there anything advised to keep them away at a distance in addition to go gluten free? Thanks again Raven, you've been extremely kind to patiently answer my doubts. regards San
  5. Many thanks Raven for your detailed reply. I've been reading posts here at the forum and I totally understand what you mean. There are still some questions such as.. 1. How do I know for how long I have been a Celiac? How did you come to know that you were a Celiac since childhood? Is there any test to find out? 2. You say my other autoimmune problems may be resolved. Well that's the best news I ever heard as I thought autoimmune disorders are not curable. I hope my thyroid becomes active again. Also does it mean I will not get any other autoimmune problems such as diabetes and arthritis? Regards San
  6. I was put to sleep via General Anesthesia. No pain whatsoever. Didn't even notice any throat discomfort afterward.
  7. Hi, This is my first post here. I am 40 yr old Indian male and was hospitalized in march due to unexplained Anemia. They ran all kind of tests on me and finally found me B12 deficient. To check the reason for B12 deficiency, they also ran a Celiac test which surprisingly came positive despite I showing no classic symptoms of a Celiac. I was diagnosed a Celiac through TTiGA and stomach Biopsy. My TTiGA was 52.2 and my biopsy report shows villus atrophy, chronic inflammation and gastritis as below. Another biopsy check for possible Lymphoma came out negative. I have been asked to eat gluten free food which I am trying to follow. Since I live in Dubai, there are not many gluten-free food available here and if there is, it's very expensive so I am just sticking with home cooked food, replacing bread with rice. Luckily for me, my wife is a fab cook and most Indian dishes except breads are gluten free which makes life much easier for me. I still am a lot confused. I've had other autoimmune problems such as hypothyroid and vitiligo but Celiac ?? I mean I do not have any GI symptoms ever in my life, so why did my body not give a slight hint that something is so wrong inside? Even my weight is steady for last 10 yrs or so and my BMI is slightly on the upper range, not low. Besides how do I manage to know if I get accidentally glutenated? No symptoms. After being gluten free for a month, I unknowingly ate a biscuit and there were no symptoms of any glutening. Is it possible for me to have some other disorder responsible for my lack of vit B12? My anemia disappeared after b12 injections and I have no other medical issues yet. Are there any further tests which are recommended in my case? Thanks San