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  1. New And Pretty Scared

    We go there May 20th.
  2. New And Pretty Scared

    I will when I get home tonight.
  3. New And Pretty Scared

    Thanks. We're going June 9th.
  4. Itchys From Tide..

    That's what led me to Charlie's Soap! Want to point out, though, if you do use Charlie's for cloth diapers, you really must use it for ALL of your laundry. Since Charlie's cleans out the other detergents from the washer, it can cause those other detergents to settle into the diapers which can cause problems on baby's skin. There are a few stories of babies with chemical burns once baby peed in a diaper washed in Charlies in a washer where Charlies was not used exclusively. WTG for choosing cloth! My son is out of diapers now and I miss them terribly. Who'd have thought potty training would be so bittersweet? LOL
  5. Itchys From Tide..

    Consider Charlie's Soap. You can't get it in the regular grocery store, but it can be ordered online or bought at Whole Foods. It's completely biodegradable, all natural, etc etc., and rinses clean away, eliminating the need for fabric softeners. A $10 bag (that's what I paid at WFM a few days ago) about the size of a small bag of cornmeal washes 80 loads. I use half the amount and get 160 loads out of it. Can't beat it. If you decide to try it, you WILL need to run the washer empty with a full scoop to wash away the residue from your old detergent. If your washer has a few years on it it will look like the suds are about to overflow. After your washer is cleaned out, you will be shocked at how low sudsing Charlie's is. That's how much detergent buildup is in your washer! I absolutely LOVE Charlie's. For scent I add a few drops of lavender oil to the rinse cycle, but you can also just enjoy the smell (or lack of!) pure CLEAN. It may take a couple washes in Charlie's before you will see how soft your clothes can be without Bounce or Downy, but trust me, once all those brighteners, etc., are washed away the difference is amazing!
  6. That does sound like shingles. Sadly, because of the chicken pox vaccine, shingles is becoming more and more common. What used to be a disease that affected the older generations is now hitting people in their 20's. There have even been reports of 9 year olds getting shingles. One of my neighbors has had it 4 or 5 times in the 8 years I've known her and I've known 4 20-somethings to come down with it. Been trying like crazy to get my toddler some pox to avoid that (massive mistake of a) shot, but so far he hasn't caught it from any of them.
  7. How Does A Dh Outbreak Progress?

    We go to the derm on May 20 and the gluten-free trial has been canceled. I posted on the pre-dx board about what his rash has done, but wanted to post it here, too, with updated pictures. The above picture was taken April 2nd. we went gluten-free around that time and I was using Psorzema on his rash. It was improving. As of April 20 most of the redness was gone, except for right after his bath. It was slowly fading away. His father took him on the 20th for a second opinion. This ped said Ringworm. (Yes, I know, it looks NOTHING like ringworm, because it ISN'T!!!) He rx'd an antifungal. I've been using it, more to prove them wrong than anything and anticipate seeing the derm as scheduled on the 20th. Now, after a week of using the antifungal AND putting Michael back on gluten... Here's the April 2nd picture again just for easy comparison without as much scrolling... WAY worse.
  8. New And Pretty Scared

    Got my son's blood work back. Doctor is not concerned, but I can't help but be VERY concerned. All of his iga, ttg, etc., came back <3. It's his CBC (WBC in particular) that has me worried. She has also canceled the gluten-free trial and is moving forward with visits to the derm (May 20) and gastro (June 9). Here's the WBC results... Test result (reference range) % (reference range) WBC 6.3 (4.2-15.5) Lymphocytes 5.0 (0.6-4.1) 78.9% (35.0-52.0%) MID cells 0.4 (0.0-1.8) 6.5% (0.1-8.0%) Neutrophils 0.9 (2.0-7.8) 14.6% (23.0-62.0) RDW high normal platelets and MPV low normal Everything else is right in the middle of the normal range. So if his total WBC is quite low (though still normal) doesn't it seem odd that his lymph count is sky high? Does that seem to anyone else to be quite unusual? With a "normal" normal WBC that number is still quite high, but his ped didn't seem to care. As for his rash, it was improving on the gluten-free diet and using Psorzema. Going off the gluten-free diet also coincided with my estranged husband taking him to another ped and his rash being diagnosed as ringworm (which it certainly is NOT ). But, in order to keep the peace (ok, ok, in order to prove him WRONG) I have been using the antifungal prescribed by this other ped. His rash has worsened DRASTICALLY over the last week. What was 4 spots on his right leg is now 9. What was two spots on his left leg is now one BIG spot. Another spot that was almost GONE is coming back. I couldn't afford to keep him gluten-free with his derm appt coming in only a month's time, so I can't be sure if it was being gluten-free or the Psorzema that was helping. The only thing the antifungal is doing is keeping the scale soft.
  9. How Does A Dh Outbreak Progress?

    BTW... here is a closeup of the two spots on his right leg...
  10. How Does A Dh Outbreak Progress?

    They haven't done anything to test his rash, the pedi just looked at it and said psoriasis. She said she could distinguish it from eczema by scratching at it, psoriasis would bleed, but she didn't want to do that to him. Well, I have, and no bleeding. A friend of mine whose daughter has been dx'd with celiac said his rash looks just like her DDs, and it always flares up after she's glutened by her grandparents. Why does this all have to be so confusing?
  11. Cracked Teeth

    This is a big eye opener for me. Wow. My 3 year old had a cavity filled last summer and me? Yea, let's not even go there.
  12. How Does A Dh Outbreak Progress?

    That's his spots from a few days ago. When I picked him up today they were nowhere near as red and it looks as if someone painted clear nail polish over them. Very shiny and slightly sticky feeling. Nanny thinks it's ringworm, but I would think the ped would have caught that 2 weeks ago.
  13. The Dh Rash

    Try Charlie's Soap for a detergent. Get away from the chemical store bought stuff! I've been using it for several years now because it's better for cloth diaper laundry. I've found that since it rinses clean away I don't have any need for fabric softeners, either, which reduces our chemical load further. It will take several washes before your clothes will soften noticeably, as it will take time to wash the optical brighteners out from your previous detergent. It's coconut derived detergents. 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. 1 Tbsp is all you need for a load, though I've found 1/2 Tbsp does the job just as well.
  14. My son has had a rash pop up on his thighs and belly over the last couple of months. It started off looking like tiny whiteheads, TONS of them over his thighs. Now there are 7-8 plaque like lesions on his thighs, and 3 on his belly. It does look like many of the psoriasis pictures I've seen (although my brother was dx'd with psoriasis 20 years ago and it looks nothing like his), but I'm partially hoping my son has DH. Wouldn't be surprised if my brother's was that, too, looking at online images of DH. I was losing hope that my son has DH until I saw several posts here mentioning the small white head like bumps. Does my son's progression sound right? I'll try to post a picture of what it looks like now when I get home in a couple of hours. Thanks in advance! ETA: I should note that it doesn't seem to itch, but he says it does hurt.