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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey! Please feel free to join the existing Pizza thread (by only a few minutes). Thanks for your post and please join in.

  2. Talked to them last Friday about the Pronamel Gentle Whitening iso-active foam in the can. They confirmed that it is also gluten free. (The other iso-active versions carry the CC caution.)
  3. Try here: http://www.gfoverflow.com/ But as others have said lists change all the time. Some mfg. do not require their suppliers to check for gluten like Kraft does. Some only list the required allergens but ignore things like soy (which may or may not have gluten). Some admit that CC may occur,others won't discuss it. (Like walking through a minefield blindfolded but you have to try. )
  4. This was part of a thread about families accommodating (or not) the vegan tastes of some family members.However,this family host refused to accommodate the needs (not preferences) of a 9 year old child...way to go: http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/ Go figure.
  5. I am beginning to wonder about that,too. All shelled peanuts around here carry a cc warning except Planter's.Have had "funnies" in the past and have called Kraft twice;both times they assured that if there was,it would be on the label,etc. But yesterday had the worst spell since before being diagnosed...really bad...and have narrowed it down to the Planter's.Maybe they didn't clean up well enough after a run,who knows? From now on,unshelled nuts only. Gluten free is so hit and miss... .
  6. You ask a very good question. The ones that are shelled *may* have allergen info on the package;all the Walmart ones do for example (and all show wheat in them). I use Planter's since they are owned by Kraft and they are the only ones around here that don't show wheat contamination. Still,you wonder;have talked to Kraft twice and they say they are OK,look on the can,etc. Probably the best thing is to shell them yourself... easy for peanuts,maybe not for almonds.
  7. "so far a little improvement" Hang in there....you will get better but it will take a month or so,with older people longer. But it will come.... . One thing to watch for is weight gain,as your absorption comes back. Take care!
  8. This is the list they e-mailed me. Suggest that you call them at (979) 836-7977...they recently came out with a couple new ones not on the "latest" list;called them and got the info. They are nice people and will be glad to help.
  9. Please look at it from the standpoint of what you're getting,not losing. I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic in 1986 and "gave up" sugar (refined white and brown).Did not go on insulin until last year, due to age and celiac recovery weight gain.People used to tell me they just couldn't "give up" sugar...would ask them if they could "give up" kidney failure,heart trouble,blindness,etc. It seems that the older you are the harder it is,and that's understandable.IMO it has to do with acceptance...this is probably why AA makes their folks get up and say "My name is so and so and I'm an alcoholic". Celiac is unfortunately far worse than diabetes IMO.We are talking about the destruction of the small intestine,cancer and a lot more bad things here,not just a sugar spike. Please look upon gluten as poison...that's how I see it (and sugar). Place it on your no-no list and put safe things on your good list. And,as the Apostle Paul said,look to the future and forget the past. There are many wonderful folks here and you're not the only one in this fix.There are more workarounds today than ever- you just have to find them. My concern is also for your children since this stuff is passed on... they could have the gene and it has not fully kicked in yet. The more I learn,it seems that too much gluten is not good for anyone. But please note,your feelings are completely normal-and you're not alone.All of us recall the good old days,but they must remain the old days. Best Regards...
  10. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I was a bit too sensitive re: Dove and their CC policy;they did all they had to do and more than many do. After two years of gluten-free living it appears that the challenge is not in avoiding the obvious things,but in trying to avoid the CC ones. Sometimes it's "mission impossible".