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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am going to traveling across the country for a job interview in two weeks. The company is paying to fly my spouse and I out and they plan to "interview and show us around the city" for 3 days. My question is...should I let them know that I have Celiac and am unable to eat gluten prior to leaving? I know that at least one meal/day will be eaten with my potential employers and I will be spending the majority of those 3 days with them. I am not embarassed about having Celiac and it would have no affect on my ability to perform my job, but this is my first major interview and I am nervous about appearing like a diva or high maintenance. Also, I would rather my work skills are discussed as opposed to my inability to eat gluten. Any advice? Anyone else been in the same situation? How did you handle it? Thanks!!!
  2. Does anyone know if Almay Smart Shade Foundation is gluten-free or use it without issues? Thanks!
  3. I used to think about getting cosmetic surgery from the swelling too (and I am pretty young, 27). But, as the swelling has diminished my skin has tightened back up. Also, I my derm prescribed me retin A cream to improve the integrity of the skin that was swelling and it looks much better. Things that have helped with my swelling are decreasing sugar intake, taking probiotics, drinking coconut water, a teaspoon of coconut oil/day, and taking fish/flax oil. I definitely know how frustrated you probably are. I was really depressed about the swelling, but it is continuing to get better and better. Its just been a very SLOW process (about a year). I am hoping the swelling will be gone in another year once my gut is completely healed. Hope this helps!
  4. I also woke up every morning with an extremely swollen face before going gluten-free. I have been gluten-free for about a year now and the swelling has improved about 90% but is still there (mostly around my eyes...so embarrassing, however, if I eat any gluten then the swelling returns fully. I suspect dairy might be an issue for me also and am about to eliminate that for a couple of weeks and see if the swelling stops. I hope you are able to figure yours out. Its SO frustrating!
  5. This post is a bit old but I emailed the company and they are gluten free :-)
  6. My favorite shampoo/conditioner is Pantene Pro V Fine to Volume. I also use Secret Unscented Solid deodorant. I have read contradictory things about pro-v and Secret products. Can anyone tell me if they use these products without issue? I would like to continue using them if possible. I have tried other products (Burts Bees, 100% Pure, ect) and don't like them as much. Thanks!
  7. Sugar?

    I have been gluten-free about a year now and I am still getting bad GI upset and somewhat swollen eyes in the morning. I notice that after I eat desserts or a lot of sugar I get gassy and have horrible D. I had two brownies (gluten-free) about an hour before bed last night and woke up with a very swollen face, headache, and basically I feel like I am hungover. Could this be a sign that my villi aren't healed? Should I expect a healing time of about 2 years? Does sugar have an effect on anyone else? So, if I am to give up sugar should that include fruits too? I really love fruit. Your help is, as always, GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! One more question. I go out to dinner with my in-laws once/week. Some restaurants I just feel kind of iffy about. If I am getting tiny amounts of cc 1x/week could that prevent me from healing? My enterolab anti-gliandin went from 68 (>10 is positive for gluten sensitivity) to 15 (still positive but much better) in a year. Should the lab values be normal by now? Thanks!
  8. I am trying to plan my Honeymoon but want to make sure that I go somewhere that I won't spend my time getting glutened and sick. I am very open to any suggestions regarding locations/resorts anywhere (But I am leaning towards somewhere tropical) Thanks!
  9. I have some questions that I could really use your help with. I suspected I had Celiac Disease about 14 months ago and began eating gluten free. My symptoms were bad D at least a few days/week, GI upset just about every day, bloating/pain in abdomen after meals, severe headaches daily, weight loss, anemia, severe mood swings after meals, severe lethargy, and waking up with swollen eyelids and hands each morning. After seeing about 10 doctors who tested me for every disease under the sun (but Celiac Disease), I was told I was fine and really felt like I never want to see another doctor again. So, I completed an Enterolab test in April 2010 for anti-gliandin (only did one test due to finances. I am a college student). My results for anti-gliandin were 68 with <10 being normal. I had already been eating gluten-free for two months before taking this test. Since it has been a year since my last test, and about 14 months gluten free, I decided to take another test through enterolab. This time I ordered the anti-gliandin and anti-tissue transglutamate. Anti-gliandin was 15 with <10 being normal, and TTG was 4 with <10 being normal. Every single one of my symptoms has gone away on a gluten free diet except I still have occasional bad GI upset (mostly after eating out), and my morning facial and hand swelling is still present but has decreased by about 80%. Since I am braving this alone without the help of a doctor, I thought I would turn to you with my questions: If my tTg was normal does that mean I don't have Celiac? Or, does it return to normal after a little time on a gluten-free diet? My Dad is IgA defiecient, if I am would that effect my tTg levels? Is it possible I still haven't completely healed after 14 months if I do have Celiac? My symptoms are just about gone but not completely, but I really thought they would be gone by now. I dont feel like I am reacting to any other foods but gluten. I will definitely keep eating gluten-free. I just wish I knew if I had Celiac or not. My friends/family always ask and I am not sure what to tell them. I feel like such a hypochondriac sometimes (even though I know my symptoms are very real). Thank you all so much for your help!
  10. Thank you all for your posts. I appreciate your help so much. This diet is definitely tricky and its hard to get answers from my doctor (he doesn't know much about Celiac). Its so nice to get help from this forum. I think I will stop eating nut thins and gluten-free oats for awhile and see if my symptoms go away completely. If a product says gluten-free on it, but then the label says "made on the same equipment as wheat" or "Processed in the same factory as wheat" do you stay away from it in general? Thanks again everyone!
  11. I was wondering if any of you react to oats, even if they are certified gluten-free? I am still pretty new at this diet, but I feel great and then if I eat gluten-free oats (normally in cookies I get from a gluten-free bakery) I get my typical glutened symptoms, however, less severe than if I have wheat, rye, or barley. Maybe I am crazy or its something else I am eating. This diet has me so confused sometimes. Also, does anyone know if any of these products contain gluten? I contacted all the companies and am waiting for responses but I thought I would ask here also. 1. Bert's Bees Aloe and Sheabutter lotion 2. Full Circle Free and Clear dish soap 3. Cascade dishwasher detergent 4. Softsoap hand soaps 4. Hershey's Bliss Chocolates 5. Dove Promises (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, almond) 6. Corned beef 7. Are all sodas gluten-free? Also, is it possible to react to foods that claim they are gluten-free but then state they are tested to make sure they have below 20PPM of gluten (products like nut thins)? Thanks everyone. I appreciate your input and help so much.
  12. I recently began working in a hospital and I am required to use the purel moisturizing instant hand sanitizer before and after leaving each patient's room. I have recently began getting my typical glutened symptoms and I was wondering if anyone knows if these sanitizers are gluten-free. My diet has otherwise remained the same. Thanks!
  13. I was just wondering how long your symptoms last after you get glutened? I am still trying to get to the bottom of some of my symptoms and I feel like it takes a good 2 weeks for them to go away after eating gluten. For example, I am swollen for two weeks after I eat even small amounts of gluten. D doesn't normally happen for a couple of days. Do your symptoms last that long? Thanks in advance!
  14. Jill, Thank you so much for your post. My swelling started to go away completely....then just this past week it came back full force. Its really getting me down. The only thing I can think of is that my priest told me that I could use a gluten-free eucharist, but it turns out it was "low gluten". Its just hard for me to believe such a small amount of gluten would make me swell so bad for a couple of weeks. I actually was getting a little tearful about it this morning. The swelling lasts for a good 5 hrs and, at 26 years old, I'm sad to say I am still a little vain. Do small amounts of gluten make you swell as well? How long does it take before your swelling subsides? Thanks again!
  15. Does anyone know if Patron XO Cafe is gluten free? I know that regular Patron is, but I am unsure about Patron Cafe. Thanks!