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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I hope you are doing better. The last post you made a few months ago, you sounded a bit discouraged. Sending Happy thoughts.

  2. Well...

    I'm going back to the doctor today. I was diagnosed with DH last week, and it was almost the way gone just three days ago. However, after finishing the steroids I was on, it starting coming back in full force. It's unclear whether the it's caused by cleaning the kitchen/seperating the gluten and gluten-free items in the kitchen over the weekend, or if it's another food intolerance. So hopefully, I will get some answers.
  3. Was Almost Gone And Now It's Coming Back

    It was most likely what I ate for dinner that night. I had pretty bad bloating and stomach pain afterwards, and then of course, the skin symptoms. My dad made a casserole which was just ground beef, green pepper, tomato sauce and rice. I'm feeling a little better today and my GI symptoms are much better. The skin symptoms are still there, but visibly easing up.
  4. Bloating

    I'm not entirely sure if I have secondary intolerances, or if I had some sort of cross-contamination issue. I also have DH (which was almost healed), but later on after the bloating started, I started itching some and I woke up this morning with more forming lesions. I have already eliminated dairy though.
  5. Was diagnosed with DH earlier this week. I've been on a gluten-free/CF diet for about 6 days now and have been using a topical. I just have a few little dots left on my arms, and some purple marks on my thighs. So, everything was healing. Anyway, I had a little itching late last night and then today I woke up ... the bumps had gotten just slightly more pronounced and I had new ones in another spot. They aren't quite blisters, but you can definitely tell something is forming. How frustrating. I also didn't feel so great when I woke up either ... bloating, stomach pain, etc.
  6. Did anyone have a lot of bloating when first starting on the gluten-free diet? The last day or so I've just been so bloated, all the time. I suppose my body is still adjusting.
  7. Do you stick with gluten-free health/beauty products, or just ones that you use around your mouth like toothpaste and lip products? I'm just curious because I've heard some people say its fine unless it's near your mouth, but my derm. told me to switch to all gluten-free products. I wasn't sure if thats standard or if I'm just extra sensitive.
  8. What all do I need to do to my kitchen, in terms of preventing cross contamination? I've seperated my dad's food from mine. I put all his in the pantry, and mine is in a cabinet away from it. Everything is seperated in the refrigerator. But, I'm curious about things such as ... what I should do with the toaster which he keeps next to my coffee maker ... is it okay for his cookie jar to sit on the counter ... stuff like that. The toaster kind of makes me nervous ... there is crumbs all over it. Should I move it? Clean it?
  9. He already is willing to eat more gluten-free ... haha. I found this recipe for a blueberry and banana gluten-free breakfast cake and made it this morning. I think I might have to hide it from him now ... it's soooo good.
  10. For the most part, yes. I have my food in a cabinet, which is not in the main pantry away from everything else. Our foods in the refrigerator and freezer are together though. Right now, he has a package of bread, cookies, box of cereal sitting out on the counter, but I was planning on going through and making sure everything is seperated today. We're not sharing condiments at all .. I have my own stuff.
  11. I was diagnosed earlier this week and I've been gluten-free for four days. I live with my dad, and it's been hard to watch my dad eat stuff I can no longer have. I guess he doesn't really think about it, but he leaves stuff around the kitchen and I guess it just bothers me a little. I'm not tempted and I'm very dedicated to staying gluten-free, but it just ... sucks. Is there anyone else in the same situation? And if so, how do you cope with it?
  12. Got A Diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with DH by my dermatologist yesterday. She didn't do a biopsy though since I've been taking steroids for about a week now. Though she also said that it looks like a textbook case of DH, and since I've gotten a positive response to diet change, everything points to that. That was ok with me ... I was more looking for some relief, rather than actual testing/diagnosis, but I guess now I know for sure what it is. She gave me a prescription for a topical cream to help get rid of the lesions and to keep with the diet. I've only on my fourth day of the diet and it's made dramatic change ... it actually didn't start getting better until about 2 days on the diet, despite the medication. But anyway, she wants me to let her know right away if/when it gets worse or re-occurs.
  13. Update On My Situation

    I think that I could heal without medication, but it would longer. I definitely feel like the medicine is speeding things along. Yesterday morning, it looked like it was a little better and now after 2 more steroid doses and with the topical, it looks a lot better.
  14. I went to the dermatologist today and she told me I have a textbook case of DH. She didn't want to do a biopsy at this point due to the steroids I've been on for about a week. She said that given the fact that I've reacted to wheat gluten and dairy products in the past (had hives on and off for the past 4 years from eating wheat/milk products), I clearly have the signs of DH and I've made progress after starting on a gluten-free/CF diet. She said it appears that the steroids I was given have started working slowly since making the diet change, but she wanted to give me an extra boost to get rid of the lesions and rash. She gave me a topical cream to use on them about 2x a day for the next couple weeks. If/when it gets worse or re-occurs she said she wants to know about it. So basically, she diagnosed it without the testing. I guess that's ok ... I was really more concerned about finding relief, than just been given a diagnosis. I guess we'll see how well the cream works ... though the lesions are healing ... slowly. I've been feeling so much better since starting on the diet ... and it's only been 3 days. I'm also having very little IBS and anemia symptoms also.
  15. Thanks, I will post an update when I get home tonight. It will be late though ... have to go straight to work afterwards.