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  1. What medicine do you use to control your symptoms? This is the first time I've heard of anyone actually saying anything about medication!
  2. Washington, Dc

    Ted's Montana Grill was really great and have a gluten-free menu. The one I went to was in Crystal City (Arlington) and is a very short walk from the metro. I know this may not apply to the original poster but it may apply to those still looking lol BTB, does anyone know if you can get to that Lilith Cafe from the DC metro? I am living in Crystal City / interning in DC for the summer and both were right off the metro so I didn't feel the need to have a car with me.
  3. Ted's Montana Grill.

    I ate at the Ted's Montana Grill here in Crystal City today and it was AMAZING. I've had the flu the last couple of days and wasn't sure what I was going to be able to stomach but seeing as how my Uncle and I are from New Mexico (where 1.2 million acres of his 2 million acre estate is located), he thought he would take me there. [bison (buffalo, whatever) is amazing if you've never tried it. Bison dogs have a strange texture but are so much better tasting than regular hot dogs. It's got more protein and way less fat than beef with a gamier taste and deeper brown. Anyway...] I was a little relieved to find out that the majority of the menu is almost instantaneously made gluten-free because, well, they mostly serve burgers. Burger sans bun equals awesome. When I inquired after the chili, I started to ask about wheat and our waitress knew RIGHT AWAY that I was thinking of gluten and rushed off to get me a gluten-free menu! XD Even though it's not listed, their chili is gluten-free and, yes, it is delicious. I also had their mushroom, swiss and sourcream burger. I have never eaten a more tender burger in the food world in my life. I didn't need a knife to cut it, the meat without the other ingredients was amazing, and they stacked the garnish off to the side like a mini salad. The fries are also gluten-free and, I will add, fresh-cut and fresh-cooked. Extremely delicious! I am quite jealous of Crystal City having a Ted's and not New Mexico! A million times better than anything you would eat at Fuddruckers or Texas Steak House. Normally I don't praise a restaurant (I'm like the Darcy of Restaurants lol [i only look at a restaurant to see it's faults]) but everything was amazing. I'm not even upset that we had to ask for napkins twice because she was trying to figure out for another customer the best directions to get to the highway! I'll be sending in my rave reviews to them to let them know that they're awesome and to keep up the good work! I also want to give them props because when you order chile they ask you "green [chile] or bowl [chili]". They have a NM burger that comes with a FRESH--not canned--piece. XD x10^10 I can't even get that response in Texas! PS - Here is their online gluten-free menu http://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/nutrition_gluten_free.html . The chili wasn't listed on that list but she talked to the chef and he doesn't use any thickener in the chili.
  4. Thought I would give an update since I have posted in like eight or so places about my disdain from them. Not only did I get the standard chain-reply, but I ended up getting an e-mail from the regional manager, the owner of the particular McDonald's, AND the general manager of the McDonald's in question. I gave them hell about the return of symptoms, this, that, and the other and they were excessively apologetic. They also replaced the ENTIRE meal for free. The manager made it himself and also offered me free apple pies for the rest of my family. I was very pleased to also find out that the location on Juan Tabo and Lomas (the McD in question) has dedicated fryers because of complaints from others who are gluten-free. Not sure that I'll go there all the time but it's nice to know that I have something resembling of an option open. My other choices are Taco Bell (who has gluten in their meat, for crying out loud), Carl's Jr. (farthest), and Wendy's (not as fresh as they claim). This probably makes me sound like a picky eater but I can't tell you how many days I've spent at home because of being glutened ranging everywhere from unable to get up from the toilet to being so malnourished as to be unable to get out of bed.
  5. I wouldn't listen to that. I had Cool Whip with Modified Food Starch and wished it had killed me because I was throwing up and swollen for a week.
  6. Cool Whip

    I don't know if this is still relevant, but the Cool Whip I picked up a couple weeks back had Modified Food Starch in it. It did not say from what source but I assumed that because it didn't say wheat, rye, or barley that it was probably fine. Wasn't fine. I hate not half a cup of cheesecake pudding* and was throwing up for a week and was extremely swollen. I've only had food poisoning once in my life and that wasn't it. The only shady ingredient in mine was the modified food starch from the Cool Whip. SO, I decided that when I could stand upright and eat normal food again, that I would re-try the recipe with regular whipped cream (out of the can) using twice the whipped cream as I would normally use cool whip. I was fine. I've never had a bad reaction to yogurt before (in fact, I eat it regularly) and eat ricotta quite often. I came up with the recipe from what I used to use to make baked cheese cake when I was dying on my gluten-heavy diet but now that it's too big a pain in the @$$ to make crust, I just eat the innards as a cold pudding and minus the baking parts. I've included the recipe in case may powers of deduction are wrong on this front. * Cheesecake Pudding Recipe 2 containers low fat/fat free cream cheese, softened 1/2 container Ricotta cheese 2-3 fruit-flavored yogurts 1 small container Cool Whip (or 2 cans whipped cream) Splenda or Sugar to taste Mix Cream Cheese and Ricotta cheese until mixture is smooth. Small lumps will still set but the smoother the better, depending on whether or not you enjoy bites of cream cheese. (Can be done by hand.) Mix in Ricotta cheese. Mix in yogurts. Mix in Sugar. Fold in Cool Whip or whipped cream. Let set 1 hour in fridge.
  7. I don't know about Reddi Whip but I do know that when I ate Cool Whip I deeply regretted it. I know that modified food starch doesn't have to come from wheat, rye, or barley but I can say that I was throwing up and was extremely swollen for a week (after being almost completely gluten-free for 8 weeks). NO BUENO. Just a warning. I've eaten the healthy choice fudge bars from this line of frozen foods and haven't had symptoms in the past. I'm picked up a box and will have a few at our barbecue this weekend. Believe me, if I get sick, I'll let y'all know and Con Agra will definitely know. I'm not sure what they mean by "starch" but I'm about to find out!
  8. Your left upper quadrant is stomach and intestines. Your pancreas is lower than your stomach. You might want to ask your doctor for an ultrasound of your pancreas. There is also a chance that your "guts" have found a divert in that area. For me it's in the upper left. When I get glutened, the gas from the episode builds up and is immoveable until I get everything out of my system. My doctor said it's normal for me and it could be for you. But given from what I've read on the forums about the correlations between diabetes and Celiac (and your not-so-strict adherence to the dietary lifestyle), you might have done some damage to your pancreas. Best way to tell is an ultrasound or contrast CT. If it turns out to be a gas pocket, you could go see a chiropractor. The adjustment can help move your guts around and redistribute the gas in your gut so it's not all pushing the limits of just one place. That's what I do and it works for me. Be sure it's a chiropractor you trust. There are some pretty terrible ones out there that can make it worse.
  9. My doctor told me to stay away from inflammatory foods now that I'm gluten-free. Bananas and potatoes were the first things she crossed off my list T.T I don't know if you take any meds for hypothyroidism or anything, but some meds block the uptake of calcium and that could be contributing to your problem. You may also want to see a chiropractor and/or an accupuncturist. If you get a good one, s/he could help alleviate some of your symptoms. I go to a chiropractor to get my alignment done and it takes away alot of the pain for me. He also told me to use cold compresses for up to ten minutes at a time to control the swelling. (While hot compresses do feel better immediately, the cold ones help restrict the blood flow to the area, thus helping control the swelling as opposed to the pain.) Make sure, though, that the meds you do take aren't just numbing you out. If you're anything like the women in my family, you tend to do alot of work when you're not hurting which spins you through the whole pain cycle again. (We have a family history of fibromyalsia.) Also be careful that the meds they give you to help regulate the pain don't have any side-effects that could be worse. My mom was on Lyrica and it made her gain 40lbs in a year. Cymbalta can't be missed, either; she had really, REALLY bad withdrawal symptoms from those. Remember also that anything that messes with your serotonin is your doctor's attempt at upping the hormone and it's meant to function as a regulatory hormone in the brain--to bring balance. Simply upping the amount may not do the trick.
  10. Pappadeaux

    Went to Pappadeaux today for Mother's Day. They have the freshest fish in NM and my grandmother is from Portugal so we thought we'd treat her. After much searching on the internet I was very hopeful because many of the sites said they had a gluten free menu. Not the case here in Albuquerque. My parents went ahead to get the table while my brothers and I brought my grandmother. My parents asked for a gluten-free menu and were told that there was no such menu from corporate but that the cook could make separate sauces. I was so excited! Then I get to the table and have my miserable fresh shrimp with strange parsley bits and lemon. It was bland, even with the lemon. Ate some of the cocktail sauce that comes with the calamari since no one else was eating it and that was the highlight of that. When I met the waitress she seemed a little...miffed that I was having to specially request. She was all smiles with the other tables but greeted me with the stone-cold face of "WTF?". Turns out by "make separate sauces" she meant "order a fresh fish" "naked" (no sauce or special seasonings) and "without anything fried". I mean, I'm grateful that she knew that I couldn't have anything with gluten in it and what products therein contained gluten BUT I was not pleased with how she had told my parents one thing and then pressured me into something else. They will not make you separate sauces because the sauces come pre-packaged. So, if you're eating there for the fresh fish just know that it's the only thing fresh there. Wound up eating the scallops without the french-fried onions. Sauce was strange, came with capers. It was good, don't get me wrong, but not really filling. It's four large scallops on a plate with maybe half a cup of green beans. It was good but certainly not what I would want if I were thinking Cajun. Does Cajun cuisine even cook scallops? I know they have crawfish but can't speak to the scallops. Anyway, the meal turned out to be unsatisfying as a whole because it's not a lot of food (especially for the price) especially after the disappointment about the sauce. Worst part being I don't feel good after eating it--my stomach is already swelling and I feel like vomitting. The dish was cooked through and through so I can't say it's food poisoning. I have half an inkling that there was soy sauce in the strange braise. So even though she said my fish was going to be naked it didn't come so. Yeah, it's Mother's Day and it's busy but I get to live with the consequences. Figured after all that talk about what I can't have I wouldn't walk away sick from the meal.
  11. The McDonald's in ABQ vary greatly not only in service but in the meaning of "no bun". I've given up going there, especially after the last time I went. My brother went to get dinner for the family and ordered it without the bun. It even said on the receipt "no bun" and it not only came with that, but with mayo that shouldn't have been on the burger in the first place. As some of you know, some commercial mayo is made with non-descript modified food starch. They got a very, very nasty e-mail from me tonight letting them know how upset I am with them. Also, all McD's here fry their fries with the chicken nuggets in the same baskets and fryers.
  12. Fuddruckers

    I am very gluten intolerant but don't have Celiacs. I went to Fuddruckers here in Albuquerque today (87109 location) and they were extremely helpful. They're all college kids, as am I, and I couldn't find ANY information on their website about any ingredient list. However, my brother wanted to go today so we went after seeing Iron Man 2. When I asked them if they had any wheat or grain products in their meat or shakes, they werne't sure what I was looking for. They were actually asking each other if it had soy (lol) in it because that is a more common allergy down here. Anyway, I apologized to her because I couldn't find the information on the corporate website and I let her know that I have a gluten intolerance. So what did they do? They brought me the ingredients lists on the boxes so I could check for myself! I was very appreciative! I will say, though, that I asked for it without a bun because I couldn't eat it and they gave it to me anyway. This would be a HUGE issue if you have the actual allergy as opposed to the intolerance. The same utensils were used to cook the meat and the buns so you will need to be extremely careful if you eat here and don't have more than intolerance. I got brave and ate the seasoned fries...which I know is a no-no. I'm not feeling too great and my side is getting a little swollen so I'm wondering if the fry seasoning has flour in it. Be careful if you eat here. I didn't think to ask for the fry ingredient list but you guys might. I can say, though, the beef burgers, buffalo burgers, and the shake mix itself are gluten-free. I don't know about the syrup (which I can't imagine has gluten in it since it's usually high fructose corn anyway) or about the fry seasoning. I should have thought to ask but didn't. I'll be sending in a letter to Fuddruckers to find out what is up with the lack of info. I was very happy with the service and willingness to please but felt a little embarrassed that it had to go that far.
  13. Waking Up Every Hour To Pee

    Melatonin is a large-molecule hormone that can't pass the blood-brain barrier. Unless you're taking a supplement that helps the brain to produce more melatonin, taking actual melatonin doesn't actually do anything according to the research. It is produced naturally in the body and regulates your sleeping cycle. The pattern you have in your adolescence can be long-winded but changes over the course of your life as changes in your brain occur (which is why we sleep at weird hours when we're older).
  14. Waking Up Every Hour To Pee

    I urinated less frequently for the first couple of weeks. Then I had one piece of delicious, delicious homemade Irish brown bread and got sick for a week. I have since returned to a gluten-free way of living and eat the same things I did in those first two weeks but I'm having to wear a sanitary napkin because I can't always hold it all the way to the bathroom. It's not like I feel it coming, either. It's, "Oh, thank God" relief when I go then "Holy Jesus, WHY?!" an hour later. Thank God my classes are only an hour-fifteen a piece. I have been tested for diabetes and am not even approaching the stats for it. All I know is that I start my internship in six weeks and I can't keep getting up every hour throughout the night to keep doing this. I've even stopped eating and drinking after 6pm just in case. I take a full-spectrum enzyme with three meals a day, calcium with dinner (because I have to take it opposite my thyroid meds), a gluten-free multivitamin with lunch, and drink a glass of water on both ends of my two workouts and three meals. I tried not drinking water around meals but the thirst got outrageously worse. If anyone knows how to make this go away, I would greatly appreciate it!
  15. I would definitely go in. I had no idea that I could even have gluten anything because I've been flour-fed my whole life. I was extremely tired--some days I couldn't even get out of bed. There were days I couldn't walk--tripping up the stairs isn't as fun as it looks. With the exception of overeating, my diet gave me great cholesterol and other stats that would make sense with my thick figure. (Taking supplments made me REALLY sick so I had to get all my vitamins and minerals the old-fashioned way.) No chance of diabetes (they tested SEVERAL times because of a family history). I was bounced around from person to person taking turns in urgent care when I would go in because my parents thought I could get something--ANYTHING--to alleviate the symptoms. It was insane. For the last four years I've had bloating to the point that I have three different sizes of pants! I'd bloat, lose weight, be so nauseated I couldn't eat, get tired and weak (from not eating), then finally the bloat would go down and I'd get extreme diarrhea and gas. Then I'd start to gain weight and fit into my smaller pants (go figure lol). What's terrible is that I used to make a fist with my left hand and punch in my gut where the bloating was worst to control the pain and still find myself doing it even though I don't have the symptoms anymore. It's been four years of ultrasounds, CTs, and antibiotics for my doctor to finally diagnose me with at least gluten intolerance. Apparently you have to live a gluten-free life for awhile before you can get the test done but let me tell ya, I won't go back to living in the flour-infested world. I still eat all the same vegetables in the same proportions and I don't feel sick. In fact, the only time I have felt sick since starting the gluten-free lifestyle was when I thought "one piece of delicious, homemade Irish brown bread can't possibly kill me". Well, it didn't but I wished it had (that's a three-day revisit to every symptom you had that you don't want to remember). Anyway, definitely go in to the doctor and demand a gluten screening. I think I got lucky because I didn't have any permanent damage. I don't think I'll end up having a diagnosis of Celiac's but I am gluten intolerant at the very least. You may not have Celiac's but I would recommend going in. Until you can get tested, though, you may want to try a couple of things to control your symptoms. If you don't have kidney stone problems, try eating yogurt three times a day because the probiotics help to promote the good bacteria in your intestines which can help you get it out faster (a good thing since your guts can't process the gluten at all). Unfortunately, if you have a family history or personal history of gall stones or kidney stones, this could aggravate that because of all the calcium if you also have an already high calcium diet. (Drink plenty of water and keep some pain killers handy T.T). A less drastic thing if you need to save the fat/calories or prefer pills, try a full-spectrum enzyme. These actually work better than the probiotics and can help control the gas and other GI symptoms you might be feeling. It actually breaks down the food in your intestines so your guts aren't working insanely hard for nothing. It's the stuff you would normally be getting from fruits and vegetables if your guts weren't so desperately trying to deal with the gluten. I don't know that any brand of yogurt or full-spectrum enzymes are better than the other, but it will depend on your taste and smell preferences. Hope that helps and it wasn't TMI!