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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This Celiac.com FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to Celiac.com's FREE weekly eNewsletter   What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease?  Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet What if my doctor won't listen to me? An Open Letter to Skeptical Health Care Practitioners Gluten-Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes


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  1. I like to use Bob's Red Mill all purpose gluten free flour. You can use it cup for cup. But I am looking forward to trying Better Batter. It's a flour mix you can use cup for cup as well. Check it out @ betterbatter.org
  2. It's up with the magazines @ the checkout. It's full size. It does use the gluten free bisquick mix.
  3. I just bought it yesterday @ the grocery store. The recipes look amazing! Can't wait to try some them!
  4. My kids don't eat Fruity Pebbles. I haven't noticed green veggies affecting it either. I'm stumped. But thanks for the suggestions! )
  5. My kids have the same thing happening. I was wondering as well if this was normal.
  6. I weighed over 200 lb. last year. We went gluten free last March and I lost about 30 lb. I would've lost more but found out I was pregnant. So I guess it'll have to wait til next March after the baby is born.
  7. My 4 yr. old @ the time had bllod work done twice. Both negative. Still having tummy problems we took him to a GI specialist. Biopsy came back positive.
  8. I am wanting to make a pie. Does anyone know of pie fillings that are gluten free?
  9. These looked so good! Thanks, I'll definitely be trying these!
  10. I have really been craving mozzarella sticks. Does anyone know where I buy some or have a good recipe to share?
  11. I recently found out I'm pregnant. Is there any extra care I need being celiac? How do I control my gluten cravings?
  12. Is This Gluten

    Wheat flour contains gluten. You also might watch for distilled vinegar in things. I react to that.
  13. Sweets

    Yes, I'm sad to say, those krispie treats contain gluten. But Pamela's does make great cake mixes! Gluten Free Pantry is great too!
  14. My 4 yr. old was diagnosed 3 mo. ago. He has gained about 3 lb. so far!