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  1. I just ate 365 Organic Refried Black Beans and am having a gluten reaction. The other day I used El Presido Organic Black Beans (something? bought at Whole Foods) and they seemed fine. I cannot seem to find a can of black beans labled gluten-free, can anyone help? I am off of a bunch more foods lately so this was a tasty way to have some carby protein. It is def the beans and def gluten reaction. I'm dreading when I have to cut out more foods, I imagine a day when I won't be able to eat anything. I hate Celiac Disease.
  2. thanks for your feedback. I've searched the forum a few times for others with similar experiences but there are so many posts that contain "nausea" and they are submitted by undiagnosed people/newbies asking if it is a symptom of Celiac Disease so your help is appreciated! yeah, I'm starting to suspect that I've developed another intolerance. not sure to what food but I'm going to go back to basic homecooked red meat/chicken/pork/fish and green vegetables to see how I feel after a few days. I'll eat smaller meals with more veg than meat. less nausea today and no vomiting. GI doc ordered a barium test of esophagus and stomach for next week. I still have mild pain in my lower left abdomen that is probably due to some blockage in my colon so doc prescribed over the counter mild lax to help clear out. she also prescribed anti-nausea med but I'll try to do without over the weekend while I figure out what to eat.
  3. I am feeling desperate tonight. celiac disease diagnosis about 10 months ago, been gluten-free/CF since. Tested intolerant to cow and goat dairy, eggs and whites, corn and a few others over the last few months. Around the holidays I ate some treats with dairy or egg as ingredients. Didn't bother me in an obvious way but I know I am intolerant and suffer from chronic sinusitis so generally don't touch the stuff to try to keep well (although cravings have been oddly intense). Last few weeks noticed big increase in fatigue, more constipation, burping gas, lower left abdominal pain just below bottom of rib. Last week several days of serious nausea, thought hormones/PMS. Pain in abdomen became somewhat worse after the weekend, realized it wasn't from exercise. Monday, about an hour after exercise I suddenly felt awful and started throwing up so I just went to the ER. They did contrast CT scan and saw spasms and several blockages of waste. Prescribed some super powerful muscle relaxer and to take a load of over-counter fiber. Next day I felt a bit better, yesterday was more normal. Today (Thursday) drank my AM protein drink, did moderate exercise, an hour later vomit then whole day serious nausea and some vomit. I'm seeing my GI tomorrow but I'm hoping for an idea on how to feel better now. And, any ideas on what to investigate? I hate the muscle relaxer elixir (contains belladonna, phenobarbital, etc) so I haven't used it since yesterday afternoon. I wonder if the vegetable and rice protein drink is off? Or the almond milk I used? This protein drink is new to me, made by Jarrow, I've used it for about 3 weeks, never noticed any odd sickness until this week but maybe it has been building up. I used to drink Biochem Vegan protein drink and always would have to eliminate pretty quickly after exercise, maybe I am intolerant to pea protein? Would that make me sooooo ill like this?
  4. Gluten Free Chicago

    I am gluten-free, Dairy Free/Casein Free, and low-carb (in addition to some other food allergies, still working on those ingredients for dining out). The biggest problem I've encountered is cross-contamination, but these places in the city of Chicago have been great for me: Keefer's Restaurant Chicago Nookies in Lincoln Park Nookies Tree on Halsted in Lakeview Royal Thai on Montrose Smoque BBQ Drew's Eatery on Montrose Mia Francesca's Restaurants Rose's Wheat Free Bakery Evanston has the best gluten free pizza and you can select goat milk mozzarella or dairy free cheese Fattoush Restaurant was sooo delicious but is indefinitely closed since the owner passed away. Hopefully his family will reopen.
  5. thanks everyone for your feedback! although I am still very concerned, I feel a bit less anxious about it today.
  6. thanks, yes, I will follow-up with my internist. I was just hoping that someone else has had the experience and maybe it was a normal occurrence.
  7. I get some palpitations during the day, for awhile it had been almost completely resolved with iron supplements (I now take Metagenics Hemagenics 2/day) so not sure if I need to increase my iron even though my numbers are more normal. Also taking Synthroid, I'm within normal range (about 1.5 on my doc's lab reference range). But, recently I have been wearing a Polar FT60 heart rate monitor for smart exercise and at the end of my workout it displays my high and low HR - yesterday I walked up a big hill and when I reached the trail I noticed my HR decreasing from the high 140's which sort of surprised me... at the end of my exercise I reviewed my data and saw that I'd had a high of 198 (my max is 182)! Since I've been wearing the monitor for the last two weeks of workouts, I see that occasionally my heart rate goes up to 171 for about 30 secs, etc. I wouldn't know it if I wasn't wearing a monitor. I'd mentioned it to my endocrinologist/internist the other day and he said maybe it is SVT, he was not too alarmed by it. My workouts are not overly strenuous, most time is spent within 126-144 bpm, and the racing doesn't happen at every workout. My resting HR is about 64 bpm and my blood pressure is usually about 110/70. My cholesterol numbers are all great, 177 total, high HDL, moderate LDL. I am Celiac Sprue, I'm gluten-free/dairy-free and eat a low-carb diet with no caffeine. I had been taking Rhodiola and 5-HTP both of which I've stopped about 2 weeks ago. I take vitamin and mineral supplements. I am very overweight. Does anyone else have this experience? Is it normal? I'm very very worried about this being a doomsday scenario so I'm hoping your feedback will help calm my nerves.
  8. Am I posting this is the wrong place? It had loads of views but no response
  9. hi, I'm new here and newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I've been gluten-free and dairy-free for about one month with only a couple of reactions when dining out because they served me something exposed to gluten. I already eat a low-carb diet so I don't even eat gluten-substitute foods like bread, snacks, etc. mostly just proteins and vegetables. For the last couple of years (or longer, don't know) I was pretty constipated but for about the last month (since gluten-free) I have had diarrhea and felt fatigued. Is this normal in the recovery process? I'm very overweight and been trying to lose weight and haven't been able to lose one pound in months. Arg! I haven't yet seen a specialist, I was diagnosed by my endocrinologist, so I know just about nothing. Any books you could recommend?