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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cheerios Are Now Gluten Free

    i was also very excited to pick up my boxes of Cheerios this week. I know that I have had at least 5 or six bowls since and have had a bad reaction to them. I broke out with DH and severe stomach pain. I have been okay with other types of oatmeal that are made in fields only dedicated for oats. According to some reports I have been reading from those that were invited by GM to see the process they are using in order to clean the cereal they are not using dedicated gluten free oats. I don't know what others response to them will be. But I for one cannot eat them. 
  2. Hi guys, last night I went to a Christmas party and thought I had covered my tracks. They had turkey and I asked if they had made it with any breading. She told all she used was seasoning. That all sounded safe. I later found out that she had soaked it in beer the night before. I immediately felt that pain you feel in the abdomen that says "trouble is coming". Although I have not had any DH or throwing up, I have had a few Neurological symptoms and am curious if any have experienced the same reaction. I have Functional Neurological Disorder. I have events look like Neurological symptoms but are not picked up be an EEG. Last night about a half hour after my gluttening, I began to have muscle spasms all over my arms and legs. It would later turn into a full shaking of the body where i was thrown to the group shaking wildly. I finally went to the ER. Does anyone else have neuro symptoms after they have been glutened? Ken
  3. I recently broke out with DH from something i accidentally at over the holidays. Whenever I have a breakout I ask the Dr. for the prescription does of Hydrocordisone. I don't remember how long I had to take it before the DH was gone but it has been the most effective item for me to take away the itch.
  4. Hi Gang, I went to a Perkins in Fredericksburg VA this week and asked what they would suggest for gluten free meals. The waitress enthusiastically said they had a "gluten free" menu. I started to read over the selections and just before I was about to order, I saw this note that said "they do NOT recommend this menu for people with Celiac disease as they cannot promise no cross contamination." I have never read anything like this from any restaurant claiming to have a gluten free menu. I suggest that we send a strong message to the management of this national chain that we have a voice. I say don't patronize this establishment until they revise their approach to this solvable problem. Was it this hard to get places to serve people with diabetes? Ken
  5. I still used the recipe above but I believe the brining was the key. When I went to slice the chicken it fell off in nice juicy pieces. No dry chicken here. I'm going to use some of it for a pot pie later this week. Thanks for all your input. No more dry chicken for me!!
  6. Oh My Gosh!!!! I have found heaven. I soaked that bird for almost two days and put it in the slow cooker for four hours. You want to talk about something good. You have got to try this recipe!!
  7. For those that might be interested to know the answer to my last question of how to make a chicken so it doesn't come out to dry please refer to the following article: http://busycooks.about.com/od/chickenrecipes/a/howtocookchixbr.htm It says that you should soak the chicken in salt and sugar water. How long depends on how thawed the chicken is. I know it's a silly question but hey that's just me. Ken
  8. So about how long do you suppose it should take?
  9. Hello all, I know this has been discussed so forgive the repeat. I love the way this recipe smells when making it. 6 Boneless chicken breasts halves Salt and pepper 1 cup of maple flavored syrup 1/2 cup of fruit or white vinegar 1/2 cup of ketchup 1/4 cup of brown sugar. The problem: she calls for it to bake for 1 1/2 hours covered and baste for a half hour uncovered. The chicken always comes out tough and dry. What advice would you have to make the chicken more moist. Ken
  10. The BEST cake mix I have found to date is the 123 Gluten free bunt pound cake mix. It is rich and moist like I remember cakes made from scratch. Check it out.
  11. I just watch an hour long lecture by the author of this book. I had never heard of this diet before. It sounds like it's right on the money. How fast do you lost the weight? Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Hello, Silly me going out and getting another food allergy. Now i'm having to combine the celiac disease and diabetes type 2. Anyone have any advice? SillyKen
  13. I have been researching this for some time as I have been having seizures for about four years. I believe that there is a direct connection between my seizures and gluten ingestion. I ws accidently glutened at a restaunt about a month ago and my siezures got worse the next week. Ken
  14. Food Pantry Issues

    It never ceases to amaze me how compassionate I find the people on this site. In these times when so many are out of work, it brings out the best and worst in all of us. Today I have seen the best. You have restored my faith in the goodnes of people. God Bless! Ken