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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Many Family Members Have Celiac?

    Me and a 3rd cousin so far, I'm sure my Grandma has it, and my sister probably does...Who knows how many others...
  2. Need Help!

    As most of you know I'm on vacation with a friend of mine who also has celiac disease and we REALLY want chocolate chip muffins! Only they have to be Egg, Dairy, Corn, and of course gluten free! If ANYONE knows a recipe for at least gluten-free muffins please PLEASE post it, we will try to modify it anyway... Thanks in advance!!
  3. I Want A Big Mac Or Taco Supremes Now!

    Oh My Gosh, I feel your pain. Today ALL I wanted was a Double Cheese Burger, a large fry, and a 50 piece nugget....and like you it's hard to squash that feeling during certain times... I wanted it SOOOOOOOOOOO bad, and it didn't help my Dad had done the drive thru and gotten some McNuggets...I seriously wanted to cry. I've tried everything, eating a snack, having special snakes, and NOTHING can kill the craving! I think McDonald's is poisoned so that women everywhere feel the NEED to eat it. *I hate life right now*
  4. I agree, my Dad was in the military, and therefore I've been to the military doctor's and sometimes they can be a bit clueless....They see 100's of patients each and every day. And while some are actually sick, some are just trying to get out of PT, or get SOMETHING on their charts so when they leave the service they can draw better benefits. There is no honor in that at all! As far as symptoms go, for me each time I get exposed the symptoms get worse, and then the next time it takes even less to trigger me... I can't imagine eating wheat for a day, much less two months...I'd be worthless that whole time stuck in the bathroom I pray you don't have to do it, but if you do I pray you heal quickly afterwards...
  5. I Am Ready To Eat Gluten!

    Very true! Thanks for having that courage!
  6. No More Panda Express!

    Whenever I crave Chinese food I make it myself, if I'm feeling like cooking alot I get a bottle of Teryiaki (spelled wrong I know, but my spell check can't find the word ) some chicken, peas, and I make it. If I'm feeling lazy I get a box of the new gluten-free Chicken Helper Fried Rice! (I add extra pea's to it though, there never seem to be enough) It tastes AMAZING and I just love it. As for P.F Changs, I'll never eat there. The one time my Dad and I found one, we asked to look around before we decided to eat there,and there were plain wheat filled noodles EVERYWHERE, in all the other food containers, people were using the same tongs for all the foods, and it was chaos. I almost had nightmares about that place
  7. I Am Ready To Eat Gluten!

    Its good to know I'm not the only one, because I've had times when Ive considered eating gluten just to go...but I've been to embarrassed to ask about it... I've had the issue my whole life, and it got worse after my gallbladder was taken out. I actually ended up in the ER because we though I might have busted an internal stitch, but my doctor told me my entire bowel, all the way up to my stomach, was um. Full. Then two years later I got diagnosed and I was free of the D and the C....until my first glutening, then it happens like clock work, D 30 mins after for 2 hours, then after that C for up to a week.... and once it's all gotten out of my system I'm fine until my next accident. I ALWAYS drink plenty of water, we buy by the case now, I drink 4-6 bottles a day... I eat veggies (although probably not as much as I should...) I don't drink milk, the only dairy I get is from a vitamin and cheese on things like Tacos and Pizza (what?! I'm a college student! lol) Anyway thank you for finally breaching this subject!!
  8. Traveling

    Wow! Thanks for all the tips! Yes, my Dad made sure I'd have a fridge and microwave in my room! So I should be set Has anyone ever tried Austin's? It's a Tex-Mex place that's supposed to be amazing, and has a LOT of gluten-free options? Also as far as P.F Changs goes, I don't think I'll ever eat there. My Dad and I found one once, so we decided to take a look. It was awful, there were noodles EVERYWHERE and people were mixing the tongs, I just about had nightmares about that place, and we were so glad we decided to look BEFORE we ate there....I would have been sick for a month!! I LOVE Chipotles but we'll have to see how my stomach is healing, after my last glutening it's VERY sensitive to spicy foods I'm so excited! )
  9. Traveling

    I've found some stuff, I just know that people who live in the area know what places are good, what places are great, and what places to avoid unless I want to spend my vacation in the bathroom
  10. Traveling

    In the Mall area..... Have you ever been to a whole foods or trader Joes? We don't have them here so IDK how good they are...
  11. Traveling

    So, for Christmas this year my Dad's giving me a vacation, I'm going to see my two friends who both have celiac disease and live near DC. On the first part of my trip I'll be staying with my friends family, so I'll be able to get food easy. On the second leg of my trip my other friend and I will be staying in a hotel in DC, and I'm curious as to any advice you have for me (especially those of you from that area, or who have to to that area) on where to find food, and etc. I've heard Whole Foods and Trader Joes are good places? Thanks in advance!!
  12. Funny Funny

    For reals right! I buy some naturally gluten-free stuff there, like pizza sauce, fruits, meats, etc. I love my gluten-free grocery app
  13. Funny Funny

    Whose Cooper? I actually used to baby-sit a service lab I really miss him... I'm in the town 50 miles away several times a week cause I go to school there But I'll be in KC sometime soon (can't remember what date )
  14. Funny Funny

    So my Dad complained to the manager of foods at wal-mart about the lack of gluten free foods and this is how he cold me the convo went: My Dad (MD): Why does the one thing in this store that is supposedly gluten-free have wheat in it? Guy: People with gluten intolerance and celiac can still eat wheat, just not as much. MD: Um, no. People with Celiac and GI aren't supposed to consume ANY wheat products at all Guy: Listen, they can still eat it, and I can't do anything to help you. BYE. *face palm* My Dad talked to the manager of the whole store and he promised to look into gluten-free food if there is a profit in it *SIGH* I am NOT holding my breath, and still plan on going 50 miles away to get food....
  15. Random Question

    I thought you all might be curious to know that I had a rather long serious discussion with my Dad tonight about me getting a dog (it was an hour long...) And after our long talk we decided that I can start looking for a dog after my Dad gets a raise, we puppy proof, and find a good larger dog vet (My vet is more of a farm vet although he can do cats and small dogs, we have to ask if he's willing to take on anther client). He said it might take 6 months....but he promised since (and I quote) "This sounds very important to you" that he would try to get it done as soon as we could. Now he/she (I'm leaning towards a she, I've been doing research for MONTHS and he knows it) would not be a "service dog" per-say, but I am considering getting us both certified for Therapy work, since my Major does have a LOT to do with Children (Childrens Ministry lol) and my minor is Deaf Com. But Therapy dogs aren't the same as a service dog (as I'm sure you know) @GFinDC Dad and I even discussed the cost of said Dog, which is why we are waiting on the raise ;-) Right now I'm looking for a dog for companionship, friendship, playmate, and even a guard dog to some degree. And my biggest concern is "Will my Cats hate me?" lol But they've never cared about our current dog. Anyway...Sorry that post is rather long and it's really celiac related.... Thanks for all the input!