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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I forgot to add, during bike rides I've tried everything - bananas, lunch, no lunch, bars. Nothing works. I also find that if I wait for others to eat lunch that seems to aggravate things too, though that might be because I drink too much water since we're stopped.
  2. Thank you for your replies! I'm certain it's not over-exertion since it happens other times as well, though it always helps to just sit sill. I'm honestly not very particular about what I eat before, just so long as I get enough calories in to hold me over. I usually eat later in the evening too just to be sure. My next ride I'm thinking of eating a home cooked pile of mildly spiced soft rice, well cooked veggies and fish the night before. I do suspect that drinking caffeine in the morning does something. That's just been really hard to test because usually these longer rides/hikes involve getting up early. I need a substitute. KCG91 - thank you for the drink recipe! I will try this out. I find when biking, drinking something sweet doesn't go down well so I might balance the sugar/salt ratio a bit more.
  3. Hi, For the last few years (after diagnosis) I've been getting awful naseau during long bike rides or hikes. I can't figure out what to do. It's frustrating because now I am able to build muscle, but the nausea just wipes me out. Everything I read online addresses nausea after a workout, not during. It usually starts once I eat, so I suppose I could not eat, but that doesn't work either. I am wary of gels because of the chemicals in them (I can't drink gatorade or soda for example). But I'm also not sure what the issue is. Is it simply too much for me? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. I found the first 3 months the hardest because I got a headache every time I tried to prepare something to eat. The lifestyle adjustment was misery making. But after that it's been easy. The only time I eat gluten is on the occasion when I go out for asian food and get something that has soy sauce in it. I have found that I feel fine after but I its not good either. But like others said, I feel like gluten is so bad for me that I don't feel tempted to eat it. Hopefully you'll end up feeling the same way. It makes this a almost easy.
  5. Wow, thanks all. I didn't really expect any responses since my complaints seem so random. I appreciate your insights & I'll follow up on them. Thanks again!
  6. Its been 2 1/2 years since I went gluten free. I've seen very huge improvements overall but I have some new symptoms and some complaints. I still have some odd skin rashes on my face. I can't figure out what is causing them or how to heal them. Neither can the doctors. They are sort of like very dry patches. The other is the yo=yo weight. I'm small, so it's only a weight gain and loss of 3 pounds but that's almost a full size for me. Add to that the bloating and I can be much bigger some weeks than others. This bloating started about 3 months ago. I think my body is still healing and changing. I'm also going thru early menopause so that doesn't help. I don't know what else to do except continue to wait. It's frustrating. Thanks for listening.
  7. Ahh.. So THATs why I can pour on the olive oil! It sounds like you eat like I do -- lots of veggies. Thanks for the tips.
  8. I tried the low carb / paleo /etc for a number of months. I learned that I can't eat light weight carbs (white rice, potatos) on a regular basis and that I feel better if I moderate my carbs. But it never solved the snacking
  9. I have actually tried the paleo diet - it didn't help. (I really am working on this!) Pricklypear I will follow up on your suggestion about hypoglycemia/diabetes. My sugar tests normal but I have the sense that there is something about sugar that I dont' know how to manage. I'll look into a glucose monitor.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts.. I am not low on vitamins, I've had that checked. And though I still struggle with constipation, I know for sure if I don't snack that tends to subside. I'm trying to change food combinations. My newest strategy is to cut back on sugar even more than I had. But it's hard because I feel so up and down and my stomach feels so hollow.
  11. My weight is fine and has been consistent for a long time. The eating feels a bit anxiety filled, but I think its frustration from not feeling satiated if that makes sense. Compared to before when I eat I do feel like I'm absorbing my food, so I have come a long way... I guess I just have a very long way more to go?
  12. I'm trying to figure out what needs to change in my diet so that I stop constantly snacking. My diet is healthy but I can't seem to last in between meals and I snack on nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, chips.. it's driving me crazy. I've been gluten free for 2 years and have done a lot of different things with my diet as my body has changed. My thoughts are that I need to hydrate more. But beyond that.. why am I snacking? Prior to diagnosis I was incessantly hungry or weak and I ate constantly. I also couldnt' digest full sized meals. Now I am able to eat 500 - 600 calories at a sitting but still I snack! It's frustrating too because I can't figure out if its a nutrition deficiency, just bad habits or a symptom of a food intolerance. I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
  13. I had tingling and numbness that actually got worse after I went gluten free and scared me for over a year. However at the 2 year mark it's a very mild symptom. I took sublingual b-12 which helped a lot in the beginning but after that I focused on diet and supplements. I have found the healing process to be very slow but steady. One thought is to take a look at your sugar and caffeine intake, both what you are consuming and when. I have found that I am much more sensitive after going gluten free. It was actually causing major mood swings until I changed how I eat sweet food. This might not be relevant at all but I found that I needed to add strength training to my exercise regimen to help with some of the physical symptoms like jumpiness and anxiety. In hindsight I think my muscle strength was coming back (I didn't know it had gone actually) but doing a weight class and yoga has calmed my body down a bit. Neuro symptoms are tough!Good luck.
  14. I'd second the b-12 sublingual suggestion. I had numbness for a long while and b-12 and being gluten free made the symptoms almost completely go away.
  15. I gained about 6 pounds 8 months prior to going gluten free. My body was getting really sick then, and then much worse after going gluten free. Many of the symptoms have now lifted - not all though and one of them is this weight gain. I do not want to diet because my weight was basically the same for 20 years prior to this weight gain. I want to understand how to eat. Before my eating habits were crazy - chronic hunger & small appetite made eating complicated. Now I do experience hunger and satiation which I appreciate. My frustration is that I don't think I eat that much. Maybe that is normal? I don't exercise as much as I used to because of a long commute but I don't want to depend on exercise for this weight loss because I suspect that's not the issue. I'm finding that if I eat a small salad for dinner my weight lowers but if I eat a normal size meal - I didn't cook so it was a crazy combination last night: corn chips (snack while heating food), 2 c okra, beans and onion w tablespoon yoghurt, 2 pieces udi toast - I am 2 pounds heavier this morning. How is the meal I described TOO much food?? I'm guessing thats 600 calories. I think all day I ate maybe 1500 calories. But maybe I'm completely wrong? I did try putting more meat in my diet but I'm not a meat eater and my body smell and feel was weird. Thanks for listening! I really appreciate your help!