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  1. Hi! My daughter has an enamel defect on one of her top front permanent teeth. She was diagnosed 11 months ago, and I had been wondering about that spot for some time! Too bad most dentists don't know more about celiac disease - they could help alot of people reach a diagnosis earlier!!!
  2. Hi ocdsgirl, I felt compelled to reply. Exactly one year ago I was in your shoes, trying to figure out what was wrong with my 8 year old daughter. She was underweight (growing taller, but not gaining), and complaining of an undefined but scary feeling in her stomach. She was truly panicked by how she was feeling. I did alot of research and thinking and it seemed to me that wheat might be the problem. Her doctor said that her symptoms were not indicative of celiac disease, but I insisted on a blood test. Boy, did her doctor eat her words!!! (Chalk one up for doctor Mom!) My daughter's TTG IGA antibody test came back at 204.8 (very high!) Normal would be under 20. With a number that high it is about 95% likely that a person has celiac disease. She had a scope (BIOPSY OF THE SMALL INTESTINE) which confirmed celiac, and she has since been on the wonderful road to recovery. Since August 7th, 2009 she has been on a gluten free diet. She has gone from 55 lbs to 70+, grown taller, is up 2 sizes in clothing, and MOST IMPORTANTLY she feels great. My 11 year old son was tested in December (He was not symptomatic - or not like my daughter was - except for being small in stature) My son SURPRISINGLY is celiac as well, and is now gluten free. I do not have any experience with Chrone's disease. I do know that often one autoimmune disease makes you more suceptible to another. I know the idea of a biopsy seems scary, but it is the only way to positively confirm what is going on inside. If your son's diagnosis is Celiac disease, please know that there is support out there and that by changing his diet he will be feeling better REAL SOON! Good Luck! Cindy G