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  1. I have been trying to find something for the burning itch.. Nothing so far.. Doctor keeps giving me a antihistimaine, which doesn't do anything.. On the bad days I take it to try to fool myself.. lol.. Thank you for the suggestion.. I will defiantely try that..
  2. Hello Everyone!! I am so excited to find other Canadians to relate to, especially product wise.. I have not met anyone else with Celiac or DH.. So frustrating.. I was just diagnosed this year.. It is very hard to manover in this new world. There is really not alot of info or support here in Oshawa Ontario.. I have met alot of great and helpful people on some online support groups including on here but all are in USA and other countries and not many conversations relate to me other than the actual disease.. I would be so nice to know people I can relate to about stores and restuarants.. PM me anytime.. Huggss Deb
  3. I have the same thing on my left elbow.. It covers the whole tip.. It gets really sore, especially in a flare up.. I am really new to this with no cinfirmed diagnoses but I am positive that this is DH..