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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi everyone Can I ask if anyone's taken the bull by the horns and only ever eats whole foods rather than incorporating processed products labelled as Gluten Free into their diet? I have to admit I find it very difficult to steer away from all these tempting foods that hold out the promise of being gluten free, but even eating them in moderation I find myself continually being 'glutened.' These products conform to the 20 ppm codex but they're still causing me problems, not necessarily immediately, but over the course of time there's a cumulative effect that's definately affecting me. I guess I'm going to have to be more disciplined and begin labelling these products as out of reach or at least only eat them very rarely and as a treat. My consultant's never said that I should steer away from these products, but I'm beginning to feel that long term the only safe option is to avoid all processed foods and flours whatever their claims. Are we kidding ourselves consuming these products and damaging our health?
  2. Increased Sensitivity After Going Gluten Free?

    Sorry for taking so long to thank everyone for their replies, my mind's only just started to get back into gear after the glutening. Well, I guess it looks like 100% whole foods from now on then. Deep down I think I knew what may have been happening with the processed 'gluten free' stuff, but after giving up quite a few things I enjoyed eating, it was just nice to have found something I thought I could eat w/o having problems. I'll give the sausage recipe a go TMBarke, thank-you. At least I'll know for sure that it will only contain those products I've included, no more taking a gamble even on those processed foods I thought I could trust, or at least perhaps as a treat once in a while.
  3. Doctor Won't Help Me

    Hi Rita, I'm based in the UK, so not too sure how much the US healthcare system differs - but could you raise your concerns with the Gastroenterologist? A few years back I also had raised liver enzymes and was diagnosed with NAFLD. Looking back what I actually had was autoimmune liver disease caused by the Celiac. I know how hard it is to navigate a way around the medical professonals as well as coping with this condition, but if you feel it's Celiac, that's what counts - unfortunately from my experience it can take a while for others to catch-up with us.
  4. I just wanted to ask if anyone feels that the longer they're gluten free, the more sensitive they seem to become? For the past few months I've mostly only eaten whole foods, chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, eggs and lactsose free cheese/milk - the only processed food I've eaten are a brand of sausages that adhere to the 20 ppm codex. I seemed to be doing well and thought I'd finally got a good handle on how to live with this condition and now you guessed it, I'm back to square one with all the old symptoms again I have to admit I have eaten the sausages a couple of times over the course of each week, out of hunger really rather than appetite - so maybe it's a cumulative effect? Does this mean only eating anything that's entirely whole from now on? There just doesn't seem to be much left that I can eat without worrying.
  5. Chicken?

    The more I think about it, the more I'm beginning to wonder if I also have problems with corn Only one way to know for sure I guess and that's to cut that out too, it's not easy is it, even after a diagnosis working out what's OK and what's not.
  6. Hi everyone, Can I ask for your opinions about chicken and gluten contamination? I've been OK and gradually putting on weight well I thought I was on the up, but in the last 10 days or so I've lost ground. I'm sticking to whole foods, mainly roast chicken, chicken breasts, beef, fish, veggies, fruit and Orgran Corn and Veg Pasta, however last week I downgraded the quality of chicken breasts I bought. They're produced for Sainsbury's and have no added ingredients. I've contacted them and they say nothing will have been added - I'm cutting them out of the diet just to see how I react (hopefully better), but from everyone's experience, am I clutching at straws or is it possible they may have been injected with Hydrolized Vegetable Protein? I honestly thought cutting out all processed foods (other than Orgran) would rule out any potential setbacks.
  7. I've only been diagnosed for a few months and still finding my feet, mostly by trial and quite a bit of error Last week my wife made a cake using an Orgran mix (I feel confident with Australian regulations), and I'm back to the bad old days again. The cake tin was obviously cleaned after being used with gluten (prior to diagnosis) and lined with grease proofed paper, do you think it's possible this is the source of my problems? To be honest I feel I'm clutching at straws with this, am I being overly paranoid or is this is a legitimate concern? How can a gluten particle be absorbed into the cake etc. I was 'glutened' a fortnight ago with some chocolate, but from past experience that mistake should have worn off by now.
  8. What a great bunch of people use these boards I really can't thank-you you all enough for taking the time and effort to help me get some perspective on all this. Deep down I know that there's no logic wasting more time thinking about what could have been, by going down that road I'm effectively giving more of the present to the condition I'm going to print off all your replies and when the 'what if' and 'if only' thoughts pop up - knock myself back into reality with your words of wisdom.
  9. Hi everyone I'm new to the boards, but not new to Celiac Disease. I've only recently been diagnosed with the condition after 13 years of ill health, going from one doctor to another and either being told that there's nothing wrong with me or that sometimes 'in life we have to endure bad health...' On one hand I can say to myself that I haven't given up and finally have a chance to try to get my life back, but over the last few months all I keep thinking, is why was I so stupid not to work it out for myself? I feel responsible and guilty for what I've put my family through and the impact it's had on my life. I can live with the effects it's had on my life if it were caused solely by the illness, but I'm really struggling with the knowledge that I'm also to blame for not working it out earlier. What I thought began as an ear infection caused by a virus, was in fact lactose intolerance and glue ear, made worse by being given antibiotics (I think that that's made the celiac worse). A few years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver (never drink) and assumed that that was the cause of all my problems, only to hit problems with Grave's Disease. With the NAFLD diagnosis I thought that was the end of it all and once that had been healed I'd be OK, but you guessed it, I ate gluten every so often and kicked off the thyroid problem.. I've never had gas, bloating or abdominal pain, only variable constipation - but even so what was wrong with me not to join all the dots and find the elephant in the room. What makes it worse is that I had an idea it could be celiac and decided to give up all bread anyway, but didn't feel any better or watch every tiny detail of my diet Maybe by that time the liver problem was masking the celiac, I really just don't know. I'm trying to keep going, stay focused and remain positive, but at the same time I'm becoming more and more depressed that just a simple adjustment to my diet would have made such a huge difference to my life and my family's. I'm sorry for sounding so negative, maybe it's all part of the healing process and coming to terms with everything not just physically but also emotionally. I'm just so tired of it all and if I'm honest I'm not sure I can undo the damage that's been done.