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  1. Popping back in to see if anyone else can help?
  2. Hello all, Posted this in a different forum but didn't get many responses...I am a 38 yo woman who is recently gluten-free (self diagnosed) - I took our 4 yo off gluten on the advice of a friend whose son is autistic (ours is not) and I have seen a big improvement on his speech etc. So we all went gluten-free - I never thought I had any issues until after a few weeks of limited gluten I had a piece of bread and I got cramps and mucus - not pleasant. Went away after a few hours and was OK after that. No problems before this, no intestinal issues at all - the only hint was that I took Colon Cleanse pills once and thought I would die and after pregnancy they gave me another and the pain was unbearable then too, but this was years ago. No problems with dairy etc etc. So after the bread incident, I knew to stay away from gluten but had a little here and there with no problems at all. Then a week ago and I go for sushi and have a milk-based drink and within a few hours my intestines are in knots and I vomit. Pain goes away after a few hours. Next day, no thinking it is milk, I have cereal late at night and a few hours later I have the same pain and vomit again. Next day I did no gluten and no dairy, and at night I had a big salad and within a few hours, my pain came back again but no vomiting. Next day (Friday), I am weak and jittery and shaky - I figure eggs are safe so I have a couple of soft boiled eggs and within 30 minutes my stomach and intestines hurt - not like before - but they still hurt. Then I went to the clinic and they tested for everything - they didn't think it was a food issue but thought staying off dairy would be a good idea...at this point I was convinced it was not food but a parasite or virus. Then the next day I eat a little sour cream and yogurt and no problems, so I think "OK, I can have dairy then" and so the next day I have a little ice cream with our son and then have cereal at night (this was last night) and I am screaming in pain again. The clinic thank god gave me some vicodin for the pain and this was the worst pain night yet, so I took some... Then this morning I get a call from the clinic and there are no parasites, so now I am assuming it is the milk giving me the problems...I have no problems going off of dairy or wheat, but I need some help in figuring out what proteins I can have that are digested easily...Although I am overweight, I have a real problem with food - as in not eating enough calories and food is often unappetizing to me, so my go-to foods have always been centered around dairy. (When I was pregnant that is all I could eat was dairy)... The last bit of info (thanks for reading so far!) is that I now have an appointment in 10 days with a GI specialist and in 1 month our son and I are going to an allergist who is also a DO for food allergy testing...Oh, and I am low thyroid and been in thyroxine for as long as I can remember... Thanks everyone - any and all advice is welcome.. Tara
  3. Sorry - not sure what happened there! I need a good source of easy to digest protein - worried about eggs as well. Suggestions? Also, another question - do our digestive systems work a lot at night? Wonder why all my pain is at night..
  4. thanks Apache- great advice...so an update - went to Multicare and they gave me some vicodin for my extreme nightime pain and took stool, blood and urine testing - sice stool takes a few days I was hoping it was a parasite until I heard back today that it isn't. So backtrack - the niht I went to Multicare, I was avoiding dairy and of course gluten and still starts getting pain - so I took a vicodin (what Multicare prescribed) and slept better than I had in days. Next day felt good and no issues - that night hubby gave me a tiny bit of sour cream and I had 2 spoonful of yogurt with my son and zero problems at all - slept great in fact. Next day I eat no gluten or dairy until nighttime - my hubby took our son for ice cream and I had a little - no immediate issues so later last night I thought "must not be dairy" and I had cereal and milk. 3 hours later in the night - whammo again! Pain so intense I couldn't breathe and so had to take vicodin again... Multicare called today to say no parasites so hey want me to go to a GI....in the meantime I am worrid about getting enough protein and without t hurting my stomach - any suggestions? I am str
  5. Read on here that gluten-free grains can be hard on the stomach when first new to gluten-free diet and I think that must be why I am in pain almost every night no matter what I eat - dairy made me throw up (could have been soy) and even a salad gave me stomach pain which starts as an uncomfortable intestine, then stomach pain. Our son who just turns 4 was diag with a slight low tone issue and since a year ago we have been getting speech therapy and it has been great. Recently a woman with an autistc son I met suggested I remove gluten from our son's diet and what a difference! His speech has improved, his exzema (which was a fairly recent thing) is almost gone and his moods are a little better. No gastro issues and none for my husband who was told years ago my a cranial sacral therapist that he was likely gluten intolerant. Of course we have splurged on gluten-free packaged goods and since we eat a lot of read and have found Udi's I am eating a lot of it, but as of until his week (we have been gluten-free free for about a month and only rcently have I been more adamant for myself (I mistakenly thought I was the one who was the healthiest and could still eat gluten if I wanted to!) I have been fine. This week for 4/5 nights I have gotten intestinal cramps and stomach pain intermittent for several hours and then it goes away. Some times I have diahhrea, some times like now I am constipated and each time it is at night. Today for instance I had Udi's bread and part of their lemon muffin and water with 2 eggs and no problems. Then later int he day I had just 2 soft boiled eggs (thinking it would be easy to digest) and within 30 minutes I got cramping and pain. Previous times I had dairy and actually threw up from the dairy... I am rambling now but what can I eat where my guts won't b so messed up? Someone had said bananas, applesauce, rice and something else for 4-6 mths until mh intestines heal -anything else I can eat? I am overweight due to a thyroid issue and some past almost starvation months, although I take thyroxine. Other huge issue is that I need to get enough protein or I feel crappy so I have a non denatured whey protein - haven't had it latly so I am worried how my body will take it... Lastly I have a huge issue not eating - my body hangs onto my fat stores and nt let them go so I am malnourished although I am overweight. It is an emotional, self-care issue and I am seeing a therapist who is helping me with that and childhood abuse issues. Other supplements I take for anxiety inlcude B vitamins and a tiny dose of lithium. Thanks in advance for any help! Tara