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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. yes!!! i know exactly what your saying, i feel like that most days a really icky weak feeling in the morning and then by late afternoon early evening i tend to feel a lot better, is s strange, sometimes when at work i feel all lopsided as if im going to walk into something is awful! I havent been diagnosed as yet waiting to see gastro but searching for answers in the meantime!
  2. Thanks so much for replying, i did start on gluten free fro a few weeks but have since gone back on it as i thought it would give a better picture to the gastro doctor when i finally get to see him really hoping i get some answers!
  3. just wondered if this is a symptom of coeliac? Ive been having problems for around 3 years now and am at my wits end!Started after a holiday to dominican in july 07 where i was hospitalised with sever 'holiday tummy!'ive never been right since, have pain in intestine area (if i press it)very loose stools on a daily basis, but not like watery diahrrea more fatty(sorry for being so descriptive!)sometimes have what feels like a total emptying of intestines as if ive got a tummy bug -but not, i get these chills in my body and feel like i just cant get warm no matter what i do its so uncomfortable, also gas(severe) bloating, cant concentrate at work and have such wobbly legs and weakness in my body have had bloods done for everything including coeliac and apparently i am totally healthy and doc says just anxiety and 'a bit of ibs' its like a total nightmare the doc has finally referred me to gastro but got to wait..and doc also said that gastro will prob just send me home telling me its IBS!! i really hope not!! I just want to geton with normal life used to run and cycle etc but now barely manage to live day to day life!