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  1. Okay, my gastro doctor doesn't seem to believe in gluten intolerance. Just Celiac. If tests show Celiac, then gluten-free is the way to go. Otherwise, no gluten intolerance. I tested negative to everything except for the gene test. Considering my digestion issues plus the positive gene test, I went gluten free, thinking that perhaps I really am gluten intolerant. My doctor thinks I'm being extreme and ridiculous. So, two tests showed that I have chronic acid reflux and also bacerial overgrowth in my stomach. The doctor put me on Nexium (which I decided *not* to take) and also an anitibiotic (Xifaxan). I went gluten free two weeks before I started the antibiotics, and was feeling great (no stomach pain after eating or floaty diarreah). I'm about 5 days into the antibiotic, and my stomach pain is back. Really bad. It's making me wonder if the doctor is right, and I'm not gluten intolerant after all. But I'm also wondering if the antibiotic is upsetting my stomach? But it is supposed to be getting rid to the bacteria, so I would think I should only be feeling better. ????? I'm also taking a probiotic and vitamin D supplements (as I'm vitamin D deficient). I just don't know what to do. The way I'm feeling lately... it seems that gluten free isn't taking care of my stomach issues. I know for a fact the days my stomach has been hurting, I didn't ingest gluten... I have been at home and been very very careful. Other tests also concluded I wasn't allergic to lactose or fructose, so I don't think that's the issue either. I'm tempted to forget the whole thing. Maybe my doctor is right. Edited to say, I've also been exhausted since starting the antibiotics. Like, wanting to sleep a couple hours in the middle of the day. Not like me!!
  2. I'm so bummed. This is my second week of gluten free, and so far everything has been going great. I ate Trader Joes taco shells tonight which says on the label "no gluten ingredients used", but my stomach is having a bad reaction. I know it's the shells and nothing else, because I only ate them with ground beef (no seasoning), cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado (i never have a problem with these things). How can a product that touts being free of gluten be tainted? I'm so discouraged and feel I can't trust any label. I'm doubled over in pain. Did anyone else ever have a problem with these taco shells?
  3. I've been gluten free 8 days now. My stomach has never felt better. But I've been SO tired. I have to take a nap during the day. I'm exhausted by 8:00 at night and just feel like going to sleep. I feel like sleeping in every morning. I'm not normally so tired. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with going gluten free? I don't quite understand it.
  4. So you wouldn't take the Nexium the dr. prescribed? You would try gluten free for a while and see if the acid reflux clears up? Yes, they did do a biopsy after the endoscopy and it was negative for celiac. I have been gluten free for three days and it's possible it's just my imagination but I can tell a difference. I have had no stomach pain or bloating for three days. I'm still having joint pain though. I'm vitamin d deficient too though, so it might have something to do with that since I'm sure it will take a while to increase my levels (I'm taking 5000 iu's of D3 a day). I appreciate the responses. Please let me know if I shouldn't be taking the Nexium pills.
  5. I finally got hold of my blood tests and have a clearer picture. My celiac panel was negative. The DQ2 test was positive. My endoscopy results were negative for celiac but showed I had GERD and also the doctor suspects bacteria in small intestine (just did breath test for this awaiting results). My other issues are joint pain, stomach pain immediately (10 minutes) after eating, gas, bloating, sometimes floaty diarreah. I have restless leg syndrome and hypoglycemia. I've listed these things on here before in previous posts, but I was under the impression before that I tested postive for gluten sensitivity. Now I realize I only tested positive for the carrying the DQ2 gene. I'm suspecting this changes things right? So, with all this info, what would you do? My gastro dr. thinks going gluten free is unnecessary since my blood tests were negative. He wants to put me on Nexium for GERD and have me take probiotics. If you were me, based on the above info, would you go gluten free? Or am I taking this too far?
  6. TMI, I know but I'm really wondering this... I don't have diarrhea every day like a lot of people here do, but when I do, the BM is greasy and floating. My question... is "normal" diarrhea often like this, or is this a gluten specific thing? Just wondering if this is another sign for me. Thanks and again sorry if it's TMI.
  7. He did say he took samples from a few different areas. He made it seem though that he could tell a lot by just looking at the picture, pretty much diagnosing me negative right there. I don't like this doctor, can you tell? I'm going to start gluten free on my own despite the results anyway, so in a way I guess it doesn't matter much. It's just frustrating!!
  8. The doctor told me afterwards that it showed I had acid reflux. He told me I should start taking prilosec. Also, he said there was redness somewhere else (I forget) which indicated to him a lack of good bacteria. He said he couldn't see anything that would make him think celiac. Although we are waiting on the biopsy for sure. My question... isn't acid reflux a good indication (along with my other symptoms) of a gluten intolerance? Would lack of good bacteria also be a symptom? This particular doctor doesn't seem convinced that gluten is my problem (even though one blood test came back stating a wheat intolerance). It's like he's looking at all these things in isolation of each other. I asked him if the above two things he found today could be causing my malabsorption issue with D, and he said no. Sooooo, why doesn't he want to get to the bottom of what might be causing it?? If my biopsy comes back and says no celiac, I have a feeling this doctor will just treat my symptoms (above) and be done with me.
  9. Before my endoscopy, I'm trying to eat lots of gluten. I've always had tummy trouble, but honestly never paid much attention and put two and two together, because I thought it was normal and everyone experienced the same things. So last night, I had pita bread slices with hummus. Then had a sub with white bread with avocados, tomatoes, cheese, onion, and sprouts (Melly Mushroom). Last night I felt okay... felt stuffed thought and bloated. This morning my stomach reallly hurts. I have stinging pains everwhere. I'm extremely bloated. I feel like I need to lean over and press on my stomach. I have bad gas. Does this sound like a reaction to gluten? I mean, the hummus and veggies on the sandwhich wouldn't cause this right? It's not normal to feel this way after eating? Or would a gluten reaction set in right after eating (last night)?
  10. Thanks everyone for their responses. I saw an internal medicine doctor today and they scheduled an endoscopy for monday morning (next week!). I'm so glad they are willing to do it so soon. Even if the results are negative, I plan to start a gluten free diet anyway and see if my symptoms improve.
  11. Thank you. Yes, I don't plan to stop eating gluten until after my endoscopy. Although I have to say, I'm almost 100% convinced all my health issues are related now. I hope it doesn't take long to schedule the endoscopy. I want to see results now by starting the diet. I've been researching the last few days, and now I'm wondering if I've been describing my facial pain problem wrongly to doctors. Since the pain involved my jaw joints and pain to the muscles surrounding it, I assumed it was TMJ. But the more I'm reading, the more I think it would be catogorized as Myofascial Pain Syndrome, which is in the same class as Fibromyalgia... which seems indicative of Celiac. So, needless to say... I'm more convinced then ever that all my problems are gluten related!!! I can't tell you how happy I am to have this figured out for myself. A year and a half ago is when this facial pain started happening. All of a sudden it was unrelenting chronic pain. In the last few months, I've noticed other pain... wrists and thumbs, elbows, and leg pain. Restless leg syndrome has been there and comes and goes. I've also lost 10 pounds in the last few months without explanation. I haven't changed my eating habits. And now to know that my vitamin d levels are extremely low... well, it just seems like it's all coming together. My neurologist prescribed 50,000 i.u. of D a DAY!! This seems indicitive of a malabsoption issue, yes?
  12. Thank you so much for your responses! I think I'm understanding things better now. One last question I have, is if I'm just "gluten intolerant", do I need to be AS careful with gluten like if DID have celiac? My understanding is with Celiac, one can not even have a trace of wheat. Must a gluten intolerant person be as strict? Thanks again!! I really appreciate it. I'm going to definitely get a endoscopy done.
  13. He was asking if I had any other health issues, so I told him about the above list. That's why he decided to order all these blood tests. I'm not sure exactly what the blood tests were. (I should have asked him for the results myself) He didn't tell me to schedule a gastric biopsy. Just told me to stop eating wheat and read a book on celiac. But I'm confused because I don't think he said the blood tests showed I had celiac, but just that they showed I was wheat intolerant. I'm wondering if *all* my other health issues are related now. Do you think I should go and get more testing done? See another kind of doctor? Thank you for your response.
  14. I meant to add too, that the blood tests showed I was very, very low in vitamin D. Which again, I'm wondering if that's related to Celiac.
  15. I saw a neurologist for TMJ headache/jaw pain I've had chronically for the past year. He ran a ton of blood tests to see if there was some underlying issue at play. He told me that the blood tests showed that I was wheat intolerant and that I need to stop eating wheat and I should read a book on Celiac Disease. I'm confused. Does a blood test show that I *do* have Celiac Disease? Or does it just show that I'm gluten intolerant? Should I get tested further for Celiac? If I have Celiac, I need to know since it is such a lifestyle change!!!I have had these health issues and never made a connection before, but now I'm wondering if they are related at all to Celiac (or just gluten). My other question is, can I have these health issues just from eating gluten, and NOT having Celiac? Or would these things be indicitive of having Celiac? TMJ joint and muscle pain - chronic restless leg syndrome- comes and goes bloating after I eat anything. (funny... i used to tell people that I fill up after eating a dinner roll. hmmm) wrist and thumb pain- comes and goes hypoglycemia