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  1. So when do you think I should add the sauce?
  2. Thank you all for your help:) Karichelle, you said not to use a slowcooker to cook anything with sugar, right? Well I have a slowcooker cookbook for people who need to be gluten-free and a lot of the recipes call for sugar in them, but the recipes were also made especially to be cooked in slowcookers, so is that still okay? Also, would adjusting the heat and cook time prevent me from having add enough to make the pot 3/4 full?
  3. Yesterday I made turkey meatballs with an apricot dressing on top. The meatballs were fine, but the sugar in the apricot dressing burned and stuck to the sides of the pot. I've had similar experiences with sugar burning to the sides of the pot as well as with meat drying out
  4. I have a 4.5 quart slow cooker and have noticed that most everything I cook in there comes out dry or burnt around the edges. Well, most of the recipes I have used call for a 2.5 quart slow cooker, so I'm wondering if it is possible to make adjustments to the recipe, cooking time, or level of heat in order to avoid these mistakes again. Thanks!
  5. Ate Gluten Last Night

    Yes, it is my own fault I know. I was at a new grocery store and in a rush and I have a terrible habit of grabbing things without reading the label, though I am MUCH better at reading labels than I was, but I still slip sometimes. And thank you for responding. I feel like less of a fraud now.
  6. Hello all! I'm hoping somebody here can help me figure out an answer to a perplexing problem I noticed last night. What happened was I ate a cup of noodles and some fig newton type bars that I could have sworn were gluten free, but they weren't. The thing that I don't understand is that I didn't seem to have any sort of reaction. No extra joint pain, no sleep problems, no stomach problems, nothing of that sort. About an hour after I ate those foods I noticed slight neurological problems, what my doctor thinks are seizures, but nothing out of the ordinary because they happen every day. They may or may not have been triggered by the gluten. But in the past I have been accidentally glutened and gotten congested, had stomach problems, etc. It seems to be a little different every time. I'm just really confused right now as to why sometimes I seem to react and sometimes I don't. Or maybe I just don't notice it. I've been totally gluten free since February/March and only noticed a little bit of improvement with joint pain. Still have sleeping problems and neurological problems, though my skin and hair look and feel much better now without gluten. Like I said, my GP thinks I might have Epilepsy and I am going to see a neurologist at the end of May, and my old GI doc thinks I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome because I have most of the symptoms of type 3, plus some possible heart/circulatory stuff, so those would explain the continuing neurological and joint pain issues. Still, sometimes I feel like a faker, especially today.
  7. Thank you Lucia! Do hummus or any sort of nut butters contain lactose? I thought I heard somewhere that they do.
  8. Hello! I am looking for easy to make gluten free, lactose free snacks. Premade snacks would also work well as I am trying to figure out what exactly I can buy at the store that would be alright. I recently (as in just last night) discovered that I cannot have chocolate or butter as they contain lactose too. Previously I thought it was just milk, cream, and yogurt, but I guess I am more sensitive than I thought. Also, I cannot have aspartame and am trying to slowly reduce my refined sugar intake. Last week I found out I will be granted access to a kitchen here at my school, but only for an hour a week, so I need some easy bake/make, easy to store, snacks that I can grab and go in between classes and meals. I already eat produce and nuts, but I need to spice it up a little. Does anybody have any suggestions? Books maybe?
  9. I've no doubt I'm addicted to something about sweet foods, be it sugar or something else, but I can't figure out why, not that it really matters. My brothers and parents were never big on candy. A few sweets here and there, but that's all. Not like me who can easily spend $20+ on candy alone. At one point I was buying at least $30-$40 worth of candy a month. For awhile I had curbed the habit, but I feel it creeping back in, slowly but surely. The food journal thing is a very good idea. Might help me find hidden gluten, lactose, and aspartame as well. Stevia is what I usually use for sweetener, though I have to buy the cheap stuff because I don't have much money now. When I was younger I went to a nursery and they had Stevia plants and they let me take a few leaves and eat them. It was very interesting because it was super sweet, but a different kind of sweet. I can't explain it, but it just tasted different than sugar. Ever since then I have wanted to grow my own but am unable to now. Someday. Willpower is normally something I'm pretty good at except when it comes to sweets. I cave so easily. It's funny because I get lots of compliments on how I don't give up easily and how I can keep working even when I am really sick or in pain, but with sweets it's the exact opposite. Like I said before, I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to something about them. Baking and cooking is something I really want to get into. The problem is that at my college I don't have access to the kitchen (yet) but it is something I am working on. I just get frustrated with not being able to eat the desserts they serve because they have gluten. Good thing I like fruit, because sometimes that's what I have for dessert! Skylark- A few things about your post confused me, so I am hoping you can explain some thing further. First, are you saying that grapes are bad because they have natural glutamate and salicylates? And is natural glutamate bad? Is there a way to tell what exactly I am addicted to so that I can pay closer attention to that/those specific foods? Also, do you have any websites or forums about this topic that you would recommend?
  10. Hi all! I know some of you have gone down this path, cutting out refined sugars and all. Lately this has been a topic that is starting to intrigue me, so let me explain a bit about why I am interested. As a kid I was always the child that would be happy eating only candy everyday. That's not to say I don't like healthy foods, because I did and still do. I love most fruits and quite a few veggies and could easily consume a whole bag of grapes in minutes. But I would also eat spoonfuls of bleached sugar straight from the bag. Sugar never made me sick either, so I could eat boat loads of it and feel fine. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to refined sugar and I've taken many nutrition classes, so I know about hidden sugars, other names for sugar, how to read labels, and all that stuff, but it doesn't matter. Half of what I buy at the store is candy and I always regret it later, but I still buy it every week. In addition to that I have a lot of health problems that nobody can figure out. I'm pretty sure it's neurological in nature and several doctors have suggested possible Epilepsy, though nobody has been able to confirm it. While I do not think sugar is causing my health problems, it certainly isn't helping, and Aspartame causes even worse problems. To be honest I am not sure I totally want to cut all refined sugars out of my diet. At least not now. Maybe later, years down the road. Maybe never. But I want to reduce my refined sugar intake. Does anybody have any advice or resources?
  11. Went to the doctor yesterday and all they told me was to come back next week for an EKG and probably Holter monitor. That's about all because my pulse was normal while I was there.
  12. Wooh! Doctors appointment on Monday February 13th! And the doctor sounds very good, so I'm excited:)
  13. I am going to try and get in to see the doctor either this week or next, but hopefully this week. I'm just a bit apprehensive that this doctor will say that nothing is wrong and send me home. And I can't get in to see a cardiologist just yet, so I have to stick with a regular PCP for the time being. But I have a note from the trainer explaining in more detail what she noted and I could probably get something written from the nurse as well, even though she hasn't noticed anything other than an increased pulse once when I was sick. With that information I'm hoping I can finally get some help as it's very scary when my heart is pounding on and off for hours. I worry that I am going to die or something. But I'm still kickin'! BTW, is a Holter Moniter that big watch looking thing that one wears on the wrist and it records pulse and blood pressure and such, or is it much bigger? I can't exactly go lugging a big machine around work and campus, so I'm hoping it's small. And, if I had to wear one, is it something I have to stay in the hospital for, or can I still go to school? And also, has anybody with heart problems noted that they got better, or worse, from eliminating certain foods? I'm not sure if this is food related, but it would be nicer if it was.
  14. I've been reading the few old posts here about A Fib, tachycardia, and various other heart problems and Celiac/Non-Celiac gluten intolerance, so I want to tell my story and see if others can offer some advice. It started, or maybe was first noticed by myself, this past summer (2011). I began to feel this strange pounding/fluttering sensation in my heart several times a day. It almost seemed to come out of nowhere, but as it was summer I figured maybe it was some kind of reaction to the heat, even though the summer was very mild and rainy. Come September/October I realized it wasn't getting better even though the weather was much cooler, but as I had no pain or shortness of breath I figured it wasn't a big deal and hoped it would go away. It didn't, so I brought it up with several of my doctors and got the standard "Oh okay. Anyway..." As a side note I think most of my doctors thought I was making stuff up because they usually ignored me. Things still didn't get better. They didn't get worse per se (still no pain or anything) but they did seem to be more frequent than in the summer. In December I had an EEG run to test for some neurological conditions, unrelated to the heart thing, and they also hooked me up to the blood pressure monitor which I mistakenly thought was an EKG as they attached sticky things to my chest. While the stickies were on my heart did that weird pounding/fluttering thing but nobody noticed. In late December I moved to a new state and started a new school. At my school I wanted to join the gym, but in order to do so I had to pass a physical exam which included lifting weights and running on a tread mill. Boy am I glad! The weights and such were not a big deal for me and I did better than I thought I would. It was the treadmill that got me and I am very thankful. Before the treadmill was started the woman who is the school's personal trainer attached a pulse thingy to my finger. I'm sure it has an official name While I was running my pulse was normal and, as I used to run a lot, this was no big surprise to me, though the trainer was pleasantly shocked that I was able to run as well as I did. The problems started when I got off. No sooner had I turned the machine off then my heart started racing and my pulse skyrocketed. Then it would drop for a few seconds and then sky rocket again. And I could feel the familiar pounding/fluttering sensation. The trainer told me that wasn't normal and had me walk around. Several hours later my heart was still pounding/fluttering. The trainer thought I had a murmur, but after talking to the nurse she thinks it's A Fib and I have to go see a doctor now. The problem is that nobody has ever heard or picked up on anything because apparently it is only noticeable when it is happening, so if it doesn't happen nobody seems to care. And it happens many, many, MANY times a day, everyday. Exercise, anxiety, lack of sleep, and possibly heat seem to make it worse. Maybe hunger too. Sometimes it was happen every few seconds for hours at a time. It also seems to get stronger (not more frequent, but physically the pounding is more noticeable) at night, though I can still feel it often during the day. It's just weaker so it's a bit harder to notice. But it doesn't only happen when I am laying down. I could be sitting, standing, climbing stairs (which makes me feel exhausted and out of breath), doing pretty much anything and it could happen. It starts off with a strange feeling in my chest. I can't describe it more than it feels like my heart either skipped a beat or didn't complete a beat. Then it will pound for a few seconds, maybe 2 or 3, then go away. Then sometimes it will repeat a few seconds later. It's like boomBOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM where the first two beats occur almost at once. It's hard to describe. I heard that there are people here with Celiac and heart problems and that going gluten-free helped their hearts, but mine is still the same. And, though it's not painful, it's annoying, especially because I think that is what is making me so tired all the time. It's also annoying because I worry I might have to give up horse back riding and using the stairs and all that. And I worry that I'm gonna have a heart attack or something. And I hate the way the personal trainer looks at me with pity. I hate when people pity me. Anyway, just wondering if you guys have any ideas on what it could be and what could be causing it. Obviously nobody here is a doctor and can diagnose anything, which is why I am going to see a doctor this week or next. But maybe somebody can offer some useful advice or maybe has a similar story. And feel free to ask questions or to ask for clarification. Thanks and have a great day!