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  1. Heinz ketchup is gluten free, but that does not mean that you don"t have a sensitivity to other ingredients. Although distilled vinagar is now considered to be gluten free, the newly diagnosed celiac may have additional problems/reactions until the digestive tract is well on it's way back to a health state. Many years ago, I was unintentionally contaminating myself almost daily. The whole first year can be riddled with trial and errors. Be patient. It is not only one food eaten THAT meal that may be the cause of your symptoms. Remember how long the digestive tract is(over 20feet). I always look back three days when I get any abnormal symptoms. Keeping a food diary is a very good idea. I know it's time consuming, but being sick and tired will only make your battle worse. Good Luck to you and stay strong!Ten years gluten-free,registered dental hygienist.